February 06, 2008

I'm changing my blog name to 5 kids...

No I am not expecting another baby! Heavens knows that would put me six feet under.

Ok so on Sunday I believe it was, Gregory broke a vase/pot that I had a candle sitting in on top of the toilet in the guest bathroom. We heard the crash when it happened, and my husband went in to check on Gregory. He gave me the 411 on the break. He told Gregory to get out of the bathroom carefully. He then proceeded to make some noises--kind of like ones made when cleaning up is happening.

Well today actually tonight, I went in their to use the bathroom, never mind the fact that I haven't used that restroom for a few days that has me wondering if I have drunk enough water this week, anyway. So tonight I walk in sit down and notice the pile of glass and clay all over the floor on the side of the toilet next to the wall.

I walked out and started to talk to both Gregory and his dad, asked them why on earth this hadn't been cleaned up. Eric walks out to the garage, comes back in and sits down on the chair to put his shoes on to leave for scouts. I asked him if he heard me. He gives me his big "I'm totally lying smile" and says "No I didn't hear you I went to the garage to get my shoes." All the while saying it with that grin of "Oh I am so busted."

I caught him and said "come on, its hard enough raising our four kids, I don't have to raise you too do I?" Isn't that his mom's job? After a little talk he ended up cleaning up the glass. But then throws it in the just emptied by me kitchen trash can...oh well I can't be too picky can I?


Sheri said...

THere are so many times I feel like I am raising another child... I guess that's why they say "boys will be boys!" I think they mean eternally!!

Marci said...

you know its a good day when your husband is in timeout with your kid because they were all being naughty. And then you hear from the corner, "That was fun and totally worth sitting in time out for it."

Yvonne said...

Gotta love them though, eh ; )

Kristy said...

corrine i just had to stop by and say i love you. I have been very busy and haven't been checking blogs and i just want you to know that starting now i am checking blogs again and you are on my radar. I need to add you to my contacts. it is so good to be able to keep in touch with you.

JustRandi said...

It's crazy isn't it. I can't tell you how many times I've asked WHY I'm the only grown-up in the house!
Oh well, we picked 'em.

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