February 08, 2008


My intention to start a blog, was for me to get back into journaling and keeping records of my family's interactions as well as just to put my thoughts down quickly because they seem to run away from me pretty quick. I thought a few of my friends would stop by once in awhile maybe leave a few comments. I thought I'd read some of my friends blogs and find out what they are doing.

I had no idea I was entering into a whole other world, the world of blogging. I think I get more comments and reads from people I have never met in the "real" world than I do from family and friends, I don't even know if my family and friends remember I have a blog :) no thats not true I know they love to read my ever so deep and interesting thoughts, though its hard to know, if you don't leave a comment :)

Anyway, I got two blog awards! What are those?? I mean wow you get awards for writing your own thoughts and trying to keep up with it daily!! I am truly flattered that I would be even read by people and then to be given an award surely makes me feel special! And now I need to do the honors and pass the award on to others. I sure would like to bask in the LIMELIGHT for awhile though :)

So as I am basking I am going to send on the awards to some of my favorite bloggers! But before I do that....yes I know I can hit save now, but I have to run go get my son from school! And so the awards and you will have to wait.



Yvonne said...

congrats on your awards.

I have to tell you I very rarely get comments from my family and I know some of them read my blog. I have enjoyed getting to know lots of people. It's so fun.

Heidi said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog(and congrats on your awards!)!

I have been perusing your blog, too, and I've enjoyed it immensely! I love getting to know new people in this blogworld!

Becky said...

i know what you mean...haha..I don't even really blog all that often, but your blogs are amazing. =] None of my friends blog, because they hear it from me anyway..and I don't think my family..apart from Beth, would know what a "blog" is. But Congrats on your awards!!! =]

katharine said...

your blog really is a fun read :)

and i know what you mean, my relatives either never look at my blog, or just never post anything...

Holly said...


I never get comments from my family. I know that my mom reads it and I think one sister does, and my SIL in England supposedly prints it out for my in-laws.

Ashley said...

When I read your comment on my email, I thought it was my sister! She has the exact same name spelling as you do! She pronounces it Cor-in. It is a family name. I think it was supposed to be spelled differently but was misspelled on her birth certificate. Not that you probably cared. N-E-Ways thanks for commenting on my blog. I had to agree about he relative thing. My sisters all have blogs but they NEVER comment. Ugh! Have a good weekend!

JustRandi said...

Most people who comment on my blog are people I've never met. - Like you! But they have become some of my favorite friends.

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