December 18, 2008

My Personal Hell

I don't know much about other's beliefs but I do believe in a Heaven and a Hell, more or less, I could go deeper in to that, but this isn't the time or place...

But I do believe that your Hell might not be my hell, and I think that I have a glimpse of what my hell would be so now I just really don't want to go there...

My hell is:

  • Traveling on an airplane for six straight hours
  • Departing at midnight
  • Exhausted
  • Having the first person get on the plane and say under his breath but loud enough to hear "Tell me there are no f'ing babies in first class, on a night flight, oh that p's me off"
As he walks past me heading to first class...he had a glimpse of hell too, almost gave him a heart attack as he walked though the bulk head where we were sitting...hahah...was kind of glad when T-Rex screamed all night, just to tick him off...am I mean???
  • Kids fall asleep with a little fussing and thinking this won't be so bad
  • The arm rests don't go up
  • holding an 18 month hold, who sleeps for a bit
  • a screaming 18 month old for a few hours
  • an almost running down the hall, stomping flight attendant asking how she can help make the baby quiet!
  • Thinking to myself, if I could make him quiet you think I would? I mean really I love having a baby screaming and not being able to sleep myself.
  • Having a lady behind you ask if the kids sippy cup is leaking, and knowing that you forgot to put a pull up on your child who wets the bed...sorry lady...when you hold up the full closed water bottle.
  • Passing a baby back and forth to only get him back faster than you passed him.
  • Wet daughter waking up shaking cold, and dampened peed on clothes that you have to go and change in the cramped small stinky bathroom that someone just left after 20 minutes.
  • finally getting the baby to sleep and landing and having to switch planes.
  • getting on second flight with business men traveling
  • thinking yeah have the back to ourselves
  • kids screaming
  • kids kicking seats
  • thinking to yourself 'I have raised monsters'
  • kids switching seats
  • kids jumping over seats
  • kids yelling their ears hurt
  • kids crying
  • kids playing with scissors (how did those pass inspection?)
  • after getting all the kids happy drawing and playing, having the flight attendant tell you that she has to sit down and can't stand in the aisle.
  • holding the screaming three year old trying to explain she can't stand where she was
  • and to top it all off being charge two dollars for a bottle of water on the airplane for 6 hours and not being able to bring water through security! No free beverage service?? What the heck??

And that my friends is my own personal hell. Being shoved into a small place with lots of people and screaming kids....and my first class friend, you might think it is bad to travel with kids on the plane but you my friend can put your head phones on, be given hot warm clothes to wash your hands, served free drinks and not have to deal....And so I am sorry to all those that had to fly with us, because as much as it isn't fun for you, it is totally my hell! And to those that smiled your sweet smiles of sympathy THANK YOU!

We made it home, safe but mostly not sound!


Jessica S Howard said...

I can't even imagine, but thanks for painting a pretty good picture for me. I hope you are glad to be back, but you probably wish you were still in paradise. I hope Eric helped some, you didn't mention him at all. Love ya!!!

katharine said...

sorry about the rough trip.
welcome back :)

kel said...

good god.. that is my version of hell too!!

Tamara said...

Helllllllo! I got anxious and stressed just reading your post!

Welcome back...are you here for good? Let's get together to catch up!

Tonya said...

Oh my gosh. That would be any persons version of hell. You poor woman. Why do people feel like it's okay to just spout off whatever they are thinking. How rude and may he be cursed with screaming babies on every flight from now on.

I'm glad you made it. Someday in the far far far from now future it will be a distant memory. Just maybe.

Helene said...

Oh yeah, that pretty much describes my personal hell, as well!! I cannot believe some people actually have the gall to say rude things or stare at you when all this is going on. All I can assume about those people is that they either DO NOT have kids (and probably for very good reason) or their kids are grown up and they have simply forgotten what it is like to have young children.

You did the best you could under the circumstances!

Marci said...

hurray that you are home! i'm taking a wild guess that you don't have any big trips planned in the near future.... i think you need a spa day

Charly said...

I think you should win 'Mom of the Year' for that trip!!! Because you didn't abandon them, open a window and toss them out, kill a rude man in front of them, etc etc etc! Wow. You poor thing!!!

Brooks said...

I feel your pain sista!

Creative Junkie said...


That is some serious HELL. I need one of those "I"m not worthy" emoticons because you've topped quite a few of mine.

iggee said...

Man. That just. sucks. period. But at least there are no 6+ hour flights in your near future.

Give me a call or send me an email when you need some company! I'm glad you all made it back safely.

Kristin said...

Ooohhh...yeah, YIKES! That's so uncool. Hey you survived and have a story to tell! At least that "hell" ended, the real hell doesn't.

Tonia said...

Straight to heaven for you simply for not killing a child, passenger, flight attendant.....(pick one :) We have done that too...not fun.

Angela said...

Hey at least it ended.
Good thing I am not going to be flying anywhere for a year and a half.

I think I would have had a migraine if I were in your place

Dave said...

On the bright side, you've got a good story to tell... :) ... a story that can't be topped! Amazing you're able to find some gratitude, "to those that smiled your sweet smiles of sympathy THANK YOU".

We'll look for ya'll at the pool this weekend.

Julie said...

Thank goodness that is behind you! Now on only good things! Merry Christmas! Julie :)

Yvonne said...

I bet you are glad you don't have to do that again!!!!
That midnight flight is the worst.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I think we have the same version of hell. That's why Adam and I have decided that we're just not flying anywhere for the next, say, 8 years or so. Sorry it was so NOT FUN, but we're glad you're back and need to figure out a way to get you up here!!

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