December 08, 2011

Smiley Cat, Smiley Cat

Ok so I bought these Arm & Hammer kitty litters during the summer. To be honest I totally bought them for the ad on the side FREE ID TAG! But I am so glad they offered that because this stuff rocks! (and no I am not getting paid to post this, though I should, but probably my nine readers wont make a huge difference in their marketing and selling). Anyway, I didn't read the fine print..you need your receipts :) oops...who saves all their grocery receipts, well not me!  Anyway so I cut the proofs off and figured if I included a picture of the cat, the boxes maybe that will count? We shall see! But Anyway I totally love both T-Rex's and Oliver's faces. It looks too me like they are both laughing! It really is sweet! If I could zoom in for you I would~!

On the thumbnail T didn't look so much like he was in pain, he said "Merry Christmas- Happy Birthday Daddy!" today is Eric's birthday! He says he is 2 today so yes now I have 5 young children to raise :) Happy birthday Sweety!!!

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SailorMoon said...

So glad that you are blogging again!! I'm a reader from way back. Now I'm confused, where are you living, you were in Hawaii, and your hubby was working there and you moved back or something or other. Just curious cause of the pic of the trampoline. That is an awesome landscape shot. Don't know if I ever commented before, I'm just a single mom of 3 from Dallas. Love reading you!! Your kids are adorable, they have grown!!

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