February 26, 2008

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

the Academy of my blog readers! You guys rock! In just 1.5 months I have had 1000+ views! which amazes me because didn't think I had that many people looking at my blog, though if you take 10 readers times ten days you get 100 so not that hard but anyway thought it was cool when my site reader sent me my report of views. So thanks for reading! Maybe you should post a comment so I know who you are :)

Speaking of reading, well actually has nothing to do with reading, but we are living in a little, well big mess right now. We are working really hard at getting ready to put the house on the market and well it just feels the more I clean the messier the house gets! How the heck is that possible? I seem to pull out more and more and throw out and sell and the stuff is multiplying! If my digital camera wasn't broken I'd be taking step by step process pictures.

It doesn't help that last weekend we decided to rip out carpet and tile our bathroom (why didn't we do that five years ago???)

Anyway, so I am knee deep in stuff and have a Realtor coming tonight to get us started on listing the house! Yikes so not ready to show this house....not sure if I ever will be. But Eric keeps reminding me that we don't live in a million dollar neighborhood, he actually said "we don't live in West Lake we live in the Ghetto, why are you so worried about it being perfect." So I am trying to not want it perfect but I have seen way too many designed to sell shows to know what I want it to look like...too bad I can't afford new furniture and new carpet and well pay an interior designer to come and re due the place. I guess I will have to live and let live, or however that saying goes.

So if you are interested in buying a house :) we don't live in the ghetto, just not the most desirable part of town.

And in honor of my milestone reached, I am going to do a drawing...seen other bloggers do this so why not. Leave a comment to enter to win, send a commenter get you name entered again have them mention you, to win a carefully put together care basket with many wonderful items that I deem necessary to not pack :)

You know you want it!


Ashley said...

I am so ready to move!! But I am reading a few friends blogs and everyone is blogging the moving experience. I am re-thinking this endeavor.

I do like HGTV, my favorite show is Freestyle. It is redecorating with your own stuff. Plus it falls right at naptime so it is a guilt free pleasure. Congrats on so many hits, your blog is a fun read.

Tonya said...

Packing and moving is such a pain in the keester. It will all be worth it in the end.

I'm glad I started reading your blog and could help with the stats. It looks like I'm just in time :o)

katharine said...

so when do you want me to watch the girls again? or should i just come over and visit and take a load to good will? :)

Marci said...

when you sell your house you should leave a closet (or closets) full of stuff. You might get more people interested plus you don't have take stuff to goodwill.

Cheryl Anne said...

One man's junk is another man's treasure. Isn't that what they say? What a fun idea to have a contest. :) Good luck with all the packing!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi corrine,
it's cause you rock!

you are awesome, just pat yourself on the back. i love having your blog on my favorites list (in my google reader) so i know when you have posted a new post and i can come right over and share.

thanks for being just a spunky sweetheart of a kind heart.

congrats on your stats that you are enjoying. at least 50 or 100 are from me! ha! kathleen

Yvonne said...

Getting the house ready to sell is such a stressful time. I had to laugh at your comment about not ripping up the carpet and re-tiling years ago. Why do we do it for someone else????

Hope the meeting with the realtor goes well.

Asia said...

I do want it!! Yipee! But where do you find the time for such a fun idea? We had an appraiser come to our house today because we are re-financing with the lower interest rate. He said he didn't grade on cleanliness, but I cleaned until my fingernails hurt anyway.

Sheri said...

You don't need to enter me into the contest... I saw what you are giving away!! You didn't mention that you had two out of towners staying with you at the same time, adding to your stress! You are awesome and I am sure youw ill be blessed for remaining sane at an insane time!!

Kristy said...

I am guilty of being one of those readers who don't comment. But know I have love for your blog. And good luck on the house selling!

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

You do not live in the Ghetto. Your neighborhood is a nice family area and your house is way newer than mine. That area has come a long way. I went to high school at that high school when it was in the old building across from the airport. THAT was ghetto!!!!

Corrine said...

I know its not the ghetto, but Austin has a big issue with living east of 35...

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