December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve's Eve

Many moons ago, back in Texas we joined our friends' in their tradition of Christmas Eve's Eve, and haven't stopped since.  The night usually ends in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, leaving small children exhausted all day ready to sleep early so Santa can come.  Though last night we didn't stay up til the wee hours, we had another fun filled Christmas Eve's Eve. 

Me being the party planning, party throwing freak, when my kids begged to invite each a friend and have hundreds   a handful of children over, I actually said "No!" and surprised myself.  I love a big party, don't get me wrong. I enjoy lots of people around. But for some reason I think I have been overwhelmed with parties and lots of people around, and so decided I wanted to keep it simple. Seeing that we have lots of family around and will be gathering with all of my family on Christmas Eve, I decided what better way to spend Christmas Eve's Eve than with Eric's sister's family.

Yes they were that yummy!!!
They joined us for dinner, yummy fajitas made with some smoked beef from last week. Don't worry it had been frozen and if I were truly a cute blogger I would of had my camera out and taken pictures of the food. I must say they all were impressed when I pulled out my egg slicer and "chopped" olives. I don't know where I got the idea, it just hit me, cuz I am clever like that. 

After dinner, we started our Christmas Eve's Eve, ok that is a long name lets just call it CEE, with our name calling, or rather party name giving. You see it wouldn't be a party without party names, right?!  Starting with the youngest, T-Rex aka Party Pooper--his self given name, to oldest Eric aka Party Smoker, we went around the room picking our names.  Though I don't remember many one stuck out and I believe gets the name of the hour Party Penguin Puking Purple....some kind of food starts in P...but ok it has not stuck that well. Anyway after receiving your name, its on to toasts for the New Year...going oldest to youngest.   One toast being to more Family FUNctions! 

Aren't we a good looking bunch? Ok so this is stock photography, and we used styrofoam cups and root beer and Squirt! But you won't tell anyone that this isn't us right?
Then on to the Jump of Joy! yes we stand up jump and shout Joy! Lots of fun!  Again an awesome Picture here would be great!!! 

How about Bee jumping for Joy on the Trampoline....it works for me!

Then dessert with yummy peppermint ice cream and hot fudge!! YUMMY! Oh and can't forget the gumdrop bread, a Norman traditon, and a good one at that!

Kids played hide and seek. Parents tried to make a puzzle. Then Eric pulled out the masa and Tamale Making began....Good one Eric, I think this was the hit of the night. The girls sure had fun making them and my neice N sure was living her Food Network dream, I believe one day we will see her on that show.
N and the Masa!!!
A stirring up some Masa
Bee spreading the Masa onto the corn husk.
We can't wait til next year!!  And are so excited to get together with family tonight for Christmas Eve!! And can you believe it, tomorrow is Christmas and 2012 is just around the corner!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good NIGHT!

December 08, 2011

Smiley Cat, Smiley Cat

Ok so I bought these Arm & Hammer kitty litters during the summer. To be honest I totally bought them for the ad on the side FREE ID TAG! But I am so glad they offered that because this stuff rocks! (and no I am not getting paid to post this, though I should, but probably my nine readers wont make a huge difference in their marketing and selling). Anyway, I didn't read the fine print..you need your receipts :) oops...who saves all their grocery receipts, well not me!  Anyway so I cut the proofs off and figured if I included a picture of the cat, the boxes maybe that will count? We shall see! But Anyway I totally love both T-Rex's and Oliver's faces. It looks too me like they are both laughing! It really is sweet! If I could zoom in for you I would~!

On the thumbnail T didn't look so much like he was in pain, he said "Merry Christmas- Happy Birthday Daddy!" today is Eric's birthday! He says he is 2 today so yes now I have 5 young children to raise :) Happy birthday Sweety!!!

December 04, 2011

A little bit of this and that....

I can finally post pictures!! not sure what happened but am excited. Though I just picked some of recent. Kind of a little Photo collage update!!  This below is my new to me head board that I touched up with spray paint!!
Bee did a report on her Grandma coming to the America's after WWII. SHe decided to dress her doll up and put her on a ship like she came in. I was very Impressed by her report.
Thanksgiving has come and gone, we truly had a blast, all of my siblings were in town so we actually were able after 8 years to get a total Ford Family picture! Fun to have the cousins together!

We had several of the cousins sleep over and they had a blast..like that word. I tried to get them all in the air at the same time. but truly love this one of Two, she is smiling so big!
Meet Oliver, our newest addition! He for some reason thinks the Christmas tree is his personal perch. And he often goes "hunting" for ornaments and leaves them in piles.

G getting alittle help decorating the tree!!
Two with her new glasses :) she is and all her siblings got new glasses. Yes 4 of 4 of my kids wear glasses!!

Our most recent family photo, see something missing? yeah so do I but obviously the kind gentleman that took it didn't :) This is why there is no Christmas Card this year...yeah thats my excuse :)

And last but not least my cute kids at Halloween. A ghost, a hula girl, a goblin and a fairy!

November 28, 2011

Gratitude Smatitude

So yes like a lot of things in my life, well not a ton...I didn't follow through with what I had planned, however props go to me for just even writing more than once in the month! I think I decided I am ADD with a little bit of compulsive disorder, because I will hit something strong follow through and then bam...half sewn skirt sits in my sewing pile for a year!...anyway enough about me, how about my gratitude...and since today is the 28th and I did a few posts, don't really even know how many I will give you 28 things I am grateful for!
1. My husband--LOVE, LOVE him and words can't describe how grateful I am for him in my life.
2. My kids- love them much too and posted on them before!
3. My parents--Great awesome people who are so very important in my life.
4. My in-laws--Awesomely wonderful people. So glad to have them in my life.
5. Siblings, I always was proud to say I have an Older Sister, an Older Brother, a younger Sister, and a Younger Brother, not many people get to say that. I love them and love having had the opportunity to live closer to them since having grown up--though I am still growing.
6. Sibling in laws--they are awesome and I sure enjoy living near some and having them in my lives.
7. My home
8. my health, because if you know I have the ability to get sick easy it seems sometimes....
9. My sense of color--you need color matches or coordination I am your gal really I am :)
10. my sight- having had problems with seeing lately so glad that I can see.
11. My brain--yes stealing this one from my nephew :) but I am grateful for it.
12. my ability to type and AMAZE my daughter as she is watching me type this.
13. my Sense of Humor...my goodness thats what everyone is looking for in someone right? :) so I guess I am a number one pick :) haha!
14. FRIENDS--new and old! I love having friends and making friends and working on keeping them :) the later seems to be harder in older years :) but there isn't a place in the world where I can't find a friend. People are awesome and I love getting to know them.
15. Friends again, because I love how they support me and are willing to put up with some of my stupidness.
16. Cookie Dough--cheers me up!
17. Running--though because of meds (which i just took myself off of) I had to stop. Ran in the Thanksgiving Turkey trot and it felt so good!
18. Trees--they are so pretty and give us nice shade in the hot summers.
19. Snow--looks so pretty on the mountains
20 A full Fridge--because right now it is totally empty.
21. Christmas--though it feels right now it reminds me of how much I'd like to do for my kids and others and can't, I am grateful for the feeling of love all around the world, even though black friday brings out the evil in people...but then it subsides...and everyone is awesome.
22. Books--I love to read and love the library...which I need to go back to.
23. Kids that can count and tell me I have 23 and need five more to be at 28
24. computers
25. internet--love being able to connect to friends near and far
26. cars- maybe not the top of the line, or non oil leaky free..but run and get us to where we need to go.
27. sewing-the ability to make my kids gift this years makes me happy
28. Heritage Makers--I love making things and making books and taking pictures and writing stories and this has been a wonderful outlet for me!  And to show you what I am doing for Christmas...and what you can do to....click on this link :)  or go to http://www.storybooker.com/ to make your own!!!

or here :) 

November 16, 2011

What day is it mom?? Nov. 15..I'm right! Right?

My little Two is in first grade and just amazes me at times with her knowledge, and her keeping me on track with dates and all! Yeah so now it is Nov. 16th, this month can't possibly be half way through...this year truly has flown.

So today I list the six things I am grateful for:

  1. T-Rex, even though, should I start a gratitude post out with even though...yeah why not, even though he does some crazy stuff, like dump the WHOLE FULL (raw chicken even) Kitchen garbage can on the living room floor- or think it fun to pull the wire thingy in the stapler, till it springs back no more--or take every bucket in the toy room and dump it in a pile, pile on blankets and start jumping--or pee on the front porch---or run around naked--I love him! He has a way about it that just warms my heart, maybe it's the random hugs and "mommy I love you so much" or the fact that he just likes to hang out with me and do chores with me. He and I have spent many days just sitting on my bed watching music videos on youtube, not something I normally do or ever did, but something he enjoys doing...kind of funny his favorite song is "lazy" by Bruno Mars "today I don't feel like doing anything..." because some days he and I just hang out! I so enjoy my time with him! Just if I could get him to be a little less mischievous! Love you buddy! 
  2. Two--kind of funny 2 Two....anyway that little girl is just the cuddliest, loving little girl! Sometimes I admit I am not too excited to hold her, but realize and treasure those moments because she isn't going to always want to sit in my lap. I think I have said this before I love her little, rather big smile, she just really beams ear to ear. Two likes everyone and though sometimes I see it as a down side, she is always more concerned about her friends' happiness and what they want to do than hers. Everyone once in awhile she stands up for her own, but she is always the first to apologize and always the first to do what the other wants. She loves to read, and I love that, because I too love to read, and she will read me book after book, and I get to read to her as well. Two loves school and seems to really love to learn, even if she has a hard time sitting still, I think a trait that runs deep in our family. I love you Two!! 
  3. Our little Bee is just such a wonderful asset to our family, and truly a little mini me, sometimes to her own demise. She loves to take control and make sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to, sometimes this is a big help to me, and sometimes well it causes some tension but none the less she is such a good helper and rule follower. Bee and I truly enjoy moments where we can sit and talk, and she loves hanging out with my friends and I. I think if it came down to it she'd choose to sit with the adults. I actually really enjoy having her around. The other night I did a Heritage Makers' Workshop at my house and she was so helpful and sat so quietly and just was fun to have her around. She too is taking off in reading and I love watching her read with Two and show her the ropes and teach her. She loves to teach, and wouldn't be surprised if she ended up teaching school, though she says she wants to be a Doctor. I love my little Bee!!!!
  4. G-Man, my first born my love, my go get'em friendly guy. And though lately he seems to enjoy his new found super power of pestering his sisters, he sure is an awesome older brother. He makes sure they get home safely from school, enjoys hanging out and playing with them, and for the most part is truly loving to them. He still is ubber sensitive not just his personal feelings but towards others' feelings as well, I really hope that doesn't change. I love how he knows what I am thinking, and tries to adjust the situation to make things a little better. It has been fun watching him learn and grow, so hard to believe he will be 11 soon. He is maturing and it is awesome to watch him do so. Though some days I just wish I could hold him tight, and some days he lets me. He is a wonderful young man and we are blessed to have him in our lives-- Love you G!
  5. It's hard to not be grateful for my kids with out being grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad and husband and I am so glad that our paths finally crossed and we were able to create such a wonderful family. He is smart, kind, thoughtful, sharing, giving, creative, adventuresome, talkative (some may be surprised to hear that), funny, patient, and just so wonderful!!! He is a blessing in my life, as I am in his (just a friendly reminder). 
  6. Gift of writing, I love that in some ways I have the ability to write and express my thoughts and feelings, I am not so good at the speaking part, and not saying I am close to being an amazing writer, but I admit I have a little talent of it and am grateful for it...was that like a humble gratitude brag?! Oh well, I am grateful to be able to write!!

November 10, 2011

Nov 10--Veterans

I know tomorrow is officially Veterans' Day, however the third graders at my daughter's school performed a Vetrans' Day Musical...more or less. And I have to tell you, I am so grateful to those who server our country and for the country we live it. I always feel like a boob because I can't sing the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance with out tearing up, and choking up either. Also as soon as the Veterans stand and we applaud their service, my eyes begin to water and my throat wells up...not sure why but I truly love these brave young men and women, and love seeing the gray haired men proudly stand.

I love the USA! And am Proud and Grateful to be an American!

Nov 9- Creative Liberties

The other day I was paid the most awkward but cool compliment "Corrine, you are the kind of person I just don't like being friends with because you are so talented and it makes me feel lame." Um...I thought, is that a compliment put down? But then I realized that no it was a total "Corrine you rock!" yeah something like that. But I have to say, I am not the most creative person on the block, but I am grateful for the creativity I have, and the ability to see something I like and copy it :) Though usually even if it is a copy, I always give it my own Corrine twist, but I think that is because I am really not usually a direction follower.   And my cool red and turquoise house, is a hit and people all over are flocking to see it and copy it :) ok not really just really cool people :) HA HA! you know who you are! 

But I am grateful for a decent mind that can work in a way that I can create things that are fun and different"ish".

November 08, 2011

what day is it?

Oh yes day 7 and 8, might as well get them done in one post today seeing that it is technically day 8, and by golly I am going to write a gratitude post for every day this month, even if it is not written on the corresponding day.

Day 7: short and sweet grateful for my mom. It truly has been great to live near her and my dad. The kids love them, but I feel blessed to be able to hop in the car and stop by and see her, or have her swing by and pick me up and take me shopping. Love you mom you are a wonderful mom and a great friend.

Day 8: my dad is awesome too! one thing I remember most of my childhood is weeding on Saturdays or heading to the lumber store with him. And even this day, I like to throw at him all my wood related projects and he is so willing to do them, and he does an awesome job. Hey dad did I mention my trunk had a little moving accident :) Love you.

I feel extremely lucky to have ended up near my parents, and lucky as well to have been able to spend so many of our children's younger years near my in laws. Grandparents are the best, but that will be for another post!

November 06, 2011

Day 6: Grateful for poop...yeah thats right...

One must wonder why in the world I would be grateful for poop, and why in the world would I actually post about it. I am asking myself that right now, but there is a story and a spiritual one none the less...Just bare with me for a moment...

Our bishop has encouraged every member of our ward (our church congregation) to read the Book of Mormon before the new year. As our family has been trying hard to finish it we have been met with some struggles....but have been doing fairly well, but with many beginner readers sometimes it is painful to get through a page, let alone a chapter or more than one chapter.  And I am assuming that we aren't unlike any other family out there trying their best to read their scriptures, children get distracted, or some how begin fighting or throwing things or laughing or too tired or whatever. 

However today was kind of unlike any other reading we have had before. We were all sitting on our bed, we had an extra hour this morning because of the day light savings stuff, and so we sat and read. It was going surprisingly well, when T-Rex decided he needed to use the john, and was in sitting doing his duty with the door open for all to see...and for some unknown reason, other than the fact that I think a certain being not wanting our family to read the scriptures, T-Rex decided to reach into the toilet grab out his personal gold from the toilet and began to bring it to the family, I think he mentioned something about throwing it at someone!! I of course yelled, the other children were all screeching in disgust so he dropped it on the bathroom floor. Bringing our scripture study to an abrupt stop. After cleaning it up we attempted to continue reading but the good mood had left, but we read some more. 

Now you ask why am I grateful for poop? Well today it reminded me that as we continue to try to make ourselves better, poop happens but somehow we clean it up, and we can continue on and improve ourselves. I am grateful for the knowledge that we can better ourselves and despite the adversaries attempt to throw poop at us, if we continue on, do our best to move on, we will succeed.

November 05, 2011

slacking already day 4 and 5

No one is perfect and that surely includes me, especially when it comes to sticking to something I set my mind to.  My mind tends to...SQUIRREL....see what I mean.  :)  Anyway this morning I am grateful for
  1. Family, the extended kind, not that I am not grateful for the immediate ones, but I had the opportunity to attend a cousin's wedding and just being around them just reminded me how small the world really is and how related we all are. I am grateful that no matter how many pounds you have gained or lost, or how grey your hair has become, or how rich or poor you may be, they love you and enjoy catching up and seeing you.  So fun to see familiar faces and feel the love.
  2. Laughter. I love to laugh and truly enjoy nights when I can get out with friends and just laugh. No need for much else than good company and loud heart felt laughter!
Have a great day! Hear there is snow out there, but haven't dared look!

Also if you are in the area I am doing a digital scrapbooking/art decor party my house Tuesday at 7:30 so come on out and learn more about Heritage Makers, you can also go to www.storybooker.com for more information!!! Turn your photos and stories into amazing mementos!

November 03, 2011

3 days late, but still feeling great

Ok so that may sound like something totally different that what I meant to make it sound like, unless you were thinking the same thing I was, Gratitude posts for November and its November 3rd... So as I am late, but at least posting I will share with you three things I am grateful for, and as a fair warning, they may not be in order of most importance to me, but rather really what has come to my head first, which some may argue is order of importance, well any way you slice it, this is how I like it. Was that a really long run on sentence?? Um Yeah probably!

  1. A job for my husband, or rather a salary and steady income. As its been a few years since we had that, though is it bad for me to say I sure miss my kids getting free lunch at school, I am grateful for a system, how messed up it may be, is able to help families out in times of need, and I am grateful to be able to pay back into the system. 
  2. Generous children, my children may be a lot of things, but selfish they are not. I appreciate them sharing their toys with friends, among other things, like halloween candy. Little T-Rex has given away all his candy.  He now is wanting more, but he has gladly shared it. 
  3. Modern medicine, if you have read posts in the past or just know me and my family you know that the ER knows us by first name, well not really but they should! Bee had her appendix out last week, and we have had our share of stitches, Bee fell and split her knee open riding a bike, and G-Man got stung by a scorpion and well Two keeps fighting bladder infections, grateful for antibiotics...and then there is me, with massive optical migraines for the past few months, leaving me blind for awhile, and finally finally finding a medicine regimen, that this month well October I only had 3!! Last month I had over 12! And glasses I am grateful for those, as now 4 out of 4 of my kids are sporting them! as well as me!! Love modern medicine! And it helps to have insurance, though again, going back to the poor thing, it was kind of nice to pay a $5 copay for the kids...man I kind of sound like a system moocher...
And there you have it, my 3 days of gratitude, and I will be ever more grateful if I can actually pull off writing every day this month...

Well off to help my six year old who has been crying since I have been writing about me getting her dressed...seriously I guess I can only ignore for so long. 

September 23, 2011

School Picture day

yesterday I thought I might head to the store, pick up a few coordinating matching shirts for my children, get up early curl the girls hair, paint their nails, fix them a nice breakfast, while packing their lunches and then sending them off well fed and ready for the day. Unfortunately it didn't go that way.

T-Rex woke up at 2am with a fever, crawling into my bed, after wetting his too. Then his over hot little body, in our small queen bed, caused me to leave and hit the couch. Where of course I pulled out the lap top and began reading and figuring out the new facebook layout. An hour or two passed when I realized I probably should go back to sleep as 6 am rolls around fast.

I snooze my walking alarm and fall back to sleep, to wake at 7:10 remembering it is picture day and my kids actually need to get ready for school. Kids are flying in the shower, I am trying to find the picture order form, remember that I didn't get any shirts and my ideas of coordinating kids flew out the door. I try to negotiate to get some coordination out of the children however they have in mind what they are going to wear, and I decide there are only so many battles to fight this morning, like getting breakfast. Some want eggs, while others cereal and a certain determined one wanting pancakes, because a certain father left this morning early after making himself an omelet which for some reason made the house smell like pancakes, so I really couldn't blame the child for wanting one.

So where was I oh yeah, kids showering, me running around the house, finding the order forms, and I remember the wet sheets, which I pull off the bed and start washing, followed by deciding to "save" time and preorder the photos on the web, which only allows one student preorder---Hello we are in Utah and everyone knows every family has at least three children at a school at time..well that may be a little stereo type but anyway, so I end up ordering 3 packages for one child, and hope I put enough printed out receipts in their own envelopes to not have screwed it up too bad. All the while, I am trying to print the receipts off, Two is crying in the back ground for pan cakes, T-rex in my bed crying for his dad and my ocular migraine starts to make a prescence, and I am slowly loosing my field of vision in my left eye.

I grab some meds, and then make a pancake, and while it is cooking   burning I atempt to dry Two's hair and wash off her lipstick I told her we would put on for picture day, I meant a lip gloss and she found the lipstick, though have to admit she didn't make too much of a clown face. As I smell the cooking pancake, I run to flip it, and then come back and pull her hair back. Run back to the kitchen, one eyed, and brush out Bee's tangled fresh washed hair, and slick it back in a head band, just hope it dried before her classes picture time.

We run around finding shoes, and oh did we sign the homework? no get that signed and in the back packs, there is only 5 minutes before school starts, where did the time go this morning? I don't have time to get those lunches made so we pull out our disney money and count out pennies and nickles to make up the lunch money, when what do I hear "we have to have it in an envelope." So off to find that, put the money in envelopes, no time to walk, hurry everyone to the car, load them up.

"mom did you pay for our pictures?" Oh yeah, printed off the receipts but forgot to put them in their envelopes, run back inside, grab the envelopes, and a pen to fill them out on the way. "Mom I heard the bell ring" Yep already late, so sit in the car to fill it out.

We pull up to school and guess who is in front of us, the family I wanted to be....girls hair perfectly dried and brushed, curled and not out of place, shirts coordinating with all four kids, yeah they were late, but you can see why, dry hair, bows and curls, gel-ed and spiked. They looked like a Pantene commercial, girls hairs all beautiful, I swear I saw one fling her long locks over her shoulders and backpack, and whisper the words "don't hate me because I am beautiful." 

Out jump my kids from the van, hair wet, shoving papers in their back packs, G-Man with is white button down shirt un buttoned over the top of his black skelton skater shirt, Bee wet hair back in a headband yellow polo shirt, Two hair pulled in a rubberband with some of her bangs in and some out a red plaid jumper with white t-shirt which I had to convince her to put on, some dry hair some wet, all ready for their day.

Just can't wait for the finished product! Just love school picture day!

May 26, 2011

And summer Begins!

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! When the teacher rings the bell, drop your book and run like.....well you know how it goes. Summer marks the end of another 9 months of learning and the beginning of water, sun, late nights, friends and more friends, fun, unscheduled life, and pure craziness sometimes.

Today is my Two's birthday, she is 6! So hard to believe she is six and done with kindergarten. It has flown by. She is one of the sweetest most loving little girls. After school today she had a few of her friends over. We had a great time. 

With all those little girls here, and then some of G-Man's friends showing up, and then Bee's friends, it just seems like a perfect start to summer. I, most days, enjoy the kids having friends over. One, keeps them entertained and me less entertaining and two, I know where they are and feel they are safe.

With Eric's new job being in South Jordan (50 miles), and the gas prices almost $4...we will be moving, which I have mentioned before, it excites and saddens me. I know there will be plenty of children in our new neighborhood, but the kids have made some really good friends here. We all have.

I am just glad we get to spend one last summer here. I am ready to hit the lake, to go to Raging Waters, do some camping, hopefully have some cousin sleep overs, and more family fun time.

Time to set up my Tiki Torch and start the summer. 

Don't forget your sunscreen!

And on another note too, I loved doing the Ogden Marathon Relay. Next year for sure I am doing the half! It is so beautiful! I am getting way excited for the half I am doing in Boise. And after watching several of the marathoners this past weekend, I look forward to just spending time with my sister...and Aly if you are reading this...I hope to be able to just have fun! And we are going to look smoking hot in our matching shirts!  Though I'd like to be 20 lbs lighter doing this run, it will be great!

May 18, 2011

Cob Web Wiping Time

This morning after my run- (training myself for a half marathon in June, and after a major knee injury in February its been difficult, and am doing the Ogden Marathon Relay this weekend...so nervous...anyway) I went to the store to pick up some cupcakes for Two for her kindergarten snack.  I grabbed a few other groceries and headed home. I left the bags on the kitchen table and went to the other room. 

I heard some bag rustling and the sounds of heavy duty plastic container being open, when I hear T-Rex say "oh Mom I just love these, love these."  I assume he has dove into the cupcakes and yell to him "do not eat those." From up behind me I see him put something on the counter, and I look. He set down the cherry tomatoes I bought. I smiled and corrected myself "you can eat all you want of those."  Nice to see a child make healthy choices.

And after what seems like forever, Eric has full time, paid employment, with benefits and all that jazz. He has been working for two weeks now, about 50 miles south of where we are living. Which means we will be moving this summer. Its bitter sweet. So excited to get a new house, start things anew, but so SAD to leave our friends and area.

I sure love living in Ogden, the trees, the historic homes, the people, the mountains, the trees...I think I said that before.  I love my job, my co-workers and my FRIENDS.  We won't be moving that far, but still its far enough to make me sad to leave them. But I am excited for a new start and the next chapter of our lives.

March 13, 2011

The Phone Voice

"Stop hitting your sister, get down from that chair. Be quiet. Quit fighting. Stop now, I mean it." I yell to my children, then the phone rings. "I said STOOOOOOOOOOP!.....Hello?  Oh How are you?" and the phone voice begins. Like a light being switched off, I go from mad mom voice to sweet, friendly phone voice.

 Sometimes most of the time, the ones we spend the most time with, the ones we love the most, get subjected to our non phone voice, when in reality it seems they should be experiencing the phone voice more than the others on the other end of the line. 

As a mom, who gets tired and frustrated easily, my phone voice seems to be forgotten, maybe its because I text and facebook more than I speak on the phone anymore. Maybe I just have forgotten how to use it. But while at church today the thought came to me of how important it is for me to use a sweeter voice and really make my home a place where everyone feels loved.

I want there to be a feeling of love and excitement like picking up the phone and hearing a voice of a friend you haven't spoken to in weeks, or months or even years.

So when getting frustrated, irritatied or upset, imagine you just got a call.

February 17, 2011

Conspiracy Theory

As my left side of my body ached of nerves tingling (the damaged nerves I have don't like the cold too much) I realized that it is all on my left side! The thought occurred to me, my right side of my body doesn't care too much for my left side.

It all started in 1997 when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I read and signed the risks involved in wisdom teeth removal, one of which was permanent nerve damage. As I initialed that one, I had the feeling that something like that would happen to me. And when all the pain meds wore off, I didn't have feeling in the bottom left quadrant of my mouth. The doctor verified the damage, and told me it might come back. I have never fully regained feeling in the left side, but have adjusted to it. Though when it gets cold, my nerves seem to start to tingle and bug me.

Fast forward to 2009. Bee was swinging a broom around in my room and knocked a large picture off the wall. I dove from my bed to catch it and push Bee out of the way, and some how the corner of it went straight through the top of my left foot. My toes went numb and I was in shock. A few stitches later and the advice to see an orthopedic surgeon to fix the nerve damage, I left the ER. Being un insured I decided I could live with a numb top of my foot. It hasn't been too bad, though again when it gets cold my foot gets all tingly. 

Then in November, I slipped down some icy basement stairs and banged up my left elbow, not broken but I still can't rest it on a table top with out striking a nerve.

Then end of January I was running out side in the cold and dark and tripped in a pot hole, hurting my left knee. I rested it for a few weeks and then ran again on it on Saturday and at 1.25 miles my knee just buckled and snapped, shooting pain up and down my leg.

I am so upset that I did this to my knee because I was getting to a point where I could actually run and breath and not "die"...and I was feeling muscles I hadn't felt in forever...oh well...

Then the thought occurred to me, my right side just doesn't like my left side :) 

But then I was wondering if some of the damage to my left foot, some how is related to the knee damage, maybe I can't feel as much as I think I can in my foot? I don't know. But this is a little set back that I will figure out how to over come....I have to, I actually really love running and really am missing exercising!!

Little T-Rex

Normally, well back in the good ol'days when I posted daily, I had the ability to capture the true "joys" of mother hood. I guess between work and facebook, my poor blog finds itself clearing its own cobwebs.

T-Rex is also one who has an amazing ability to take care of his own needs as well. Some how my little baby boy, has turned into a robust little 3 year old. I am amazed at how energetic he is and how smart he is! And how utterly unlike any child I have had before....I guess thats because they truly come with their own personality.

Icey Hot Cream:
Need I say more? Well yes most likely I do. A few weeks ago I injured my knee, oh a story for later, and I used the Icey Hot cream and left it on my night stand. Well he found it and decided to rub it all over his body! Of course I was at work and heard the story second hand, but he yelled out to Eric, "it burns! it burns.!  I don't think he will be using that cream any more!

Last night we were watchign our family's favorite, "The Middle" and a muscinex commercial aired. T looks up to us and says "thats my medicine! That is my medicine!"  Yes my child often yells and repeats himself.

While we were getting ready in the morning for preschool, T hopped in the tub while I was cleaning up around the house. He started to yell to me "Mom there's a lot of poop in the tub. It's all over! Mom lots of poo in here!" I go in to the bathroom, T laying on his back with little logs floating around him.  He didn't seem in a hurry to get out.

MoHawk Shop:
T decided the other day that he wanted a haircut. And not just any hair cut he wanted to get one at the Mohawk shop...He did and he looks so cute!

Little Chef:
T has been spending a lot of time with his dad, they truly are bonding. Eric allows the little guy to help him in the kitchen all the time. He's dads little sous chef. One day they made us some yummy fancy rhodes rolls, if you want Eric's recipe, just let me know because they are buttery and cheesy and tasty and for sure low calorie :). Anyway it was a Sunday evening, T fell asleep around 6 on the couch. We figured he was out for the night, because that happens often. Well around 7 he bolts awake and says "are my rolls ready yet?"  Thinking he most likely was having a dream, we said "there are no rolls T." 

"yes der is."


He hops up opens the oven door and sure enough there were six rhodes rolls totally risen. So we baked them for him.  At least we know he won't starve to death.   We also often find "meals" in the microwave.

There were a couple more stories I was going to write about but they have slipped my mind. But I tell you this little guy sure keeps us on our toes.

January 10, 2011

Miles to Miles

Something crazy snapped in my head a few weeks ago, and I decided to sign up for a Half MARATHON! Yeah, now I am thinking maybe I should of signed up for a 5k first but nothing like shooting for larger goals! So this last week has marked the beginning of my official training.

Every morning I woke up at 6 am and worked out at home with my Active 2 personal trainer on the Wii! I love it! other than sometimes not being in line with the bar and it telling me to do more when I am sweating and just possibly can't do more.  The kids often tell me to not get so mad at it...so obviously it causes some frustration at times, but I am loving it and the way I feel.

I also joined a gym with a friend.  She is also training for the half with me. We have been meeting up....well twice since we joined last Thursday.  I have to get some running in...I mean it is a run I have signed up for. So I enjoy having a tread mill and an elliptical machine to use for the training. Surprisingly the first day I was able to do 5 miles under an hour and did 6 miles the next day, not under an hour but did six miles. Sure beats the sitting on the couch. 

The best part is I feel great. And hopefully I will see some weight shed, which for some reason just can't come fast enough for me but not focusing on that, focusing on the training.

So here's to some more miles!!!!

January 01, 2011

Talents and Goals

What?! I am out of photo storage....so not helping my new goal...of making my blog, cuter, funner ( I know not a real word) and friendlier....is that possible? 

I try not to compare and covet talents of others, but lately I have been looking around and seeing my friends (thanks to new social medias---blogs and facebook namely) and all their amazing talents, I have started to see myself as lacking in many areas.  And being the new year, and a time of goals....well what better time to sit down and compare and contrast and sulk and mope and well jot down and sceam and come up with a plan to be better than them me as I am.

So for me this year my goals go like this:

  • Run more than I do (not hard since its been since October....?) (yeah setting the goal of three times a week and just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in June...yeah that's right, nothing like setting goals with registering before I even have running shoes or a jog bra!...that's on my shopping list)
  • Drink more water---aka drink no more soda! Did it for a month and a half can do it for longer and better....
  • Eat less sugar...ok eat a lot less sugar....actually just going to add a positive goal, eat more fruit!
  • Take more pictures....if you saw my files of pictures you might think "more photos? Really?" but yes I'd like to take more photos more frequently....really want to improve my skills.
  • Write more...my journals are collecting dust on the shelves, and I really want to write with some paper and ink more, less facebook status updates and more personal journal writing....also I have a few book ideas in the back of my head, collecting dust and I'd like to get those down on paper.
  • Create! I saw a blog recently with monthly craft projects so that by Christmas you have a ton of homemade gifts and such, not sure I will go that far, but I'd like to take some of my existing stuff and turn it into the things that I really like....not sure if this makes sense, but I am ready to have my home and things be totally me, and not what was on sale or what I own...change nobs and paint and such...but also I'd like to be one of those "crafty" cool people...just need to find the time, but I can do it. And it would be cooler to come up with a way to create money with it too....
  • Sing and play the piano...yeah not sure I can be taught to sing, but as Primary Chorister, I just think if I learned to like singing more, and  music more I could make this calling fit me better...and well we got a little keyboard for Christmas and maybe I can prove my piano teacher wrong...I can learn to play!
  • Get organized! If I could just get my house in "perfect" order, perfect for me that is, which is why I am writing in quotations....I need to find what works best for me so that I can do everything else I want to do, because let me be honest, when my house is a mess, I can't do anything else, including cleaning it....as a pile of laundry sits here on the couch with me!
  • Have more parties! I truly love to entertain, well maybe not entertain but have people over. I like to have everyone over...Eric even complimented me on that, how I like to invite all my friends and not certain ones and such....I want a welcoming home and want you to know you are always welcome and you can come and make new friends. I really want to find a way to have more people over and well maybe get invited over somewhere too....not going on my sad horse..but its been a long time since we have been invited over for anything...really.
  • Spend more time with my family....its been fun having the kids get to know more cousins, but sometimes the drive seems to get in the way of doing that. And if it means we continue to drive more, I'd like to see that happen.
  • Get closer to my Heavenly Father.....that's a little more personal than I want to go, but its a goal.
  • Laugh More...it made me feel so good at our company party, for some reason I was laughing a lot and comments were made on what an awesome contagious laugh I have...one that like I have mentioned has found a place to hide....and my kids even noticed I just need to laugh more. Today while we were swimming and I was upset about something...kids jumping and splashing people maybe...Eric encouraging them...or rather not totally discouraging them or something and G-Man says "We just need to get Mom to laugh...maybe we just need to stream America's Funniest home videos so mom will laugh all the time and be happy." Which the comment made me laugh, we have had some good laughs watching that show and well G is so right, I just need to sit back and laugh more and enjoy our time.
So here is to 2011, where we all become a little better, a little kinder, a little smarter, a little thinner, a little sweeter, a little sillier, a little more loving, and just a little more closer to the perfect us.

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