December 02, 2008

The Second day of Christmas...(a little overshare)

My true love gave to me,
Two years, two months period Free!

Normally I wouldn't post for the whole world to know but I went TWO years plus a few months no cycle! So imagine my surprise yesterday when using the facilities just before picking the kids up from school...SHOCKER! But maybe it explains the quick tears I had last week.

Lets just say I was totally unprepared, I put the younger kids in the car, drove and picked the older ones up from school and headed to Safeway.

Where into my cart I threw, tampons, some snacks for the kids and ICE Cream!

As I was checking out, T-Rex climbing all over me, Two crying, the male cashier scanned my items glancing up at me after each. I can only imagine his thought process "oh man poor husband! Kids, chocolate, pads never a good combination!" He asked "how are you doing?" I wanted to say..."as if you can't tell already" But I answered with a courteous "Alright, thank you."

Armed with chocolate and feminine protection and kids' choice treats and sixty dollars later, we headed home, set emotionally and physically for a few days.

I think the last two years have saved me some money and a few pounds...


Yvonne said...

I don't know what to say.

How about: Enjoy the ice cream ; )

TexasBoy said...

I was wondering if that would end up on your blog.

tobymine said...

Lucky!!! I just blackmailed DH into going and getting me some ice cream and fries... "it's girl time! my body is telling me what I need to feel better!" bwahahaha.

(And for lunch I had half a bag of fun size 3 musketeers. Yeah I'm doing great.)

Andrea said...

:( At least you have chocolate ice cream to help you feel better!

Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

You take great pictures!

katharine said...

wow - 2 years! lucky you

Sunnie said...

As my mom always used to say, "At least we are not like the chicken!"

Janine said...

Why is ice cream so awesome?

Tonia said...

I laughed out loud and my kids came in to ask what was wrong. ;)

Angela said...

Sounds like you got what you needed


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