December 20, 2008

On the 20th day of Christmas

my true love gave to me
the opportunity to go shopping with out kids!!

Eric and I spent the morning shopping for much needed gifts, with out the kids, (thanks to my in laws again)

I even got me a really cool awesome gift, that I am not suppose to know I have, well I do cuz I picked it out, but I will act totally surprised on Christmas morning!!

I loved being able to just browse the aisle of Target--oh yeah baby totally missed target being on the islands---forgot how much I love that store....anyway we didn't do too bad picking gifts and it was fun being able to just take our time.

Now I am excited for Christmas and hope the kids love what we got them....oh yeah and now I need to get something for Eric....any suggestions??? What he wants I can't get him...

Happy Holidays!!!


Jessica S Howard said...

Fun Times! Not sure what to get Eric, maybe a massage. Couldn't he use a little pampering? I know it is a little awkward, but so relaxing.

Sunnie said...

I like Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader books. :)

Jeff and Anna too! said...

I got my honey cowboy boots. He's already got a couple pairs but what the heck! We're in Texas and you could always use more. Get them from Cavenders.com :) Or, maybe gift cards to his fav fast food or a GIANT remote-he LOVES his... was SUPPOSED to be a gag but no we use it... and ... hmmm oh yeah, a massage is awesome. He loves them.

Yvonne said...

Shopping without children is ALWAYS great.

I'm heading to Target Monday morning--we don't have it in Canada ; )

Sorry, no suggestions here.

kel said...

Hey.. what is it that he wants?? now you got me curious.. i'm somewhat new here.. did I miss something?

oh and target... love it!

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I so agree with this one! I finally snuck out with just Tyson and it still felt like pure bliss!!

iggee said...

What does he want that you're unable to get?

Target has some great ipod stuff -and so does Walmart actually... There's also a good video selection at the skank store (ie - walmart) priced 2 for $10.

Andrea said...

Target rocks! I don't have any gift ideas...I'm not very good at buying for men.

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