November 16, 2011

What day is it mom?? Nov. 15..I'm right! Right?

My little Two is in first grade and just amazes me at times with her knowledge, and her keeping me on track with dates and all! Yeah so now it is Nov. 16th, this month can't possibly be half way through...this year truly has flown.

So today I list the six things I am grateful for:

  1. T-Rex, even though, should I start a gratitude post out with even though...yeah why not, even though he does some crazy stuff, like dump the WHOLE FULL (raw chicken even) Kitchen garbage can on the living room floor- or think it fun to pull the wire thingy in the stapler, till it springs back no more--or take every bucket in the toy room and dump it in a pile, pile on blankets and start jumping--or pee on the front porch---or run around naked--I love him! He has a way about it that just warms my heart, maybe it's the random hugs and "mommy I love you so much" or the fact that he just likes to hang out with me and do chores with me. He and I have spent many days just sitting on my bed watching music videos on youtube, not something I normally do or ever did, but something he enjoys doing...kind of funny his favorite song is "lazy" by Bruno Mars "today I don't feel like doing anything..." because some days he and I just hang out! I so enjoy my time with him! Just if I could get him to be a little less mischievous! Love you buddy! 
  2. Two--kind of funny 2 Two....anyway that little girl is just the cuddliest, loving little girl! Sometimes I admit I am not too excited to hold her, but realize and treasure those moments because she isn't going to always want to sit in my lap. I think I have said this before I love her little, rather big smile, she just really beams ear to ear. Two likes everyone and though sometimes I see it as a down side, she is always more concerned about her friends' happiness and what they want to do than hers. Everyone once in awhile she stands up for her own, but she is always the first to apologize and always the first to do what the other wants. She loves to read, and I love that, because I too love to read, and she will read me book after book, and I get to read to her as well. Two loves school and seems to really love to learn, even if she has a hard time sitting still, I think a trait that runs deep in our family. I love you Two!! 
  3. Our little Bee is just such a wonderful asset to our family, and truly a little mini me, sometimes to her own demise. She loves to take control and make sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to, sometimes this is a big help to me, and sometimes well it causes some tension but none the less she is such a good helper and rule follower. Bee and I truly enjoy moments where we can sit and talk, and she loves hanging out with my friends and I. I think if it came down to it she'd choose to sit with the adults. I actually really enjoy having her around. The other night I did a Heritage Makers' Workshop at my house and she was so helpful and sat so quietly and just was fun to have her around. She too is taking off in reading and I love watching her read with Two and show her the ropes and teach her. She loves to teach, and wouldn't be surprised if she ended up teaching school, though she says she wants to be a Doctor. I love my little Bee!!!!
  4. G-Man, my first born my love, my go get'em friendly guy. And though lately he seems to enjoy his new found super power of pestering his sisters, he sure is an awesome older brother. He makes sure they get home safely from school, enjoys hanging out and playing with them, and for the most part is truly loving to them. He still is ubber sensitive not just his personal feelings but towards others' feelings as well, I really hope that doesn't change. I love how he knows what I am thinking, and tries to adjust the situation to make things a little better. It has been fun watching him learn and grow, so hard to believe he will be 11 soon. He is maturing and it is awesome to watch him do so. Though some days I just wish I could hold him tight, and some days he lets me. He is a wonderful young man and we are blessed to have him in our lives-- Love you G!
  5. It's hard to not be grateful for my kids with out being grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad and husband and I am so glad that our paths finally crossed and we were able to create such a wonderful family. He is smart, kind, thoughtful, sharing, giving, creative, adventuresome, talkative (some may be surprised to hear that), funny, patient, and just so wonderful!!! He is a blessing in my life, as I am in his (just a friendly reminder). 
  6. Gift of writing, I love that in some ways I have the ability to write and express my thoughts and feelings, I am not so good at the speaking part, and not saying I am close to being an amazing writer, but I admit I have a little talent of it and am grateful for it...was that like a humble gratitude brag?! Oh well, I am grateful to be able to write!!

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