February 04, 2008

Ding Dong Ditch Birthday!

I had a really good birthday considering I had a fever and am fighting I think the worlds worst sinus infection!! Ok hopefully this new year will be a healthier one for me.

My birthday kind of started off on Friday night when Eric brought me home my birthday gifts. Well they were hiding behind his back and I asked what he had. He said they were my gifts and I could wait for my birthday or open them now. I decided on the instant gratification but I have to tell you the gifts were more for the fam than just me, but I still loved my new Wii numchuck and my Mario Party 8 game :).

My friend Sarah called me and asked if she could take me out to get some ice cream. I wasn't feeling great but had a hard time turning down free ice cream! So her son came and played with Gregory and Eric on the Wii and the girls and I went to get some ice cream.

Saturday morning Eric took all the kids to Gregory's basketball game as well as to the church youth basketball game. So I had the house to myself, and decided that since all I have been doing for the last few weeks is lay around in misery, I cleaned the house. I have to admit it was the cleanest it had been in a long while. Actually friday morning while I was out a friend "broke" into my house and mopped my kitchen floor and cleaned up the kitchen that was a wonderful surprise.

Saturday afternoon I napped, having over done it in the morning cleaning. Then Eric called a sitter and we went out sans enfants....well we had Timmy.

Sunday morning---well if you read the previous blogs know I woke up at around 2 am and never went back to sleep. Eric made our famous pancake cake breakfast and we ate that around 6 :30 am, then he realized it was fast Sunday (in our church we fast the first Sunday of each month). Anyway then I went back into bed trying to rest a bit. Bethany brought me a card and I opened it and the card said "thinking of you." and then I opened it and saw a check for $500. Upon reading the card I realized it was a Geiko advertisement. Later that day Eric and I brought up the card, and how I have had such a wonderful birthday with gifts like $500 from Geiko.
Gregory pipes in "you saved money by switching your car insurance?"
Gee does he watch too much tv :) He did draw me a beautiful birthday picture which he put on my night stand as I was sleeping.

All but one of my siblings called me that morning to wish me happy birthday, I missed a few calls because of my need for sleep. I appreciated the calls even if I wasn't able to talk at the moment..LOVE you GUYS!

Well all the troops headed off to church and I stayed home and slept.

When they came home from church, Eric yelled to me that I had a visitor. My dear friend Vanessa stopped by with a vase full of flowers. So sweet. Then a little while later, another dear friend Michele stopped by with a yummy key lime pie from Marie Calendars. Yummy. She stayed for a little bit and we chatted. I was feeling pretty loved at this point.

After some Texas Sheet Cake and Key Lime pie, I put the kids to bed. I came down stairs to see Eric peering out the front window and instantly said "no one is here. No one is here." I was like, I didn't think anyone is here, but now that you are telling me this who is here. He told me to just go away, so I did. I went to the kitchen to get some water. I heard some knocking on the door. I went to open it, to be told by the person outside to go away and shut the door. Ok...My house...??

After a few more minutes the door bell rang, which encouraged all the tucked in kids to run down stairs. I open the door and there was a heart cake on the mat and my door had been heart attacked by several people from church. So sweet, I need to take a picture of that. Thanks Shawna and everyone else involved in that one!

At this point I am ready for bed, but not soon after I hop into bed, the door bell rings a couple of times. Eric opens the door and brings me a gift. This time it was from my friend Atalia. She wrote a sweet little note and gave me some cool slippers.

So we finally fall asleep. As Gregory left for school this morning, he shouts up to me, someone left a present on the door step. He brought it up to me, and it was a picture frame from my sweet friend Melissa.

Anyway not sure if they all called each other and said "lets all just stop by randomly and visit Corrine." But it was really sweet, and made me feel really loved.

So Thanks y'all! And thanks to all for the sweet E-cards and birthday wishes!!


prozacmom said...

Happy Birthday! Love the chance to read another SAHM blog - yeah - we must stick together! Love the Jib Jab parts - I'll have to post the one we did of my boys and their cousins snow ball fighting. Pop into my blog at prozac mom - I'd love to swap links!

take care
(ps: I'm marion's neighbor - I think we've even met - or at least gossiped with marion about the same things-heh)

prozac mom said...

well - that link won't work - it tries to stay in blogger.com. hmmm.

stop by at www.prozacmom.com

have a great day!

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! I don't think I've ever had one like that! Awesome!

katharine said...

i am still waiting for my turn to wish you a happy birthday. ever since your deviled egg blog i have been wanting to bring you some and write 'love sister P' :)

katharine said...

i'm so sorry about the horrible sinus infection. have you tried a nasal flush with saline water? i do that several times a day and it scares away a sinus infection pretty quick. (along with lots of fluids and SLEEP)

Aly Allred said...

Ok so who didn't call??? I know I did.

Cheryl Anne said...

I have to comment on your sons Geico comment! Yesterday, my daughter had me in tears for a similar reason. My mom, dad, brother and me were having lunch together. She came in and told my brother that she *loves* mac and cheese. She walked out of the room. Then she walked back in to add "did you know its the cheesiest?". Then she walks back out. I'm giggling at this point, however, she then came back in *again* to let us know with a smug grin "I learned that on TV." I laughed to tears, but was still somewhat embarrassed for my daugher the walking mac and cheese commercial.

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