February 09, 2008

And the Awards go to...

First I have to thank my dear friends Randi and Yvonne for these awards. If you get a minute, no rather when you have a minute go and read their blogs! Randi and Yvonne are some of my blog idols! Randi is always quick witted and always leaves me with a warm fuzz feeling and some tears because I am usually laughing pretty hard. Yvonne is very tender hearted and sweet and shares such sweet and loving stories about her loved ones, and she has a great sense of humor, I always read her blog with a smile. So thanks! And with out further adieu (I am still in awe that I got some awards and feeling a little overwhelmed to whom I should bestow these to.)

The first award: I received this one from Yvonne. This goes out to Becky- she is one of the kindest gals I know, not only does she leave sweet comments and blog writings, she came and cleaned my house for free for several weeks while I was pregnant and on limited activity!!

Then there is Kathleen I have never met her before but she hit my blog somewhere and I am always anxious to get her sweet and kind messages as well as read her blogs.

The second award:
Given to me by Randi the blog queen! I have to give to Alyson my little sister. I love going to her blog and reading about my cute niece and nephew and hearing about their lives. I also love her ever so fun email posts like the one about the words woman say and what they really mean!

Then there is Marci, who has a private blog, but I love hearing about her family's adventure in Switzerland, can I say so jealous!

OK I know way too many cool people that blog and so if you don't receive one from me this time around please don't hate me? K?!

The other blog that makes my day is Kristy's she is so clever and quick witted and just a really fun read. Her father recently passed away- and took a little break from writing but I love that she is back on and that I can read her posts. She makes me smile and I wish she still lived close by! She also knows how to write and be so clever.

And I have a third award, which no one gave me that I stole from someone's page, so if you feel inclined to give me this award please feel free :)

Ok the third Award:BBF goes out to Katherine, she and I have been friends and going to church together for awhile now, what 3.5 years? Anyway it wasn't until recently, well through blogging, that I have felt I have really gotten to know her and correct me if I am wrong Katherine, but feel like we are better friends because of it, never mind you were my most amazing ever visiting teacher!

I'd also like to give this BFF award to Cheryl. Cheryl, who is an incredible artist, if you want to see some of her work click here, kind of grew up with me. But not really since I was in California and she was in Illinois! But her parents and my parents were/are good friends. And it seems like every vacation they took they came out to California to visit us. We still haven't made it to Illinois and maybe Cheryl my family can come visit yours! Anyway we "rekindled" an old friendship through her art and now with her blog! Fun to get to know you again!

Ok and the 4th award I have:
Goes out to my older thinner sister Marion. She is an amazing person who has inspired me to join WW. Her blog helps keep me motivated and has great recipes! Thanks for my daily fix of healthiness! And for all the wonderful motivation and patient with your so imperfect sister.

I also have to give this award to Sheri who recently started blogging and I love to go and read what they are up to there in the freezing snow of the Utah Mountains, she isn't the best at posting daily but it doesn't stop me from going there daily! Keep up the fun posts!

Ok I guess I can't give an award to everyone but want y'all to know I love reading your blogs, and thanks for the comments! Pass the awards on!


Yvonne said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful awards. I think it is so great that you passed them on to so many. Good for you. (Thank you for your kind words)

katharine said...

wow, did you give an award to everyone you know ;) i don't think i even know that many people. but then again i am somewhat of a hermit. thanks :)

Charlie said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I like the title of your blog... But why don't you have dogs? No American Dream is complete without a dog! Just kidding...

Sheri said...

Thanks Corrine!! I go to your blog everyday too!!
I am new at this and am not even sure how to pass anything along or join blogger groups or whatever and you are my only friend that I know blogging.... so The daily dose award back at ya!!
Can't wait to see you! By the way congrats on the WW!! I have thought about it so many times... Who knows - you may convince me to take action!

Corrine said...

Ok so I like everyone :) And had a hard time narrowing it down :) I could have given every blogger I know an award but then well I didn't :) But by the end of who knows when I will...

As for why I have no dogs? It is because I have four kids and just couldn't keep one more thing alive...

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

thank you sweetie for this. you are adorable, kathleen

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

"you couldn't keep just one more thing alive" just cracked me up aloud. thank you for the giggle. see, you are adorable again.

Adam & Rebecca Billings said...

Thanks for the award! Until recently, I was visiting your blog everyday, I think. It's a bit more challenging finding time for blogging with 2 (which is probably why some of your posts read, 3:22 a.m. . . .?!). Your blog is one of my favorites to read--you're hilarious!

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