December 06, 2008

On the Sixth Day of Christmas: Kind of Grasping at straws to remember!

My true love gave to me,
The ability to communicate, with some Six great, or not so great conversations this week:

First: As I was getting out of the shower, my little TWO was standing there, looking up at me with her big brown eyes, wide smile and says "Mommy what in your tummy?"


She lifts up her shirt, fills her belly with air and says "well it looks like this, is there lots of fat in there?" Um yeah thanks!

Second: Eric comes home bags in his hands. I see several bottles of soda.

"Was the soda on sale?"

"Well no. I bought myself a DR. Pepper and knew I couldn't just bring one home for me. So I decided to get you a Diet Pepsi (yeah to fix the belly problem from above). Then I realized if I had a soda and you had a soda, I had to get a Sprite for the kids."

Ever so thoughtful.

Third: After getting frustrated with my children this afternoon, I know surprising you could hardly imagine me getting frustrated, but it happens, probably more often than it should. Anyway G-Man says to the girls:

"You have to stop going into Mom's bed at night and waking her up. She needs a lot of sleep so she doesn't wake up in the mornings all mean and grouchy."

He has me figured out!

Fourth: I was slowly browsing the aisles at Costco, yep no kids, so I was going so slow. Though it was later at night, my shirt was covered in snot and kids dirty hand prints. So feeling kind of gross but alone and enjoying my shopping. I smiled at one of those tester sampler guys. He walks away from his table and stops me. He says "I just have to tell you, you have the most amazing eyes." Gulp....ummmm "Thanks!" Made me feel good.

Then I related this story to some friends, enter another comment "Yeah it is amazing what people will say to sell you something." Gee thanks!

Fifth: This one has been deleted to keep this blog family friendly....lets just say it has to do with me saying something to Eric and him thinking I said something else, and then me getting bugged, and then today I mentioned it and he said "Oh I thought you said.... now I get why you were upset at me...." Believe me it was funny!

Last night we went on a sunset sail boat cruise, it was fabulous!! We sat and talked with a bunch of strangers. The last little bit, after the fabulous fireworks, we spoke with the captain's wife. She was so sweet. And I know, maybe I am relying too much on outside verification or something, but she mentioned how wonderful our family was, and how she admired us....I just thought I'm just glad we didn't lose a child to the sea, or make the captain turn around cuz a little someone we like to call T-Rex screamed a lot of the time. She just was happy to see a family like ours and impressed by our adventurous nature.

Anyway kind of boring, but it was a nice conversation. I love talking to people. I like hearing their stories.

I also love hearing my kids talk and every day they do say something I should record, but I don't. But they do say quite a bit and I am grateful for their little minds and all the thoughts that come out of their mouths....well most of the time.


Marci said...

i googled and i found at least 7 different ways to make deviled eggs, just in case you needed a jump start on day #7.

Yvonne said...

So glad that you have recorded these little conversations so you won't forget. Such great memories.

Sorry, had to laugh at the comment your friend made about what the taster guy said at Costco. (BTW, you do have beautiful eyes ; )

Andrea said...

It's good to write down those little things kids say...even if they're not so cute at the time, LOL!

pecas said...

Keep up the good work!

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