February 27, 2008

100 Things You need to Know about me!

1. I was born in Stanford, Ca
2. I am the third child
3. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
4. I married a 3rd child
5. I weighed 7.1 when I was born
6. I need to lose 7.1 lbs to be close to what I weighed when I got married.
7. I was married in the Salt Lake City Temple, but didn't choose the temple.
8. We were couple number 24 to get married that morning.
9. While waiting to sign in and do what nots, the guy from my freshman year who we had talked about being fall backs if we weren't married at 30, was standing in line behind me to get married that day.
10. Eric and I met on a blind date, though my sister had wanted to set us up a few years earlier.
11. I didn't date in high school, other than going to a few of the school dances, usually sadie hawkins. I got asked out 3 times my whole high school career.
12. I cried after being asked to senior prom, because I didn't want to go with the guy that called me. My mom told me to call him back and tell him no, but I didn't because I knew no one else was going to ask me. (If I hadn't packed away my photo albums I'd include my prom picture.)
13. I loved watching the Friday the 13th movies, as a matter of fact I love horror movies. I love being scared.
14. I am totally afraid of heights, only because while standing on tall balconies I want to jump.
15. I don't like jumping on the trampoline because it gives me a headache.
16. I got my first migraine headache when I was 13 and I thought I was going to die.
17. In junior high my friend Kelly and I would go to the mall and hang out at the book store, and I would buy Christopher Pike books or other teen murder mystery novels.
18. I have never read a novel more than once, the only book that I have read over and over again is the Book of Mormon.
19. I have however seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, While you were Sleeping, and Green Card many many times.
20. Green Card is the only movie I ever saw in the theaters more than once.
21. Shala and I went to the dollar theater next to her house and saw it five times...I think...We would laugh before the funny parts happened annoying everyone around us.
22. I have seen GreenCard since then and am not sure why we liked the movie so much.
23. Shala and I laughed all the time, even when nothing was being said.
24. I haven't found a good laughing buddy since her.
25. I have been nick named giggles because I giggle a lot.
26. When I am really nervous I have a nervous giggle.
27. Sometimes I use my giggle as a period to my sentences.
28. I don't notice how much I giggle until I hear my self taped or someone mentions it to me.
29. I don't feel like I giggle as much as I use to and wonder if I am less nervous or less happy.
30. I snort when I laugh hard.
31. It really bothers me to have sentences start with I....but for some reason all mine do right now :)
32. My first kiss was at the age of 18, and was with some random guy I met cruising in Reno.
33. I did kiss our neighbor when I was six, we played kissing games all the time, up until I was 11.
34. I am 34 years old but I feel like I am still 15, and get shocked every time I see pictures of me.
35. I don't think I am pretty but find that sometimes I am photogenic.
36. I don't like my nose.
37. I am totally afraid of large crowds.
38. I get overly anxious when going some where I have never been before.
39. I have to look at a map and directions several times before I leave and then check it while I am driving often.
40. I break out in massive sweats when I am nervous.
41. I have over active sweat glands.
42. I love to work out and get all sweaty.
43. It has been too long since I have.
44. I used to be a really good swimmer.
45. I still can swim well but not as fast as I used to.
46. I placed 3rd in regionals for back stroke.
47. I have shaved my whole body, minus my head.
48. My arm hair didn't grow back thicker and darker.
49. I only shave my legs every Sunday, and sometimes not every.
50. If I didn't mind the feel of it, I'd let my leg hairs grow out.
51. I like to cut my daughters hair, and every time I decide to let it grow out, I have to cut it off.
52. I would have gone to beauty school after high school if my mom would have let me.
53. I am glad my mom encouraged me to go to college first.
54. I went to BYU Hawaii for my freshman year of college.
55. The last day of school there I witnessed a murder.
56. The DA thought I should transfer away from the school, which is why I ended up at BYU- Provo.
57. I loved BYU other than the fact that it was a little more uptight and competitive than BYU Hawaii.
58. I wanted to study nursing but was told by friends and councilors that the program was too competitive, I wish I hadn't listened to them.
59. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but would love to go back to school to get my nursing degree.
60. I want to take some creative writing classes.
61. My junior year English teacher loved my writings and often had me read my stories out loud in class.
62. I used to write murder mysteries.
63. If I were to write a book or story now, it'd have to do with parenting and what I know now
64. One of my favorite authors is Mary Higgins Clark, and well Sue Grafton too.
65. I can't stand loud noise.
66. I am an impatient perfectionist.....I like things to be perfect but don't have the patience to make them that way.
67. I have a good eye for colors
68. I took a few interior design classes, but can't draw so didn't want to pursue it because I knew I wouldn't be able to draw designs...little did I know the computer technology was going to change so much.
69. I applied for the photography program at BYU, and because of the above, not being able to draw I didn't get in, the program was in the design program and they didn't have just a photography program.
70. I would love to be a photographer.
71. I need a new camera.
72. I take way too many pictures.
73. I no longer have the desire to scrapbook.
74. I love digital scrapbooking but my computer is being a lame-O and won't let me do it "not enough virtual memory."
75. I have a terrible memory. I can't recall much from the past.
76. I do however have a great recall if I have written it down :)
77. I like to make up stories about strangers as they pass me by on the freeway or when I am at a park or somewhere.
78. I love hearing about people's real stories.
79. I don't think I have much of a story.
80. I don't like overly positive people.
81. I think everyone has a busy life, but it is not an excuse to not help other's out.
82. I think we are all selfish beings trying to prove that we are not.
83. I have a hard time being around people that just talk about themselves.
84. I want to do one of those Klenix commercials and sit on the side of the road and see how fast I can get people to cry and tell me their stories.
85. I cry really easy, and hate it.
86. I despise the word hate.
87. I get a long with pretty much everyone.
88. I served a mission in Brazil.
89. I got along with all of my companions.
90. I translated our area conference for Elder and Sister Neal Maxwell. I translated Sister Maxwell's talk in Portuguese to the audience.
91. I speak very quietly sometimes and Elder Maxwell kept saying "what?" to me.
92. I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled in Brazil, with just some pliers and a bit of Novocaine, feeling the whole thing. And walked away with no pain meds.
93. I wore a body cast for a few months when I was 9 months old.
94. I tried and quit learning the following: Tap, ballet, piano, flute
95. I took 9 years of French, four of which included French 1 :) I still don't speak a lick of it. "Je m'appelle Corrine."
96. I was a foreign exchange student in Belgium for the summer, once again part of my failed french attempts.
97. I was sophomore class secretary in high school.
98. I have always wanted to be a receptionist, since watching 9 to 5 as a child.
99. I have a huge crush on the legal assistant from Judging Amy and I don't know his name.
100. I used to write daily in my journal leaving me a book shelf full of journals. Since I have been married I have finished one...I use to finish one every couple of months.

A total waste of $20

So if you know me, you know this last year has been a challenge for me and my health. I have seen a ton of doctors and been poked, prodded and diagnosised with almost everything under the sun. Well not everything but anyway I haven't left the doctors with a clean bill of health that's for sure.

Well today I went to my family care provider. It was a visit for my follow-up for my hospitalization this past summer. I arrived 5 minutes early, and waited for about 15 in the waiting room. The nurse called me back and weighed me and took my other vitals. Then I waited another 15 minutes. The doctor came in.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better than I have felt in a long while. It's been a long few months."

She glances down at my chart. Looks up. "I got a letter from your endocrinologist."

"Any information about my labs?"

"No just a letter saying he will be monitoring your thyroid nodules annually. Though nice to get a letter from him. How did the ultra sound go? Any word?"

"No, you know the techs they don't tell you anything."

Stands up, pulls out her heart listening thingy (can't figure out how to spell it), "take a deep breath."
She sits back down, looks at the chart.

"your blood pressure looks good."

"Yeah I saw the cardiologist and he switched my meds."

"They seem to be working. So do you want me to monitor your blood pressure or the cardiologist?"

"I know he wanted to see me back again, so I am guessing he will do it."

"Well you look great. And since the endocrinologist is monitoring your thyroid, and the cardiologist is monitoring your blood pressure. I guess I will see you as needed."

She walks out and as she slams the door shut says "Have a great day."

That was my appointment, no kidding. I probably should have canceled as my gut told me to, oh well, I like going out and giving money needlessly to people. Though I am sure Dr. B could use it for the remodeling they are doing in the office.

Only 1 more post

So I guess I am rather chatty....I guess I like to write a lot...well I like to talk a lot too, but not so much in person...well don't know if that is true. Anyway this is post number 98 and well from what I see in blog traditions I have one more post until my 100th post where I get to post 100 things about me...wow bet you are too excited and can't wait!! but you will have too....hopefully something funny or something important will happen today so I can post something of importance to get to the post y'all are dying to read! off to the doctor....already painted the kitchen base boards this morning as well as calked the tub in the kids bath....just more painting today.....ooooooooh exciting!

February 26, 2008

Just because you are a woman...

doesn't mean you have to vote for Hillary....that's all I wanted to say. And just because you don't vote for her doesn't mean you don't want to see a woman in the White House.

101 Things Pulled out of the Human body...

Have you ever seen that show on TLC? If you haven't it is great, kind of odd and amazing the things that end up in human beings. Well having a new little crawler and three other ones I am no longer amazed at some of the things pulled out of people. Because in the last few days,
(I'd like to blame my kids but with this mess I have created I am sure it is my fault)
listed in no particular order, I have pulled or T-man has coughed out:

a screw

a penny

a coin from spain

a dime

(you'd think we were rich with all the money lying around)

a sweet heart

a sticker

a leaf

a bug

a who knows how old hard piece of candy


a little wooden block
a piece of paper

a piece of napkin
a piece of more paper x????
a pistachio nut shell (we haven't had any of those nuts around for several months...eww!)

a wheel for a match box car

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

the Academy of my blog readers! You guys rock! In just 1.5 months I have had 1000+ views! which amazes me because didn't think I had that many people looking at my blog, though if you take 10 readers times ten days you get 100 so not that hard but anyway thought it was cool when my site reader sent me my report of views. So thanks for reading! Maybe you should post a comment so I know who you are :)

Speaking of reading, well actually has nothing to do with reading, but we are living in a little, well big mess right now. We are working really hard at getting ready to put the house on the market and well it just feels the more I clean the messier the house gets! How the heck is that possible? I seem to pull out more and more and throw out and sell and the stuff is multiplying! If my digital camera wasn't broken I'd be taking step by step process pictures.

It doesn't help that last weekend we decided to rip out carpet and tile our bathroom (why didn't we do that five years ago???)

Anyway, so I am knee deep in stuff and have a Realtor coming tonight to get us started on listing the house! Yikes so not ready to show this house....not sure if I ever will be. But Eric keeps reminding me that we don't live in a million dollar neighborhood, he actually said "we don't live in West Lake we live in the Ghetto, why are you so worried about it being perfect." So I am trying to not want it perfect but I have seen way too many designed to sell shows to know what I want it to look like...too bad I can't afford new furniture and new carpet and well pay an interior designer to come and re due the place. I guess I will have to live and let live, or however that saying goes.

So if you are interested in buying a house :) we don't live in the ghetto, just not the most desirable part of town.

And in honor of my milestone reached, I am going to do a drawing...seen other bloggers do this so why not. Leave a comment to enter to win, send a commenter get you name entered again have them mention you, to win a carefully put together care basket with many wonderful items that I deem necessary to not pack :)

You know you want it!

February 23, 2008

Customer Service...do they have classes on that?

This week I went with the three little bears to run some errands. We are talking a quick trip to home depot to return the tile and backer board we didn't use, the tile saw we rented, then to the doctor to draw blood for more tests on me (will tell you about that later) and then pick up boxes at Eric's work followed by a stop at my mother in law's to get more boxes.

I pull up at Home Depot, and park right in front at the contractors drive through, but not in the drive through. I look back at my two sleeping babies, and daughter. Then glance back past them at the 30 lb boxes of tile, the over sized backer board and the who knows how big and heavy wet saw, and wonder how am I going to do it all. I decided, lock the doors, take the awake child, and run in to get someone in tool rental to help me.

Tool Rental Guy grabs a little gray cart and follows me. I know the cart will fit the saw but seeing it won't hold the rest of the tools I grab one of those flat bed with rails orange carts for the tile stuff. TRG helps me put the saw on his cart as well as the other stuff on the orange one. He tells me he'll take the tool back and I can go to returns with the other cart. I said "Thank you." and he went away. Well I realize that I can no longer leave my kids in the car.

I grab Em out, still groggy and then take T-Rex out of his carseat. I was standing there staring at this huge cart, with two babies in my arms wondering how I was going to get into the store. I could have let Em walk but I couldn't put T down to crawl into the store? I thought for a moment of resting them on the backer board planks, but the fact that they were up three feet from the ground and probably not stable enough to hold two wiggely kids, I opted to stand there and look dazed and confused, until the young guy in an orange apron came by.

"Can I help you ma'am?"

"yes, yes. thank you."

So he did and he gets the citizen of the year award followed by the customer service award. Because there were other guys walking by, and looking so they had to notice I was in a state of two hands, three kids, a big cart, can't move position. Anyway Thanks Home Depot Dude!

Well fast forward, ran got blood drawn, grabbed boxes from Eric and MIL. Then because the kids were being troopers I stop at McDonalds to get B her "I just feel like having french fries today" lunch.

So here, I find the only parking spot which is behind the building right near the drive through. I am holding T-Rex and try to convince Em to hold my hand as we dart through drive through traffic. There is no side walk so we have to walk between the cars and the building. I get to the door, glad everyone was still next to me. And a man opens the door for me. (thanks man!)

But then I order the food, and that is when all sense of common courteousy (can't spell tha tword) ends....Not that I am expecting help but man it sure would be nice to have someone possibly carry my tray so I don't have to balance it in one hand while holding baby in the other, wading through crowds of people, almost dropping drinks on the floor. Luckily I had B to help me. She grabbed a rolling high chair, we put T-rex in it and then I get the drinks, balanced on the tray in one hand and start to push the high chair, while the drinks began to teeter, and before they crash to the floor, I stop and ask B to push the high chair. So she walks in front pushing T-Rex and Em is following behind me, and I have both hands holding the tray. She gets to the door, and she struggles to get it open, the high chair gets stuck in the door, and I try to get around her to help her unstick T-Rex...anyway the whole point is at some point, with all the staring people, it sure would have been nice to have someone just hop up for a second, and hold the door open or something you know? McDonalds....gets two Thumbs down for customer service that day.

February 22, 2008

Kids for sale??

B was sitting at the kitchen table, barking orders at me. "Mom I want eggs, Mom get me some milk. Mom wipe the table. Mom...who knows what else." All of which I was ignoring because I was doing one of the many things she was asking and I only have two hands. Anyway after a few "mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." I snapped and said "What?! I heard you. I can only do one thing at a time B."

She folded her arms, as her head dropped to rest upon her arms she said in her softest sweetest voice..."I know you just want to sell me don't you."

Then the other day, again an entourage of comments and questions and commands, and then I said probably not in the nicest mom way "Just stop, just stop for a minute B."

She dropped her head and said "Mom that is not a nice way to talk to people. You should use a nicer voice."

So I have been reprimanded. And I do need to be mindful of what I say, is all I can say.

I compliment you, you give me a price?

(i'm one handed today, don't ask. )

Have you ever noticed when you give someone a compliment like "Oh I love your sweater." They will come back and say "I got it for only $10.00 and it was normally $50. Isn't it a steal." Or they inform you that it was so cheap only such and such price. Is it because they are excited they found a great bargain? I catch myself every once in a while saying similar things.

Do people ever say "I know its awesome and I spent $1000, you should like it!"

February 18, 2008


How is that for deep! Our sweet B who, just turned five, was breech, a footling breech. When we discovered she was breech the doctor made a comment on how breech babies are stubborn. I wasn't going to buy into that nonsense! But believe me he was so right. Maybe its because I have had in the back of my mind that she was going to be stubborn that I unconsciously raised her up that way but she sure is. Can't think of a funny story or something entertaining to share with you but yeah she is!

Actually today she decided that she wasn't going to wear her jeans even though it was 40 degrees outside. So instead she decided to put on two shirts, my white gym socks (to keep her legs warm since they went above her knees), a pair of her "hawaiian" shorts and pink sandals. I couldn't convince her to change. And we went to the store with her looking like that. I asked if I could take her picture (so I could post it) and she said "No not until we get to Hawaii where it is beautiful. And then you can take lots of pictures of me!"

The other funny thing about it (this personality develops well before birth) that just amazed me last night as I watched her sleep is how she prefers her same position of that of when she was in the womb. Ok so maybe one day when I figure it out I will post her birth video (amazing they ever got her out and that she is alive today). But she literally was standing in me, stuck. Her head was caught up in my rib cage with her hands behind her head. Her feet could be felt in a pelvic exam. So last night I went to kiss her good night, actually lying about that part, went to actually take her out of our bed, and she was laying perfectly flat on her back, straight as a board except for her arms bent perfectly behind her head. I thought isn't that amazing after five + years she still perfers that position. And she even likes being nestled in the middle right between Eric and myself just like being caught in my ribs. When she was younger she'd climb in between us, get in her prone position and say "my spot, my spot." I guess while in the womb she got comfortable and found her spot and decided she'd never leave it! EVER!

Spam Alert

Ok so I have been dubbed as a spammer, even in my own inbox!

I decided to actually go through the 2500+ emails in my junk box. Besides getting ads for weight loss how did those spammer know I needed to lose weight? And emails about how to quit smoking, so not sure where I hit that they assumed I was a smoker, maybe goes with eating? I also get a lot of "help me I have a million dollars in some currency and need your bank account number to send you my money." Or I also get the "I have an online fabric store in the UK and need a US bank, can you help me?" Oh and my favorite is the single and 40s ones, nice I am neither!

Yeah so I get that kind of spam, but inside my spam junk box are emails from me! Ones that I have sent to my family list or another list I am on! What the heck! I am even in my address book. So I am assuming I send out too many emails and have been marked as a spammer. So if you were expecting an email from me and didn't get it, well check your spam box because I am a spammer, I guess.

February 17, 2008

Looking for a best friend.....Apply here!

I know you really really want to be my best friend so I thought I'd come up with a few things that you might like to try in order to be my best friend.

I have lots of good friends, even though some days I feel all alone and like no bodies likes me and that I need to go eat some worms, or possibly move to Australia. But I do have great friends, I have always been blessed to have a circle of wonderful friends.

Well I don't know if you have had this problem since being married, and if you aren't married you may not relate, but its hard enough to make a friend but you kind of have to make two friends when you are married. If that makes sense. You know the hubbies have to get a long as well as the wives, and that is not always an easy feet (thats not the right spelling for the connotation that I want to use.... I don't think).

Anyway, so recently I decided (since to be honest I am kind of selfish and self centered, most my thoughts revolve around me and my happiness...yeah I spend my days tending to and being mindful of the needs of others around me but when it comes down to it, its all about me. Pretty sure everyone is like that because really, we spend the most time with ourselves....anyway a whole other tangent which I might get to later, maybe I should book an appointment with a shrink to discuss my nepotism (is that the right word, I need a thesaurus).

So I was saying I have decided forget my husband having friends, I need them. And by golly how hard is it for couples to get together and just have the guys sit around and kind of nod, grunt and scratch or pretend to be totally interested in the football game. I totally think guys watch sports to just zone out the world around them, again another subject for another time.

So onto my search for friends, really it isn't hard and I will be taking applications until the position is filled. Here are a few requirements in no particular order:

1. When my name pops into your mind, when you get a fleeting thought about me, just call me or shoot me an email and say hi.

2. While shopping and you see that cute little something that reminds you of me, buy it and drop it by.

3. Just stop by and hang out with me and talk while I clean out a closet.

4. Call and say "hey I have to run to the.......want to come with me?"

5. Accept my offer to do something nice for you, like watch your kids or clean your bathroom.

6. Don't be offended if I am over at your house and start picking things up and cleaning. I don't know why I do that, because its not like I do that at my own house all the time. I think some days I should be a maid and have a maid, because for some odd reason I like cleaning other people's houses....though I haven't done it for awhile cuz I haven't really hung out at anyone's house lately...just stuck here in my mess with no compulsion to clean.

7. Tell me how wonderful I am (hahah) no really :)

8. Read my blog and leave comments.

9. Some nights girls just need a girls night out, and even if you haven't seen your husband all week because he has been working so hard, you decide you need a break and need to get out and so you call and we head out.

10. Always come to everything I plan and invite you to! Well not always and everything! But if you don't come to five things in a row, you get bumped down big time off my friend's list and its hard to get back up at that point. :)

From Southern BBQ to Luaus

Well it's official, we are going to be moving to Hawaii in three months. Eric got a six month job contract in Hawaii. So we are all going to go.

Over Christmas break, Eric and I almost at the exact same moment said, "we need to sell our house." We didn't know really why but felt it was the right thing to do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we spend around $500 in commuting costs each month, him going back and forth to work and me just running to the store eats a lot of gas money. We just felt that the time was right to put our house on the market (scheduled to be listed the first week of March).

Funny thing about the whole thing is that we really didn't have a feeling of where we were suppose to go other than the fact that maybe we will live in an apartment a few blocks away from Eric's work until we figured out where we wanted to live.

Well Friday the company asked him to go to Hawaii. We assume that is why we didn't feel like moving anywhere.

Its hard to get ready to sell a house, my goodness, I didn't realize how much stuff we have, how many dings and crayon marks are on the walls. Every time I work in a room I throw away three or four trash bags, mind you the small kitchen kind but still, full bags. And it seems I can go back in the room and do it some more. Where does all the stuff come from, and how does it seem to find a hiding place? Probably little kids have something to do with it :) But now that we know we are going to Hawaii, and are going to have to store stuff, I feel like much more needs to go.

Anyway, I feel I have been alone in my moving agony the last few months because I haven't told anyone, and now it is out in the open and I feel great. So if anyone wants to come help :)

We have visitors booked for Thanksgiving and the last week of September but you are more than welcome to come and stay with us in our little tiny apartment in Oahu!

Looking forward to luaus and learning the Hula...well thats what Bethany wants to do!

February 15, 2008

Some things to really Ponder!

>Can you cry under water?
> ________________________________

>How important does a person have to be before they are considered
>assassinated instead of just murdered?

> ________________________________

>Why do you have to 'put your two cents in'.. But it's only a 'penny
>for your thoughts'? Where's that extra penny going to?
> ________________________________

>Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were
>buried in for eternity?

>Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
> ________________________________

>What disease did cured ham actually have?

>How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would
>be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?

>Why is it that people say they 'slept like a baby' when babies wake up
>like every two hours?

>If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

>Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV?

>Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in
>binoculars to look at things on the ground?

>Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see
>you naked anyway.

>Why is 'bra' singular and 'panties' plural?

>Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a
>horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat?

>If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?

>Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane ?

>If the professor on Gilligan's Island can make a radio out of a
>coconut, why can't he fix a hole in a boat?

Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs!

Where do they come up with these things?

Last night the kids were getting ready for bed and decided they wanted to wear our T-shirts to bed. So they went into our closet and pulled out some t-shirts. Well Gregory came out in a long sleeve shirt of Eric's then Bethany wanted one.

Anyway after a few minutes of them in the closet,
Gregory comes running out in about 10 shirts, which go to the floor on him. He danced around and said "I'm Dad! Look at me!" And I started laughing, and asked him if he had underwear on. He didn't get it but Eric began to laugh too because Gregory reminded us of Joey on friends when he puts on all of Chandler's clothes and has no underwear on and starts doing squats and leg lunges!!

Ok...laughing about that Friend's episode now. Funny!

Well then Gregory balls himself up inside the shirt and starts rolling around the room. We are talking the only thing you can see is a shirt ball rolling around the room. And out of the shirt ball comes the words "I'm Dad's tummy, rolling rolling rolling, I'm Dad's tummy." If I had a video camera I would have recorded it. I was about to wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Ok so they are my kids and I think they are funny, but this was funny.

Then they decided to put underwear on their heads, not sure where that idea came from but they were running around with underwear over there heads, all three of them Gregory, Bethany and Emily. I need to have my camera more handy lately.

Scrapbook Supplies Scrapbook Supplies!

Don't know if you know but two and a half years ago I switched from traditional scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking, and haven't regretted the decision any step of the way. Though I do miss sitting together and going to crops, mostly for the social aspects of it. Anyway, the only problem I have is the amount of scrapbook supplies I have collecting dust on my shelves. So if any of you are scrapbookers and would like some supplies, come stop by I am selling them really cheap. Or if you can't stop by because you live in far off lands, I can mail things to you! I just need to move them. I have bags and I have paper and I have storage type things, anyway it's all got to go!

Actually I can make grab bags with $25 worth of stuff for $5 if you are interested! Leave a comment or email me!

February 12, 2008

How many Types of Yarn can you name?

I realized I have been living in the dark and that there are all types of yarn! Where have I been? How have I missed it in the craft aisle at Walmart? Probably because I am trying to keep kids from falling out of the shopping cart, or grabbing and dropping something on the ground. Or maybe its because I haven't purchased any yarn for several years!

But anyway so I hit a blog today, fluffyknitting, and she is giving away some cool stuff, and if you go to her site, tell her I sent you :) She is celebrating her blogoversary!

Visiting this sight made me realize I need to go and hang out with my grandmother and have her teach me how to crochet...I don't know how, always wanted to learn and just haven't done it. So here is for another goal of mine, learn to crochet! (this will be my I don't know 4th or 5th attempt)

Grandma Russell

My Grandma passed away 12 years ago, around this time, I believe it was the 7th but not totally sure because I was in Brazil at the time serving my mission. But anyway that is beside the point.

I have been thinking a lot about her. I didn't know her very well. I have never understood that either. We rarely went to visit her, and I recall only once she coming to visit us when I was younger. On mother's day my dad would call her and then we had to talk to her, and I hate to say we had to talk to her, but I never knew what to say to her.

Then when I was in 8th or 9th grade, after she sent me my birthday card, I sent her a thank you note. She was really good about remembering birthday's. Actually when my parents went to clean up her house, they found a birthday card out that she had written for me but didn't have a chance to mail. So after I got this birthday card when I was 14 I decided to write her back.

She became my best pen pal. We wrote back and forth to each other until she passed away. I treasured her letters, and looked forward to getting them from her. I just wish I knew where they were....unfortunately I believe they are thrown away. Something she would be sad about because she was so good about keeping letters and scrapbooks.

I bet she would be my number one blog reader too!

I don't have many regrets in life, because I believe each experience has made me who I am. But I regret not knowing my Grandma even better. I really don't know much about her, and it really has me sad right now. I guess it's time to call my dad and talk to him about her.

Life lesson here?

Spend less time watching TV and more time Talking....
Call your parents and grandparents often, find out about them
Keep a journal
Nobody is perfect
Everybody needs to be loved
There are only two kinds of people in this world:
Those you Love and those you Don't Know
If you are having a hard time loving someone its probably because you just don't know them!

February 11, 2008

Snippets of Conversations in the last 24 hours...

So you may have thought that bald comment was funny how about some of these:

"I don't want to wear my sexy butt jeans anymore."
Just a side note the other day she put her "sexy butt" jeans on and while admiring her butt in the mirror said "mom these pants make my butt look sexy." Hence the name of the jeans.

"me Farded, you farded?"
- background on this, we were all asleep in our room, kids on the floor adults in the bed and Emily passed some gas, then followed by her dad. Which is when she said that. Then for some reason maybe it was Dad's black beans from dinner, but there soon followed a morning melody.

"you me buy diapers."
...I decided its time to Potty Train Emily and so I refuse to buy her more diapers after she is done with the ones we have. I told her to go get her diaper to put on and she went down stairs, she found there was only one left, she ran back up stairs with Timmy's diaper, put her hands on her hip and said "you me buy diapers."

"I am going to go and get my FHE stuff done."
Gregory "your F A G? fffffffffffff aaaaaaaaa gggggggg? What is your FAG?
"No FHE!"
For those who might not know FHE stands for Family Home Evening, each Monday night we have FHE where we typically sing songs, talk about the week coming up, have some kind of lesson and don't forget the treats after! And on some nights we actually get through it all with out anyone crying or running around the room.

And the best of all, after we finish up FHE, our lesson on keeping our bodies healthy, Gregory the qouter of the day says:

"Mom and Dad were you shy when you first showed your..." as he grabbed between his legs. " privates when you got married." At least he added the married part!

February 10, 2008

Is it Illegal for Girls to be bald?

Now that is a loaded question.

It all started off this morning when Emily brought me her clothes for Timothy to wear. I tried to convince her that they were:

1: Too BIG
2: Girl's Clothes

But to humor her, and possibly humor myself I put her clothes on him. I have to admit he is a cute baby but think he is a cuter boy baby than a girl baby. I don't know what do you think?

Well then Gregory asked, "Are girls ever bald?"

I replied "yes there are many bald baby girls." Obviously not understanding his full question.

He rebukes "no like grown girls can they be bald?"

And Bethany, the one who always has the right answers and likes to pip in and correct Gregory, says "Yeah Greg remember on TV there was that bald girl." She was referring to a young girl with cancer on the extreme home maker show.

Anyway I think Gregory still in a quandary says "It should be illegal for girls to be bald!"

I asked him, as I giggled a bit "Why?"

His reply, his thought out six year old boy answer....


February 09, 2008

And the Awards go to...

First I have to thank my dear friends Randi and Yvonne for these awards. If you get a minute, no rather when you have a minute go and read their blogs! Randi and Yvonne are some of my blog idols! Randi is always quick witted and always leaves me with a warm fuzz feeling and some tears because I am usually laughing pretty hard. Yvonne is very tender hearted and sweet and shares such sweet and loving stories about her loved ones, and she has a great sense of humor, I always read her blog with a smile. So thanks! And with out further adieu (I am still in awe that I got some awards and feeling a little overwhelmed to whom I should bestow these to.)

The first award: I received this one from Yvonne. This goes out to Becky- she is one of the kindest gals I know, not only does she leave sweet comments and blog writings, she came and cleaned my house for free for several weeks while I was pregnant and on limited activity!!

Then there is Kathleen I have never met her before but she hit my blog somewhere and I am always anxious to get her sweet and kind messages as well as read her blogs.

The second award:
Given to me by Randi the blog queen! I have to give to Alyson my little sister. I love going to her blog and reading about my cute niece and nephew and hearing about their lives. I also love her ever so fun email posts like the one about the words woman say and what they really mean!

Then there is Marci, who has a private blog, but I love hearing about her family's adventure in Switzerland, can I say so jealous!

OK I know way too many cool people that blog and so if you don't receive one from me this time around please don't hate me? K?!

The other blog that makes my day is Kristy's she is so clever and quick witted and just a really fun read. Her father recently passed away- and took a little break from writing but I love that she is back on and that I can read her posts. She makes me smile and I wish she still lived close by! She also knows how to write and be so clever.

And I have a third award, which no one gave me that I stole from someone's page, so if you feel inclined to give me this award please feel free :)

Ok the third Award:BBF goes out to Katherine, she and I have been friends and going to church together for awhile now, what 3.5 years? Anyway it wasn't until recently, well through blogging, that I have felt I have really gotten to know her and correct me if I am wrong Katherine, but feel like we are better friends because of it, never mind you were my most amazing ever visiting teacher!

I'd also like to give this BFF award to Cheryl. Cheryl, who is an incredible artist, if you want to see some of her work click here, kind of grew up with me. But not really since I was in California and she was in Illinois! But her parents and my parents were/are good friends. And it seems like every vacation they took they came out to California to visit us. We still haven't made it to Illinois and maybe Cheryl my family can come visit yours! Anyway we "rekindled" an old friendship through her art and now with her blog! Fun to get to know you again!

Ok and the 4th award I have:
Goes out to my older thinner sister Marion. She is an amazing person who has inspired me to join WW. Her blog helps keep me motivated and has great recipes! Thanks for my daily fix of healthiness! And for all the wonderful motivation and patient with your so imperfect sister.

I also have to give this award to Sheri who recently started blogging and I love to go and read what they are up to there in the freezing snow of the Utah Mountains, she isn't the best at posting daily but it doesn't stop me from going there daily! Keep up the fun posts!

Ok I guess I can't give an award to everyone but want y'all to know I love reading your blogs, and thanks for the comments! Pass the awards on!

AARP for Moms

So I was reading 2 Kids and Tired's blog today and her little bit on the AARP sending her recruiting material. You can read it HERE or click on her name above. As I was leaving my ever brillant comment, I stumbled upon the words of another commenter which trickered another MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!

If you are not familiar with the AARP its kind of a AFLAC type program for retirement people, well not sure if that is an accurate statement at all, but its a group that you get a little card for and if you flash it at lets say the Hotel checker in person, they will give you a 10% discount. Anyway so this commenter mentioned there should be a program for everyone else, under 50. It made me think there really should be a program for Moms. And I am not sure how to go about it and get it started but these are the benefits I would include in my program called (thinking of a clever name...).......

Ok well anyway maybe it will come to me later so here are the benefits:

1. Free dry cleaning on clothing that has spills, spit ups, nursing leaks, playdough, ooohhh dried up gum, mostly dirty messes that happen to you not because of you but because you have kids. Heaven's knows you wouldn't make such messes on your own clothes with out those little people around! :)

2. A cut in line pass, you could flash your card at the cashier at the grocery store or that ever so long line at walmart, or didn't think of this until right this minute, but those long lines at the amusement park, not that you or I have probably been there recently but you know it would be wonderful to be able to skip in front of all those teenagers and get your screaming kids on the rides as fast as possible and enjoy the ride yourself...But the card alone would be worth it for cutting in line at the store for me. I mean I spend 45 minutes shopping and another 30 in line!

3. "You heard me card" You just hold the card up and your kids know you were serious about what you said and quickly go and do the chore at hand....this would also work on fathers/spouses.

4. Another benefit of being a member of my -I don't have a name of mom's benefit group- would be 50% off house cleaning services weekly.

5. 75% off window cleaning of any window with kids fingerprints, food or dog muddy paw prints. Free sliding glass door cleaning on all visits especially if covered in window paint, pudding smudged finger prints!

6. Key finding services, as well as "where are my shoes?" finding services. You click your card and these items linked to your card will start beeping so they will be found instantly.

7. Weekly accredited 20 referenced babysitter for just a $1 an hour. Limit 8 hours of use a week- as to not to wear down our sitters. These sitters are qualified to watch kids from 4 weeks old to 18+ so use them often!

8. Personal exercising buddy free of charge. We match you up with a local member that exercises regulary and willing to help you out in your goals.

9. 50% of personal chefs, our professional chefs will come in and make you the most nutritious kid friendly meals. (I am starting to sound like a flier)

10. In home traveling manicurist, for a weekly pedicure and manicure. As mom's we need to not only look good but feel good. Though you might not really need this service if you use a trip to a spa and hire a sitter.

11. 50% one hour massages by a trained massage therapist.

12. Speaking of therapist free monthly visits to your favorite therapist to talk yourself through all those things that are making your hairs gray.

13. Ok I could keep going on, and on....still need to think of a name but man I think someone should start this program and it'd only be $35 a month to be a member!

February 08, 2008


My intention to start a blog, was for me to get back into journaling and keeping records of my family's interactions as well as just to put my thoughts down quickly because they seem to run away from me pretty quick. I thought a few of my friends would stop by once in awhile maybe leave a few comments. I thought I'd read some of my friends blogs and find out what they are doing.

I had no idea I was entering into a whole other world, the world of blogging. I think I get more comments and reads from people I have never met in the "real" world than I do from family and friends, I don't even know if my family and friends remember I have a blog :) no thats not true I know they love to read my ever so deep and interesting thoughts, though its hard to know, if you don't leave a comment :)

Anyway, I got two blog awards! What are those?? I mean wow you get awards for writing your own thoughts and trying to keep up with it daily!! I am truly flattered that I would be even read by people and then to be given an award surely makes me feel special! And now I need to do the honors and pass the award on to others. I sure would like to bask in the LIMELIGHT for awhile though :)

So as I am basking I am going to send on the awards to some of my favorite bloggers! But before I do that....yes I know I can hit save now, but I have to run go get my son from school! And so the awards and you will have to wait.


I did it!

Yes it was me...I did it! Did what you ask yourself? Because I know I have you dying to know exactly what it is that I did, so I will leave you hanging no longer.....I joined WEIGHT WATCHERS! yes I did...and it is a huge step for me, well a huge step to join and then an even HUGER step to admit it, to publish it to let people know.

WHY? Why do I fear mentioning it to people? I figured it out....its only taken me a week...

1. I didn't want to admit I have a problem, probably similar to an alcoholic, who me? I don't drink too much, only on weekends, evenings and some mornings to over come my hangover! But really I never eat too much, only on weekends, afternoons and mornings when I wake up not wanting to really face the day....

2. I wanted to be able to do it on my own. My sister who has been very successful on WW has been encouraging me for the last 2 years to do it....2 years thats not that long, considering I have had another baby in between....but as the commercials say "those who attend meetings are 10 xs more likely to succeed that those that do it alone." So I admit I can't do it alone....though honestly this week I have felt alone in it....

3. By joining weight watchers, its like I am publicly announcing that I am fat and I have a problem...when I really don't feel fat, then I see pictures of me and go oh I guess a little weight loss, healthier eating won't kill me, but I have to say it just might! :)

4. I feared going because I imagined they had huge scales, make you dress in a sports bra, and tight spandex pants ( like on the biggest loser) and then try to tactfully whisper your weight to you but instead hit the microphone intercom system button and everyone in the room will hear that horrendous number, or worse, "you gained weight this week."

5. I was afraid to walk into the center, be swarmed by ladies telling me that its great that I finally showed up, and glad that I fit through the door.

6. I thought that when I'd walk into the meeting they'd announce my entry, like a heavy weight champ...and in this corner we have first timer Corrine S. weighing in at......

7. I think I was also a little concerned because I was afraid of the unknown and CHANGE!! who wants to really change, it's not comfortable to do it. But in the end if it is good change it does feel good, too bad its not as easy as thinking about it.

So there you have it, I joined WW and look forward to the journey I am embarking upon! Hopefully y'all notice the three pound weightloss this week! :) Only 27 more to go! And the meeting was nothing like I thought.

Oh Boy!

The fun is just beginning!

Last night as I was sitting on the floor with Timmy, he got into the crawl position, reached one hand forward after an other and crawled over to the toys dumping over the car bucket. I was in shock that my little guy is now crawling. He has quite an original crawl too, he kind of hops with his feet, kind of like a frog. As he crawled, I said "oh no, Timmy's crawling!" out loud.

And Bethany asked "Why don't you want him to crawl?"

Why?? You ask, because now I have to worry about keeping things off the floor, watching him more carefully and the flood gates are now open to toddlerhood. He isn't just a sitting cute baby anymore he moves!

When Eric came home I had to show him Timmy's new talent. I turned on the vacuum and Timmy "chased" it.

February 06, 2008

I'm changing my blog name to 5 kids...

No I am not expecting another baby! Heavens knows that would put me six feet under.

Ok so on Sunday I believe it was, Gregory broke a vase/pot that I had a candle sitting in on top of the toilet in the guest bathroom. We heard the crash when it happened, and my husband went in to check on Gregory. He gave me the 411 on the break. He told Gregory to get out of the bathroom carefully. He then proceeded to make some noises--kind of like ones made when cleaning up is happening.

Well today actually tonight, I went in their to use the bathroom, never mind the fact that I haven't used that restroom for a few days that has me wondering if I have drunk enough water this week, anyway. So tonight I walk in sit down and notice the pile of glass and clay all over the floor on the side of the toilet next to the wall.

I walked out and started to talk to both Gregory and his dad, asked them why on earth this hadn't been cleaned up. Eric walks out to the garage, comes back in and sits down on the chair to put his shoes on to leave for scouts. I asked him if he heard me. He gives me his big "I'm totally lying smile" and says "No I didn't hear you I went to the garage to get my shoes." All the while saying it with that grin of "Oh I am so busted."

I caught him and said "come on, its hard enough raising our four kids, I don't have to raise you too do I?" Isn't that his mom's job? After a little talk he ended up cleaning up the glass. But then throws it in the just emptied by me kitchen trash can...oh well I can't be too picky can I?

My Million Dollar Idea

Ok so I am not a drinker (of alcohol that is) but have friend whose husband downs it like water. And lately his health hasn't been good. I am not trying to be judgmental or anything but know that alcohol can be the culprit to many of his problems. As I was laying awake in my bed having a hard time sleeping I was thinking about this. I came up with a solution.

Beer flavored sparkling water!

Well actually I don't know does beer have some carbonation? The only time I ever tasted a beer or any alcohol was when I was 7 or 8 sitting on my grandfather's lap and asked him what he was drinking. He told me it was a beer and that I shouldn't ever drink it. Of course I said "why do you drink it then." He told me some reason. But after begging him to try it, he let me have a taste. All I remember is that my young taste buds rejected it, spitting it out on his lap. Anyway good lesson moment for me because I have never had the desire to drink it, can't stand the smell of it.

But anyway, so I was thinking you know they come up with diet soda's and all the crystal light possible drinks, and I know they have light beers, but its not the calories that I am concerned about. So why not create a water that has beer flavoring with out the alcohol? It could come in a cool beer bottle, have the healthy for you barley and no alcohol? Then you could stand around drinking your "beer" and get healthy? But for some reason I vaguely remember something called Neer Beer that my dad bought for my granddad at some point? Did someone already try this? Maybe I am a little naive to the whole affects of alcohol as well...but it seemed like a good idea.

I don't know maybe the idea was better as it ran around in my head at 4 in the morning.

February 05, 2008

Why I don't Home School!

Gregory was very reluctant to go to school this morning. I encouraged him to go by threatening him with having to stay in his bed all day. That didn't seem to do it. He then looked at me and said "why can't you be my teacher?"

Before I could reply Bethany piped in "Because she is too busy teaching Timmy how to be happy."

Isn't that the truth, I think I spend a lot of my time holding the little guy trying to make him happy.

So there you have it that is why I don't home school. Well one of the reasons.

February 04, 2008

Ding Dong Ditch Birthday!

I had a really good birthday considering I had a fever and am fighting I think the worlds worst sinus infection!! Ok hopefully this new year will be a healthier one for me.

My birthday kind of started off on Friday night when Eric brought me home my birthday gifts. Well they were hiding behind his back and I asked what he had. He said they were my gifts and I could wait for my birthday or open them now. I decided on the instant gratification but I have to tell you the gifts were more for the fam than just me, but I still loved my new Wii numchuck and my Mario Party 8 game :).

My friend Sarah called me and asked if she could take me out to get some ice cream. I wasn't feeling great but had a hard time turning down free ice cream! So her son came and played with Gregory and Eric on the Wii and the girls and I went to get some ice cream.

Saturday morning Eric took all the kids to Gregory's basketball game as well as to the church youth basketball game. So I had the house to myself, and decided that since all I have been doing for the last few weeks is lay around in misery, I cleaned the house. I have to admit it was the cleanest it had been in a long while. Actually friday morning while I was out a friend "broke" into my house and mopped my kitchen floor and cleaned up the kitchen that was a wonderful surprise.

Saturday afternoon I napped, having over done it in the morning cleaning. Then Eric called a sitter and we went out sans enfants....well we had Timmy.

Sunday morning---well if you read the previous blogs know I woke up at around 2 am and never went back to sleep. Eric made our famous pancake cake breakfast and we ate that around 6 :30 am, then he realized it was fast Sunday (in our church we fast the first Sunday of each month). Anyway then I went back into bed trying to rest a bit. Bethany brought me a card and I opened it and the card said "thinking of you." and then I opened it and saw a check for $500. Upon reading the card I realized it was a Geiko advertisement. Later that day Eric and I brought up the card, and how I have had such a wonderful birthday with gifts like $500 from Geiko.
Gregory pipes in "you saved money by switching your car insurance?"
Gee does he watch too much tv :) He did draw me a beautiful birthday picture which he put on my night stand as I was sleeping.

All but one of my siblings called me that morning to wish me happy birthday, I missed a few calls because of my need for sleep. I appreciated the calls even if I wasn't able to talk at the moment..LOVE you GUYS!

Well all the troops headed off to church and I stayed home and slept.

When they came home from church, Eric yelled to me that I had a visitor. My dear friend Vanessa stopped by with a vase full of flowers. So sweet. Then a little while later, another dear friend Michele stopped by with a yummy key lime pie from Marie Calendars. Yummy. She stayed for a little bit and we chatted. I was feeling pretty loved at this point.

After some Texas Sheet Cake and Key Lime pie, I put the kids to bed. I came down stairs to see Eric peering out the front window and instantly said "no one is here. No one is here." I was like, I didn't think anyone is here, but now that you are telling me this who is here. He told me to just go away, so I did. I went to the kitchen to get some water. I heard some knocking on the door. I went to open it, to be told by the person outside to go away and shut the door. Ok...My house...??

After a few more minutes the door bell rang, which encouraged all the tucked in kids to run down stairs. I open the door and there was a heart cake on the mat and my door had been heart attacked by several people from church. So sweet, I need to take a picture of that. Thanks Shawna and everyone else involved in that one!

At this point I am ready for bed, but not soon after I hop into bed, the door bell rings a couple of times. Eric opens the door and brings me a gift. This time it was from my friend Atalia. She wrote a sweet little note and gave me some cool slippers.

So we finally fall asleep. As Gregory left for school this morning, he shouts up to me, someone left a present on the door step. He brought it up to me, and it was a picture frame from my sweet friend Melissa.

Anyway not sure if they all called each other and said "lets all just stop by randomly and visit Corrine." But it was really sweet, and made me feel really loved.

So Thanks y'all! And thanks to all for the sweet E-cards and birthday wishes!!

February 03, 2008

Girls Breakin' it down!

Tonight, well this morning (5:00am now) I was blog hopping, and went to my friend Melissa's blog and found she had done some Jib Jab videos. I couldn't resist not doing my family's. I have the elf one's embedded at the bottom of my blog, but here are the girls breaking it down.

Don't send a lame Starring You! eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

My boys' Breakin' it down!

Don't send a lame Starring You! eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Its 3:34 am and I am officially 34 years old and can't sleep! Not sure the actual cause of my not sleeping it could be one of a few things, or possibly all:

- Timmy woke up crying at 2 am, requesting a little mommy time. During which:
-Bethany was laying head down in my bed kicking me with her cold feet.
-Eric waking up wanting some love, moves Bethany out of the bed to hear:
-Gregory jump out of his bed, sprint across the game room and land on our bed in 2.2 seconds, I think beating a world record.
- Me no longer able to sleep decide to go check email and blog only to be interrupted by:
-Emily crying and wandering around upstairs, lost and confused.

So here I sit, hearing the hum of the computer, the snores of those soundly sleeping in my room-- just a side note I think we are going to save money and move into a one bedroom apartment--wondering what the next 30+ years have in store for me. Or even if I have 30 more years? Life is so fragile.

Well Happy birthday me! I think I better go sleep...but how about some pictures first!

This is me my senior year of high school on the swim team! Those are my awesome friends, Gen, Jen D and Anna. Hope they don't mind the swim suit post! Go Wild Cats!
This sweet one is of me at a year old. I am not sitting up because I have a body cast, that goes from my ankles to just under my armpits. Do you see any of my kids in me? Here I am at around 3 months, what's up with blue shag carpet?
This is one of the only pictures I have of me with my grandpa, my dad's dad. He passed away shortly after this picture was taken. I am around 8 years old, maybe 7 in this picture, anyway I was in second grade. I encourage y'all, myself included, when you have kids with your grandparents, or grandparents when you're with your grandkids, take some pictures!
This is one of my favorite family portraits! The late 70's don't get much better than this. I am sporting the lovely mushroom cut, my older sister is sporting Faucet Feathers, and who could be happier than my little two year old brother?

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