February 27, 2008

A total waste of $20

So if you know me, you know this last year has been a challenge for me and my health. I have seen a ton of doctors and been poked, prodded and diagnosised with almost everything under the sun. Well not everything but anyway I haven't left the doctors with a clean bill of health that's for sure.

Well today I went to my family care provider. It was a visit for my follow-up for my hospitalization this past summer. I arrived 5 minutes early, and waited for about 15 in the waiting room. The nurse called me back and weighed me and took my other vitals. Then I waited another 15 minutes. The doctor came in.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better than I have felt in a long while. It's been a long few months."

She glances down at my chart. Looks up. "I got a letter from your endocrinologist."

"Any information about my labs?"

"No just a letter saying he will be monitoring your thyroid nodules annually. Though nice to get a letter from him. How did the ultra sound go? Any word?"

"No, you know the techs they don't tell you anything."

Stands up, pulls out her heart listening thingy (can't figure out how to spell it), "take a deep breath."
She sits back down, looks at the chart.

"your blood pressure looks good."

"Yeah I saw the cardiologist and he switched my meds."

"They seem to be working. So do you want me to monitor your blood pressure or the cardiologist?"

"I know he wanted to see me back again, so I am guessing he will do it."

"Well you look great. And since the endocrinologist is monitoring your thyroid, and the cardiologist is monitoring your blood pressure. I guess I will see you as needed."

She walks out and as she slams the door shut says "Have a great day."

That was my appointment, no kidding. I probably should have canceled as my gut told me to, oh well, I like going out and giving money needlessly to people. Though I am sure Dr. B could use it for the remodeling they are doing in the office.


Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

I never go to my PCP for my chronic stuff. You and I have both been through the ringer this past year. What we have been though is beyond most family practice doctors. Mine is the first to tell me she doesn't want me to come into her with my MS related issues. She wants only my neuro to take care of them. She will treat me for the general, run of the mill stuff that everyone else gets. She told me she would make sure nothing she gives me will make my MS worse or interfere with my long list of medications but that is all she is interested in doing. I really respect her for that.

katharine said...

doctors can really waste your time that way.

Jessica Howard said...

Maycie has been sick again and I am just done with her illnesses. I decided to take her in just to rule out anything else, even though I was sure it was just a virus. Of course it was!! The doctor just had no sympathy for all of my sleepless nights. Couldn't he at least have been sympathetic and not pathetic.
Love you and hang in there. Jae

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