December 04, 2011

A little bit of this and that....

I can finally post pictures!! not sure what happened but am excited. Though I just picked some of recent. Kind of a little Photo collage update!!  This below is my new to me head board that I touched up with spray paint!!
Bee did a report on her Grandma coming to the America's after WWII. SHe decided to dress her doll up and put her on a ship like she came in. I was very Impressed by her report.
Thanksgiving has come and gone, we truly had a blast, all of my siblings were in town so we actually were able after 8 years to get a total Ford Family picture! Fun to have the cousins together!

We had several of the cousins sleep over and they had a blast..like that word. I tried to get them all in the air at the same time. but truly love this one of Two, she is smiling so big!
Meet Oliver, our newest addition! He for some reason thinks the Christmas tree is his personal perch. And he often goes "hunting" for ornaments and leaves them in piles.

G getting alittle help decorating the tree!!
Two with her new glasses :) she is and all her siblings got new glasses. Yes 4 of 4 of my kids wear glasses!!

Our most recent family photo, see something missing? yeah so do I but obviously the kind gentleman that took it didn't :) This is why there is no Christmas Card this year...yeah thats my excuse :)

And last but not least my cute kids at Halloween. A ghost, a hula girl, a goblin and a fairy!


Nancy Face said...

Pretty headboard!

What a cute kitty, and so funny about the ornament piles!

The trampoline picture is great!

Shannon said...

What is your mailing address for a Christmas card?

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Fun times, not sure when we will ever have the entire Simonsen clan together - that would be true chaos. Our dog loves to sleep on the tree skirt, his new favorite place to nap - there must be something about trees and pets.

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