February 11, 2008

Snippets of Conversations in the last 24 hours...

So you may have thought that bald comment was funny how about some of these:

"I don't want to wear my sexy butt jeans anymore."
Just a side note the other day she put her "sexy butt" jeans on and while admiring her butt in the mirror said "mom these pants make my butt look sexy." Hence the name of the jeans.

"me Farded, you farded?"
- background on this, we were all asleep in our room, kids on the floor adults in the bed and Emily passed some gas, then followed by her dad. Which is when she said that. Then for some reason maybe it was Dad's black beans from dinner, but there soon followed a morning melody.

"you me buy diapers."
...I decided its time to Potty Train Emily and so I refuse to buy her more diapers after she is done with the ones we have. I told her to go get her diaper to put on and she went down stairs, she found there was only one left, she ran back up stairs with Timmy's diaper, put her hands on her hip and said "you me buy diapers."

"I am going to go and get my FHE stuff done."
Gregory "your F A G? fffffffffffff aaaaaaaaa gggggggg? What is your FAG?
"No FHE!"
For those who might not know FHE stands for Family Home Evening, each Monday night we have FHE where we typically sing songs, talk about the week coming up, have some kind of lesson and don't forget the treats after! And on some nights we actually get through it all with out anyone crying or running around the room.

And the best of all, after we finish up FHE, our lesson on keeping our bodies healthy, Gregory the qouter of the day says:

"Mom and Dad were you shy when you first showed your..." as he grabbed between his legs. " privates when you got married." At least he added the married part!


katharine said...

how do you remember all that? i often get through the day and say 'something funny happened today, what was it again?' and i can't even remember my own most embarassing moments. i remember something embarassing happening once and specifically saying to myself 'this is a good thing to remember for those dumb embarassing-moment games' but i forgot, of course.
but its amazing what things i DO remember...

Heidi said...

My mom once patched a pair of my sister's jean shorts that had gotten holes in the bum cheeks. We all called them "double butt cheek jeans".

I like your kids' style!

Ricky D. said...

To put this in a little more prespective, the "me farded, you farded" comment was said in the wee morning hours of about 6 am when we thought everyone was sleeping. That was the comment that started the ball rolling and within 10 minutes, the whole house was awake.

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

Those are really funny. I wish I could blog like you do. I really need to just post more of what happens in my family. I only blog when I have something going on with one of my stores or a new product out. You really do inspire me.

Please stick with WW. I know you are concerned about the kids being too noise. If you want to bring the girls over on your way to the meeting, you can. My house is on the way, sort of. They can play here and then you can pay more attention. You can leave Timmy too, if you want, or you can take him with you. Let me know. Also let me know what day you have your meeting.

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