December 18, 2008

17th day gift of laughter

Ok so gift of laughter, or rather the enjoyment or finding humor in sometimes not humorous moments, is something I have been given.

Monday Bee went with her dad for the day while the other three and I did our last minute errands and goodbyes.

Bee had a wonderful time with her dad. When we picked them up, she was covered in Red Hot Cheetos' hand prints. She passed the remaining few of the big grab bag, to her little brother, and off we went back to the hotel.

Bee complained of a tummy ache, and Eric informed me that all she ate all day was that big bag of FLAMING HOT CHEETOS...I don't know how she ate those because I think they are too hot, but she did...so anyway she decided to go to the bathroom because her stomach hurt so much. And then I hear....

"OWIE OWIE MOmmmmy.....owie owie, it hurts..."

I think to myself...wonder if she is constipated...should I go check on her?

"Owie Mommy...mommmy my pooop is red....owieeeee!"

I think yep most likely constipated...poor girl, better go check.

"Mom you got to come quick, the toilet is red" informs G-man.

Eric chimes in "She is too young isn't she?"

"Yes...she is probably constipated."

Then I go in and check....oh no its not constipation, but the attack of red dye number five and flaming hot Tabasco....I started laughing, when I remembered she had eaten the WHOLE bag on an empty stomach, not sure if the empty stomach played a part, but I think it helped.

Her little BMs were FLAMING HOT RED! And the poor girl was getting burned as it came out. And me her mom, just laughed through it all, as I tried to comfort her.

"Mommy it burns..."

"I'm...(ha, ha, ha) so sorry...hahahah"


Brooks said...

omg that is hilarious! Thanks for the afternoon funny!!!
Happy moving!

Andrea said...

Oh, that's too funny! Poor girl!

Angela said...

Ouch but it is nice when our children experience things that we have gone through
you know not life threatening, but painful enough to teach you a lesson.


Yvonne said...

Poor little thing.

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