November 28, 2011

Gratitude Smatitude

So yes like a lot of things in my life, well not a ton...I didn't follow through with what I had planned, however props go to me for just even writing more than once in the month! I think I decided I am ADD with a little bit of compulsive disorder, because I will hit something strong follow through and then bam...half sewn skirt sits in my sewing pile for a year!...anyway enough about me, how about my gratitude...and since today is the 28th and I did a few posts, don't really even know how many I will give you 28 things I am grateful for!
1. My husband--LOVE, LOVE him and words can't describe how grateful I am for him in my life.
2. My kids- love them much too and posted on them before!
3. My parents--Great awesome people who are so very important in my life.
4. My in-laws--Awesomely wonderful people. So glad to have them in my life.
5. Siblings, I always was proud to say I have an Older Sister, an Older Brother, a younger Sister, and a Younger Brother, not many people get to say that. I love them and love having had the opportunity to live closer to them since having grown up--though I am still growing.
6. Sibling in laws--they are awesome and I sure enjoy living near some and having them in my lives.
7. My home
8. my health, because if you know I have the ability to get sick easy it seems sometimes....
9. My sense of color--you need color matches or coordination I am your gal really I am :)
10. my sight- having had problems with seeing lately so glad that I can see.
11. My brain--yes stealing this one from my nephew :) but I am grateful for it.
12. my ability to type and AMAZE my daughter as she is watching me type this.
13. my Sense of Humor...my goodness thats what everyone is looking for in someone right? :) so I guess I am a number one pick :) haha!
14. FRIENDS--new and old! I love having friends and making friends and working on keeping them :) the later seems to be harder in older years :) but there isn't a place in the world where I can't find a friend. People are awesome and I love getting to know them.
15. Friends again, because I love how they support me and are willing to put up with some of my stupidness.
16. Cookie Dough--cheers me up!
17. Running--though because of meds (which i just took myself off of) I had to stop. Ran in the Thanksgiving Turkey trot and it felt so good!
18. Trees--they are so pretty and give us nice shade in the hot summers.
19. Snow--looks so pretty on the mountains
20 A full Fridge--because right now it is totally empty.
21. Christmas--though it feels right now it reminds me of how much I'd like to do for my kids and others and can't, I am grateful for the feeling of love all around the world, even though black friday brings out the evil in people...but then it subsides...and everyone is awesome.
22. Books--I love to read and love the library...which I need to go back to.
23. Kids that can count and tell me I have 23 and need five more to be at 28
24. computers
25. internet--love being able to connect to friends near and far
26. cars- maybe not the top of the line, or non oil leaky free..but run and get us to where we need to go.
27. sewing-the ability to make my kids gift this years makes me happy
28. Heritage Makers--I love making things and making books and taking pictures and writing stories and this has been a wonderful outlet for me!  And to show you what I am doing for Christmas...and what you can do to....click on this link :)  or go to http://www.storybooker.com/ to make your own!!!

or here :) 

November 16, 2011

What day is it mom?? Nov. 15..I'm right! Right?

My little Two is in first grade and just amazes me at times with her knowledge, and her keeping me on track with dates and all! Yeah so now it is Nov. 16th, this month can't possibly be half way through...this year truly has flown.

So today I list the six things I am grateful for:

  1. T-Rex, even though, should I start a gratitude post out with even though...yeah why not, even though he does some crazy stuff, like dump the WHOLE FULL (raw chicken even) Kitchen garbage can on the living room floor- or think it fun to pull the wire thingy in the stapler, till it springs back no more--or take every bucket in the toy room and dump it in a pile, pile on blankets and start jumping--or pee on the front porch---or run around naked--I love him! He has a way about it that just warms my heart, maybe it's the random hugs and "mommy I love you so much" or the fact that he just likes to hang out with me and do chores with me. He and I have spent many days just sitting on my bed watching music videos on youtube, not something I normally do or ever did, but something he enjoys doing...kind of funny his favorite song is "lazy" by Bruno Mars "today I don't feel like doing anything..." because some days he and I just hang out! I so enjoy my time with him! Just if I could get him to be a little less mischievous! Love you buddy! 
  2. Two--kind of funny 2 Two....anyway that little girl is just the cuddliest, loving little girl! Sometimes I admit I am not too excited to hold her, but realize and treasure those moments because she isn't going to always want to sit in my lap. I think I have said this before I love her little, rather big smile, she just really beams ear to ear. Two likes everyone and though sometimes I see it as a down side, she is always more concerned about her friends' happiness and what they want to do than hers. Everyone once in awhile she stands up for her own, but she is always the first to apologize and always the first to do what the other wants. She loves to read, and I love that, because I too love to read, and she will read me book after book, and I get to read to her as well. Two loves school and seems to really love to learn, even if she has a hard time sitting still, I think a trait that runs deep in our family. I love you Two!! 
  3. Our little Bee is just such a wonderful asset to our family, and truly a little mini me, sometimes to her own demise. She loves to take control and make sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to, sometimes this is a big help to me, and sometimes well it causes some tension but none the less she is such a good helper and rule follower. Bee and I truly enjoy moments where we can sit and talk, and she loves hanging out with my friends and I. I think if it came down to it she'd choose to sit with the adults. I actually really enjoy having her around. The other night I did a Heritage Makers' Workshop at my house and she was so helpful and sat so quietly and just was fun to have her around. She too is taking off in reading and I love watching her read with Two and show her the ropes and teach her. She loves to teach, and wouldn't be surprised if she ended up teaching school, though she says she wants to be a Doctor. I love my little Bee!!!!
  4. G-Man, my first born my love, my go get'em friendly guy. And though lately he seems to enjoy his new found super power of pestering his sisters, he sure is an awesome older brother. He makes sure they get home safely from school, enjoys hanging out and playing with them, and for the most part is truly loving to them. He still is ubber sensitive not just his personal feelings but towards others' feelings as well, I really hope that doesn't change. I love how he knows what I am thinking, and tries to adjust the situation to make things a little better. It has been fun watching him learn and grow, so hard to believe he will be 11 soon. He is maturing and it is awesome to watch him do so. Though some days I just wish I could hold him tight, and some days he lets me. He is a wonderful young man and we are blessed to have him in our lives-- Love you G!
  5. It's hard to not be grateful for my kids with out being grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad and husband and I am so glad that our paths finally crossed and we were able to create such a wonderful family. He is smart, kind, thoughtful, sharing, giving, creative, adventuresome, talkative (some may be surprised to hear that), funny, patient, and just so wonderful!!! He is a blessing in my life, as I am in his (just a friendly reminder). 
  6. Gift of writing, I love that in some ways I have the ability to write and express my thoughts and feelings, I am not so good at the speaking part, and not saying I am close to being an amazing writer, but I admit I have a little talent of it and am grateful for it...was that like a humble gratitude brag?! Oh well, I am grateful to be able to write!!

November 10, 2011

Nov 10--Veterans

I know tomorrow is officially Veterans' Day, however the third graders at my daughter's school performed a Vetrans' Day Musical...more or less. And I have to tell you, I am so grateful to those who server our country and for the country we live it. I always feel like a boob because I can't sing the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance with out tearing up, and choking up either. Also as soon as the Veterans stand and we applaud their service, my eyes begin to water and my throat wells up...not sure why but I truly love these brave young men and women, and love seeing the gray haired men proudly stand.

I love the USA! And am Proud and Grateful to be an American!

Nov 9- Creative Liberties

The other day I was paid the most awkward but cool compliment "Corrine, you are the kind of person I just don't like being friends with because you are so talented and it makes me feel lame." Um...I thought, is that a compliment put down? But then I realized that no it was a total "Corrine you rock!" yeah something like that. But I have to say, I am not the most creative person on the block, but I am grateful for the creativity I have, and the ability to see something I like and copy it :) Though usually even if it is a copy, I always give it my own Corrine twist, but I think that is because I am really not usually a direction follower.   And my cool red and turquoise house, is a hit and people all over are flocking to see it and copy it :) ok not really just really cool people :) HA HA! you know who you are! 

But I am grateful for a decent mind that can work in a way that I can create things that are fun and different"ish".

November 08, 2011

what day is it?

Oh yes day 7 and 8, might as well get them done in one post today seeing that it is technically day 8, and by golly I am going to write a gratitude post for every day this month, even if it is not written on the corresponding day.

Day 7: short and sweet grateful for my mom. It truly has been great to live near her and my dad. The kids love them, but I feel blessed to be able to hop in the car and stop by and see her, or have her swing by and pick me up and take me shopping. Love you mom you are a wonderful mom and a great friend.

Day 8: my dad is awesome too! one thing I remember most of my childhood is weeding on Saturdays or heading to the lumber store with him. And even this day, I like to throw at him all my wood related projects and he is so willing to do them, and he does an awesome job. Hey dad did I mention my trunk had a little moving accident :) Love you.

I feel extremely lucky to have ended up near my parents, and lucky as well to have been able to spend so many of our children's younger years near my in laws. Grandparents are the best, but that will be for another post!

November 06, 2011

Day 6: Grateful for poop...yeah thats right...

One must wonder why in the world I would be grateful for poop, and why in the world would I actually post about it. I am asking myself that right now, but there is a story and a spiritual one none the less...Just bare with me for a moment...

Our bishop has encouraged every member of our ward (our church congregation) to read the Book of Mormon before the new year. As our family has been trying hard to finish it we have been met with some struggles....but have been doing fairly well, but with many beginner readers sometimes it is painful to get through a page, let alone a chapter or more than one chapter.  And I am assuming that we aren't unlike any other family out there trying their best to read their scriptures, children get distracted, or some how begin fighting or throwing things or laughing or too tired or whatever. 

However today was kind of unlike any other reading we have had before. We were all sitting on our bed, we had an extra hour this morning because of the day light savings stuff, and so we sat and read. It was going surprisingly well, when T-Rex decided he needed to use the john, and was in sitting doing his duty with the door open for all to see...and for some unknown reason, other than the fact that I think a certain being not wanting our family to read the scriptures, T-Rex decided to reach into the toilet grab out his personal gold from the toilet and began to bring it to the family, I think he mentioned something about throwing it at someone!! I of course yelled, the other children were all screeching in disgust so he dropped it on the bathroom floor. Bringing our scripture study to an abrupt stop. After cleaning it up we attempted to continue reading but the good mood had left, but we read some more. 

Now you ask why am I grateful for poop? Well today it reminded me that as we continue to try to make ourselves better, poop happens but somehow we clean it up, and we can continue on and improve ourselves. I am grateful for the knowledge that we can better ourselves and despite the adversaries attempt to throw poop at us, if we continue on, do our best to move on, we will succeed.

November 05, 2011

slacking already day 4 and 5

No one is perfect and that surely includes me, especially when it comes to sticking to something I set my mind to.  My mind tends to...SQUIRREL....see what I mean.  :)  Anyway this morning I am grateful for
  1. Family, the extended kind, not that I am not grateful for the immediate ones, but I had the opportunity to attend a cousin's wedding and just being around them just reminded me how small the world really is and how related we all are. I am grateful that no matter how many pounds you have gained or lost, or how grey your hair has become, or how rich or poor you may be, they love you and enjoy catching up and seeing you.  So fun to see familiar faces and feel the love.
  2. Laughter. I love to laugh and truly enjoy nights when I can get out with friends and just laugh. No need for much else than good company and loud heart felt laughter!
Have a great day! Hear there is snow out there, but haven't dared look!

Also if you are in the area I am doing a digital scrapbooking/art decor party my house Tuesday at 7:30 so come on out and learn more about Heritage Makers, you can also go to www.storybooker.com for more information!!! Turn your photos and stories into amazing mementos!

November 03, 2011

3 days late, but still feeling great

Ok so that may sound like something totally different that what I meant to make it sound like, unless you were thinking the same thing I was, Gratitude posts for November and its November 3rd... So as I am late, but at least posting I will share with you three things I am grateful for, and as a fair warning, they may not be in order of most importance to me, but rather really what has come to my head first, which some may argue is order of importance, well any way you slice it, this is how I like it. Was that a really long run on sentence?? Um Yeah probably!

  1. A job for my husband, or rather a salary and steady income. As its been a few years since we had that, though is it bad for me to say I sure miss my kids getting free lunch at school, I am grateful for a system, how messed up it may be, is able to help families out in times of need, and I am grateful to be able to pay back into the system. 
  2. Generous children, my children may be a lot of things, but selfish they are not. I appreciate them sharing their toys with friends, among other things, like halloween candy. Little T-Rex has given away all his candy.  He now is wanting more, but he has gladly shared it. 
  3. Modern medicine, if you have read posts in the past or just know me and my family you know that the ER knows us by first name, well not really but they should! Bee had her appendix out last week, and we have had our share of stitches, Bee fell and split her knee open riding a bike, and G-Man got stung by a scorpion and well Two keeps fighting bladder infections, grateful for antibiotics...and then there is me, with massive optical migraines for the past few months, leaving me blind for awhile, and finally finally finding a medicine regimen, that this month well October I only had 3!! Last month I had over 12! And glasses I am grateful for those, as now 4 out of 4 of my kids are sporting them! as well as me!! Love modern medicine! And it helps to have insurance, though again, going back to the poor thing, it was kind of nice to pay a $5 copay for the kids...man I kind of sound like a system moocher...
And there you have it, my 3 days of gratitude, and I will be ever more grateful if I can actually pull off writing every day this month...

Well off to help my six year old who has been crying since I have been writing about me getting her dressed...seriously I guess I can only ignore for so long. 

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