February 17, 2008

Looking for a best friend.....Apply here!

I know you really really want to be my best friend so I thought I'd come up with a few things that you might like to try in order to be my best friend.

I have lots of good friends, even though some days I feel all alone and like no bodies likes me and that I need to go eat some worms, or possibly move to Australia. But I do have great friends, I have always been blessed to have a circle of wonderful friends.

Well I don't know if you have had this problem since being married, and if you aren't married you may not relate, but its hard enough to make a friend but you kind of have to make two friends when you are married. If that makes sense. You know the hubbies have to get a long as well as the wives, and that is not always an easy feet (thats not the right spelling for the connotation that I want to use.... I don't think).

Anyway, so recently I decided (since to be honest I am kind of selfish and self centered, most my thoughts revolve around me and my happiness...yeah I spend my days tending to and being mindful of the needs of others around me but when it comes down to it, its all about me. Pretty sure everyone is like that because really, we spend the most time with ourselves....anyway a whole other tangent which I might get to later, maybe I should book an appointment with a shrink to discuss my nepotism (is that the right word, I need a thesaurus).

So I was saying I have decided forget my husband having friends, I need them. And by golly how hard is it for couples to get together and just have the guys sit around and kind of nod, grunt and scratch or pretend to be totally interested in the football game. I totally think guys watch sports to just zone out the world around them, again another subject for another time.

So onto my search for friends, really it isn't hard and I will be taking applications until the position is filled. Here are a few requirements in no particular order:

1. When my name pops into your mind, when you get a fleeting thought about me, just call me or shoot me an email and say hi.

2. While shopping and you see that cute little something that reminds you of me, buy it and drop it by.

3. Just stop by and hang out with me and talk while I clean out a closet.

4. Call and say "hey I have to run to the.......want to come with me?"

5. Accept my offer to do something nice for you, like watch your kids or clean your bathroom.

6. Don't be offended if I am over at your house and start picking things up and cleaning. I don't know why I do that, because its not like I do that at my own house all the time. I think some days I should be a maid and have a maid, because for some odd reason I like cleaning other people's houses....though I haven't done it for awhile cuz I haven't really hung out at anyone's house lately...just stuck here in my mess with no compulsion to clean.

7. Tell me how wonderful I am (hahah) no really :)

8. Read my blog and leave comments.

9. Some nights girls just need a girls night out, and even if you haven't seen your husband all week because he has been working so hard, you decide you need a break and need to get out and so you call and we head out.

10. Always come to everything I plan and invite you to! Well not always and everything! But if you don't come to five things in a row, you get bumped down big time off my friend's list and its hard to get back up at that point. :)

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