November 28, 2008

Aloha Friday

The question was asked today: Are you going shopping? And for me, the answer is no...no way!! Even if we weren't moving across the sea in a few weeks, and can't possibly fit another item in our suitcase, I still wouldn't be shopping. Me, crowds and stores just don't mix well, kind of like water and oil. Just don't mix, unless you shake and shake, and then shortly after they go their separate ways. Desperate measures only lead me to shopping.

But speaking of shopping I have been thinking more and more about what to do to provide a memorable Christmas with out breaking the bank, or possibly even standing in lines.

I am not a planner, in any way shape or form, nor am I really organized at all! But a rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for Christmas, I came up with this, from some ideas from a friend.

To make gift shopping equitable and fair, I try to shop in four categories for the kids and spouse. I call it the 4 W's:

Something to WEAR: Everyone needs a new outfit to put on Christmas morning, after eating all the candy in the stocking and hanging out in jammies most of the morning, and well into the afternoon sometimes.

Something they WANT: Everyone deserves a little something they really want. With little kids and the influences of commercials there are many things they want...and well narrowing it down to the one thing can make a difficult task.

Something they WONDER about: This is the special gift that santa gives. The one that keeps them up at night wondering what will be under the tree staring back at them in the morning. (a little like the want, but can be a fun big surprise or a little surprise or just something you found in the clearance section.

Something to WREAD: Ok doesn't really start with a "W" but every one needs something to read or at least a cool book to look at or even better a personalized yearbook, I make mine at www.storybooker.com and each year I try to put together a book for the kids of all the things they did in the last year, as well as a book to read.

So there you have it. A list of categories to help you narrow down your shopping. Maybe helping you budget a little bit more and spread the wealth among many things.

We do buy some little things and items to go in their stockings. I try to buy these things through out the year, like standing in line at the grocery store, or the one spot at Target, cuz a little here and there ends up adding up but you don't notice that extra few dollars on your grocery bill.

November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Thankful For

My cute little family..I guess the family isn't that little to American standards.

My husband who knows how to make me smile.
My two littlest ones who have become the best of friends and get into a lot of mischief together, and though he doesn't look happy because he wasn't happy, Two was helping him get to where he needed to be.

November 25, 2008

When is When Enough?

My sweet little Two, who is pretty much potty trained, loves to take showers. And I am not talking its time to go to bed lets get in the shower and she says "yeah" and gets in. I am talking every time she uses the potty she takes all her clothes off and just gets in the shower. Today after her third, shower and a trip to the potty we had a conversation like this:

"Two get off the potty we have to run to school to pick up the kids."

"Me go potty. Me stinky. Me need to take a shower and wash off my smellies."

"No you don't sweety we have to run to get the kids."

"Me not have my clothes on. Me take one real quick."

"Fine hurry up."

She did take a fast one but my goodness the child is obsessed with showering and not smelling. Not sure what to do with her.

When Aly was here she even asked, "how many showers a day does she take?" Yeah she takes a lot!

November 24, 2008

Blog Tag

Rule 1: List the first 10 people who have commented on one of your posts. Or like me, I have posted the last 10 people that have commented on my last posts...been awhile since my comments have been in the double digits? Whats going on people? :)

Rule 2, the meme questions: 10 blogs, 15 questions

Has #10 taken any pictures that moved you?
All her art is amazing to me, love this one she recently posted: Her flower fairy

Does #6 reply to comment on their blog?
I don't know if I have received a reply from her blog, but we comment back and forth on each other's blogs does that count??

Which part of Blogland is #2 from?
She is from Utah! though she lived in Texas for a little tiny part of her life :)

If you could give 1 piece of advice to #7, what would it be?
She is my amazingly cute sister in law, and I'd tell her she needs to just buy a ticket and fly out to visit us next week :) ok maybe um....yeah I don't know...keep reading my blog :) oh thats a command not advice...just keep up the good work.

Have you ever tried anything from #9's blog?
Um yeah actually Shannon introduced me to the amazing world of Picasa! Her pictures inspired me to ask what she did to them. She also posts some yummy recipes sometimes and I always want to try them does that count?

Has #1 blogged something that inspired you?
Erika is always so kind to people and friendly to all around here....shes a great friend and she inspires me to just be a nicer kinder person...and for some reason I have this underlined..no link.

How often do you comment on #4's blog?
Ok Yvonne, has to be my most faithful commenter EVER! And I try to comment on her blog every post, sometimes I miss but for the most part I think I do alright commenting, right Yvonne?

Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post?
Of course, I am always anxious to hear about her life, as well as her recent pregnancy.

Did #5's blog change your life?
Charly is a friend that I met at church a few years back, she moved away. And well lets just say I look forward to each of her posts and have enjoyed keeping in touch and getting to know her better. Blogs sure are amazing aren't they.

Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person?
I know 7 of them, Angela, Abby and Yvonne, have become my friends through blogging.

Do any of your 10 know eachother?
I think so....if I think about it....Erika might know Charly? Sheri knows Jessica.

Out of the 10, which updates more frequently?
Ummm....Charly maybe, then I'd say Cherylanne, no wait Yvonne for sure...especially with her Thanksgiving posts every day!

Which of the 10 keep you laughing?
I think they each have their moments where I laugh with them, and shed some tears with them.

Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad tears)?
Sheri's post recently about her dog made me cry.

Now for my tagging....I choose to tag y'all since you like to comment on my blog....but since Abby you have already done it...oh well! Happy answering.

It's so cool, It's Hot!

Every Who down in Hawaiiville, likes to go swimming.
But even in this town, where sometimes its hot,
once you are sopping wet,
the wind blows chilly.
Wrapping up in a wet towel, that a brother once used,
doesn't always bring the warmth, but lips that look bruised.

Imagine my surprise, when in the mail came this fleece.
Warm, snuggly, soft, comfy made to warm a snow child.
Not sure what to do with bunting for my 17 month aloha babe.
It says for 12 months, a winter garb, in summer land?
What was a Who Mom to do?
Then the thought hit me hard.
Quick as a brick.
This bunting would be great for our nice nightly dips.

So until this Who family gets on a little plane
to a land with temperatures colder, less than ours so mundane,
where this wonderful suit will be used for its great intentions,
A swim cover up this little darling thing will now come to being!

Now the youngest blue lipped Who when getting out of the pool,
will have his own snuggly, to dry and keep away the cool,
no longer sharing a wet damp towel, his very own he will have.
And as he sits well wrapped in his stroller, from pool to home cave,
for just a few more weeks,
he will dream of the day
when he will hear his mother say,
come quickly little one, its cold outside.
If you want to go play
put on this cute bunting, and out we will go.

So if you are looking for something,
that will fit over your little who's clothing,
it's not too hot, and it is so super cool,
check out Bumkins and see their cute collection.
I am sure you will find,
something to your liking!
And even better yet you will receive a gift too!

Bumkins Grinchmas Gift and Contest! With any Bumkins Dr. Seuss Purchase receive Free Grinch Superbib and automatically be entered to win a four pack of Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornaments! Just enter grinch08 at checkout to receive your complimentary bib.

This bib is super cute, and though your child won't be messy, can't guarantee that your child won't make a mess! :)

But doesn't he look so cute in this Grinch bib, just in time for the Holidays!! Great bib as well.

And just so you know, this is my first time as a reviewer for Mom's Blogger Club, and hopefully it's not my last! I really love this fleece bunting, it reminds me of a nice fleece sweatshirt/jacket I wear during the winter that keeps me just right and warm. And I give it Two Bloggerhoodie Thumbs Ups!

November 22, 2008

My sister's visit

My little sister Aly and her family came to visit us for 12 days. It was a lot of fun. I love showing people around the island and taking them to my favorite places. I especially like spending time with my sister. If my memory were better I could tell you everything we did, but one who wants to hear all that and two....I can't remember so I will list some of the places we went and then of course show you some pictures. Though do to a punch spill in the car, my second camera (eric's camera) went out of commission. We went one day to take family pictures and my old camera that spent some time in the toilet was resurrected :)...
Ok so some of the things we did:

-saw the dolphins at Kahala Beach
-went to the zoo
-went to the Bishops museum
-swam and swam in the pool
-went to Baby Makapu'u (twice once during the day with a bunch of other people and then once in the evening great time to go.

-took pictures and saw the dolphins

-hit the dole plantation for some dole whip and train ride.

-did the Polynesian Cultural Center and saw all the villages in a monsoon.

-hiked up to the top of Makapu'u (twice with kids in strollers)

-walked to Koko nuts
-saw the fireworks downtown and picniced with Zippys
-and just hung out and enjoyed our cousins

G-Man and Bee cried when they pulled out and left. They didn't understand why they had to leave and couldn't stay with us forever. My little nephew kept saying "can we stay forever?" I don't blame him it is fun to have them around and its fun to be with us :)

And who wants to leave Hawaii where you can swim, and when it drops to 60 you think it is freezing: G-Man just took the trash out and said "Man Dad I know why you didn't want to take the trash out, it sure is chilly out. No actually its freezing."

I asked "Is it really freezing?"

"No but very windy and chilly for sure. Glad I brought my jeans and my sweatshirt."

November 21, 2008

You're Fired Friday!

If I was working a paid job, I'd be fired today! That's right "You're Fired"! I really stink at my job. I guess totally isn't true but yeah I stink at this mothering/housewife job, I decided to take seven plus years ago. I have done my time. I wish I could file for unemployment, too bad the USA doesn't see this as a "real" job.

So as I was trying to pack away some stuff in our kitchen, actually the 20 lbs of ceramic items I made at my Wednesday night class, the kids, just Two and T-rex, decided to clean out cupboards and drawers because as Two said "Me go back to Exas today." Thus resulting in this.
Before I had a chance to mention we still have a month left. She went on to sort shoes and T-Rex decided some of them needed to be washed. Ok so not failing too bad right now, at least they are trying to help me here as my personal assistants. Though as a house cleaner, I have been fired.
Did I mention that my house was clean on Wednesday night, and somehow I woke up to it looking like this? I am so fired as a maid.
And then while I was looking through something, I think the cupboards I found this homework sheet of Bee's--Can't read it? It says "3rd copy, No progress! Please work with her AND return this paper daily!" I don't think I ever saw this paper, and luckily this morning I sent the "second" copy to school with her and we practiced it, and she got them all right. So I fail at encouraging studying at home, I mean my goodness 8 hours of kindergarten isn't enough? So I am fired as after school tutor.
And as if my kids haven't gotten into enough this morning, I failed to feed them. Oh yeah my job as a chef...I'm fired. At least T-rex is resourceful enough to feed himself. Not to mention make sure the table and chairs and floor are fed as well.

Anyone looking to hire, a not so clean, unorganized, uneducating, non culinary Lady?

November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: A Day in the Life of T-Rex

(Yes this was one day, and less than an hour, this little boy sure is busy!)

November 18, 2008

Check Engine Light is On

You know that little orange button that pops up in your car and says "check engine soon", you look at it and go "okay maybe later." I mean how soon is soon? When will something really go wrong? Often times the next time you turn on the engine it has turned off.

But then what if it doesn't?

You go to the local shop, have them plug in their little machine and it runs a little test and pops up with some code, they look it up in the code book and tell you that 247ghb means you need a new spark plug, or your transmission is going out. You know now why the light is on and you can get it fixed.

Why as humans didn't we come with little "check engine soon" lights, and better yet, why don't doctors have little probes to stick in you and run a test and go "Oh code 4fart, you just have gas." Sure would make life easier now wouldn't it.

As I was walking today, unable to turn my head to see if cars were coming to cross the street, and limping so hard on my right to avoid walking on my totally out of use left foot, that my right leg began to cramp, I couldn't push the stroller because my left elbow can't bend. I realized that pain is a little check engine light button. But like that little light I ignore pain. Many times thinking it is because I am just out of shape (which I am) or tired (which I am) or just a wimp (don't think I am too much of a wimp.)

Needless to say if I had a light it would be bright and light on my forehead. If I knew of a shop to go to I'd just take myself there. Yeah Yeah I could go to the doctors because well I haven't been able to walk well on my foot for over a month or two...but for some reason I just think it will get better, that the next time I walk the light will be off....

And on another note, What the heck happened to my house??? It was like we walked out yesterday and came home to a vandalized house..how does that happen? I don't think the fact that Eric was alone with the kids last night had anything to do with it, or the fact that T-Rex and Two got into a chocolate cake fight all over the kitchen, or the fact that someone decided to take out all the laundry and throw it across the floor....oh my do I hear water running??? better limp off!


November 16, 2008

Bet Ya Can't eat Just One!

I had to laugh as I was searching through my pictures today, when I found this one. Isn't Lay's potato chips slogan something like "You can't just eat one? We dare you?" Yeah these chips are so tasty they had to go along for a swim. As they did a wave came in, bodies were getting covered in water, struggling to keep their heads afloat, and the highest thing out of the water, was this bag of chips.

Don't save yourself!

Save the Chips.

Nice save, because there is nothing worse than soggy chips.

November 14, 2008

Plastic Addiction Over

Our little Two has been addicted to sucking her Binky for three years now and for the last two weeks she hasn't used one. YEAHH, now our orthodontist bill won't be so outrageous. However we have a minor problem on our hands. No she hasn't started sucking her thumb. She found something else.

I was sleeping nice snug in my bed, when I woke up to someone stuck to my head.
Little sleeping Two was sucking my nose, I guess with out a Binky that is the way life goes.
I wiggled her off, tempting to do so in a quicky, luckily I didn't wake up with a nose hickie.
A one night mishap? No not a chance. For a few days later she tried it again.

And while you are laughing I think some did miss, the comment that Bee made about my chest.
She looked up at me and started to say, "Mom your boobies are sagging and baggy and look like mashed potatoes." Oh that was such a nice day! Now all I have running through my head is the wiggles singing a song about me. "Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed potatoes, potatoes potatoes potatoes potatoes...ewww lalala ewww lalala...."

November 12, 2008

Site down due to Visitors

I know you have been popping in wondering when I am going to start posting my consistently funny an entertaining posts, but due to visitors and a big fat nasty computer virus, thank heavens everyone has been healthy and no human viruses, I haven't been able to get on the computer.

I have hijacked Eric's for a little bit just to say "Hi" and let you know that again I haven't been swept away in the tides, or drowned in self pity.

However I have been informed by Bee, who was staring at me while I was dressing on Sunday, that my breast are saggy and baggy and look like mashed potatoes. You may recall an earlier similar incident with her.

Also having two extra kids in the house, has made having four of my own seem so easy. We love having our cousins here, and they are so gosh darn cute, but six kids in 1400 square feet and a no back yard can cause a lot of noise.

So off we go to venture the great Hawaiian Outdoors.

And yeah in three weeks we will be back in Austin, so get ready to party all Y'all!

Be back soon with some fun pics...

November 08, 2008

Pictures of me and kids??

One of my friends from Austin came into town to help her grandmother in a singing competition. And yesterday she had some free time, and so the kids and I "kidnapped" her all day, taking her around the north shore, passing by BYU and the temple grounds (so beautiful there), we hit the Dole Plantation for some really yummy Dole Whip and then we headed to Teddy's Bigger Burger for yes some of the best gosh darn big burgers. After the older kids got home we hit the beach. Jennifer was so wonderful and took pictures of me and the kids, something that rarely happens, since I am always behind the camera. And after seeing me in the photos I know why I hide. But besides my dislike of seeing me the pictures turned out really cute, if I do say so myself.

Jennifer thanks for taking these and thanks for hanging out with us. It was a lot of fun to get reacquainted after so many years. We made her go back to our house and have dinner and go swimming in the pool, well more like sitting in the hot tub and saving little T-Rex from jumping into the dark cold well not that cold pool.

November 06, 2008

Thoughtless Thursday: Kind of my spin on Wordless Wednesday

Since this week seemed to be so "crappy" and messy and just filled with "what the...." fill in the blank, I decided to post things that make me happy.

Post things that make me smile.

Post things that make me wake up in the morning and think for a brief yes most days a very brief moment, I can do this job.

Yes the job of motherhood has turned out to be very crazy. Seems like I went to bed "bored" with one child to wake up to four kids running around turning my boring life into one that I just wish I had one hour of "boredom."

But again, I wouldn't change my life for anything, well maybe for a shower, a meal where I sat down through it all, and a full night sleep...nah.....these guys make it all worth it...especially when they are snuggled in bed fast asleep, they sure are precious that way aren't they?

November 05, 2008

We like to Move it Move it!

We like to move it, move it. We like to MOVE it...you singing along with me. Imagine if you will for a minute, walking down a beautiful path, trees canopying it, songs of birds filling the air, little budding flowers lining the path, an occasional bite from a mosquito. Walking down the path you hear the trickling of a near by spring, that you know is leading you to the most beautiful waterfalls your eyes can behold. After the hour or so hiking, a little exhausted but invigorated by the beauty you pick up the pace just so you can reach the falls, and dive into the divinely natural pool.

You reach it. You look up at the cascading falls flowing between lush green hills. The water lands into the pool with a great splash. The rocks all around form a beautiful siding. But what is that floating in the water? No that's not a fish, is that a shoe. Your eyes wander to the edge of pool and stuck between the rocks are floating water bottles, granola bar wrappers. Your spirits drop faster than the falls. How could people be so inconsiderate?

Then it hits you. You have two choices, just ignore it and swim in the water...but how can you with all that filth? Or you can do something about it. So in a few minutes, you and your family gather the trash, put it in your back pack. Doesn't take much time. But sure makes your world, and the world around you a better place.

At least that is what I like to do when people ruin my day by littering on it. Instead of just ignoring it, I try to make it better. Take the time, if but a minute, to pick up someone else's mess.

My kids often say "well its not my mess." Or "She did it not me." But you know what? Take the extra minute to make the world around you better, come on you like to move it move it! Get it moving and pick up that little bit of trash in front of you, you know that little piece you walk over on the street.

To find others who want to take a minute to move it move it click here. The Mom's Salon would like to know what you would do for good in a minute.

There was an old lady

There was an old (well not really old) who lived in a shoe (more like a shoe box of a condo),
she had so many kids, she didn't know what to do.

She fed them some food, oh my how much they'd pooh!
Filling the house with laughter and stinky smells of doo doo.

Potty training with the others seemed to go so much faster,
with little Two, oh she, is so not the master.

While sitting in the sink, combing her short golden hair
she crapped in her last,oh her very last, clean pair.

So into the shower, the little clothed gal flew
with water hose in hand, to rinse the pooh.

Not done yet, not done yet, she complained
so left all alone this little un potty trained.

For some unknown reason she opened the shower glass door,
water, water everywhere went, she flooded the floor.

Oh this poor little old lady who lived in a shoe,
so much laundry she really does have to do.

November 03, 2008

Mother of the Year Award goes to...

ME! I get the mother of the year award. You may ask yourself, how does this dysfunctional mother of four, who has a muddy t-shirt, ripped shorts and uncombed hair get the award. I will tell you. It isn't easy, and I wouldn't get it, if it weren't for my four young kids.

I am not receiving this award because of the fun activities I do with my kids, or for the many books I read to them. Or even the fact that I attempt to feed them healthy, well yeah most of the time. I bathe them, and take them to different activities. I have enriched their lives with friends and love. None of these things can compare to what earns me the award tonight.

Lets back track to Friday night. Kids went trick or treating and got way too many treats. With just two I feel I had a lot more control over the candy. Well with four, and all running in different directions, sometimes I can't catch them all nor keep track of where the candy is going, I know not a trait of an award winning mom.

So when T-Rex would come to me with a wrapped, chewed piece of candy I wasn't surprised. I just took it out of his mouth and threw it away. I have been wary about the fact that he is putting plastic wrappers in his mouth. A huge choking hazard, I know and should be more careful, well I thought I was.

Well tonight we had some friends over for a brief moment. There was chaos to say the least, and candy being taken out from the high "hiding" places. I was showing my friend something on line and her husband was in with the kids, when I was informed that T-Rex had swallowed, or rather chewed and swallowed a whole Hershey Kiss, wrapper and all. He, my friend's husband, commented that he should be fine but don't be surprised to find a wrapper in his diaper. What a foreshadowing moment.

So they leave, we have dinner and I put Two and T-Rex in the shower. I grabbed their jammies, when Two started yelling "T pooped in shower." Followed by G-Man laughing "there are a ton of wrappers in there. T pooped wrappers."

I thought you got to be kidding me. I come back to the shower and low and behold there was a shower with several plastic wrappers and BM. I just laughed. And realized if this doesn't win me an award I don't know what else will.

And for your viewing pleasure, the evidence. After I rinsed a little bit, not fun to clean up. Man T-Rex two in one day!


Why is it that the morning when you just fell asleep, having some crazy dream, because you are finally asleep, the rooster crows! Yeah right not around here, we like to wake up actually before the sun does so we don't even hear the roosters over our morning noise, usually consisting of some fighting over the sounds of TV.

But this morning, I was awoken by the bright lights of my over head light, and the sweet sounds of my Two saying "It's morning time. Mom wake up." I bolted up thinking, "It is probably seven thirty and I have to get the kids off to school, yeah I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep!!" As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I looked at the clock "4:45". No it isn't time to wake up. "Two get in bed with Mommy. It isn't time to wake up."

"Daddy not here. Time to wake up." Followed by tears and gnashing of teeth.

"Just lie down next to mommy." As she cries she climbs in bed with me, curls up next to me with her outfit picked out for the day on. We fall asleep.

In the dark of the morning still, I hear cries from T-Rex. As I rub my eyes and look at the clock I figure a little before six is an ok time for him to wake up. I go dragging my feet, in to his dark cave of a room, open the door and am hit by the smell "Oh Crap, why did he have to poop so early in the morning?" I ask myself, because instead of having him curl in bed with me I am going to have to change him.

I reach in blindness to pull him out of the crib. He grabs my arms and I hoist him up, and then I feel that little bare bum on my arms. Crap! I flick on the light, and blink, blink, blink to see. Yep the dirty diaper lay next to a pile of more pooh on his sheets. And the only thing I can think is "You fed the baby chili? You never feed a baby chili."

I need...

I need:
  • To go back to bed (it's almost 3 am)
  • Clean up the popcorn off the floor
  • Read a good book
  • Write in my journal (haven't since we have been here, need to, to make shipping it here worth it :))
  • Mail some letters.
  • Vote!!!
  • Figure out where we are going to live.
  • Find a job.
  • Be a better mother.
  • Be Kinder.
  • Be more loving.
  • Be more generous.
  • Be more sharing.
  • Be more friendly.
  • Be nicer.
  • Laugh more.
  • Exercise more.
  • Eat less candy, really where is that Candy Fairy??
  • Bring the candy to a food bank, they really should have candy drop offs.
  • Tell the kids I love them more.
  • Brush my teeth, fell asleep before I got a chance, and have been sitting up reading emails, looking a friends on facebook, you know quality night time stuff, that makes me tired during the day so I can't function like I should.
  • Get some sleep.
  • Stop worrying.
  • Love more.
  • Be more charitable.
  • Show more compassion.
  • Be a better teacher to my children.
  • Did I mention I really need to get some sleep?
  • Serve better meals to my children. Don't think popcorn and well I did give them apples too, for dinner is a great meal.
  • Clean my bathrooms.
  • Finish up my ceramics this week, and find a sitter to watch them because I lost my husband to the election mess.
  • Figure out what in the world I am going to do with all the stuff we have accumulated here in Hawaii in just a few months.
  • Sell all our Hawaiian summer clothes and buy winter clothes.
  • Have a friend over for lunch.
  • Invite some friends over for dinner.
  • Thank everyone for putting up with me.

Good night! or is it Good morning?!

November 02, 2008

Just Ask Mom

Tonight during dinner, G-Man was asking me questions like "Were Adam and Eve ever babies?" and then he asked me "Are the scriptures true?"

To which I responded, "I believe so."

Then he asked, "Are you sure they are real?"

"Why don't you pray and ask God?"

"No, I will just believe you because its faster."

November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a blast this Halloween, even though I was cranky and tired and so not wanting to doing anything Halloween related. As you can see the kids were all so cute. If you can't tell from the picture, G-Man is a vampire, Two is a M&M with her friend, Bee is Cinderella and T-Rex is a little dog, Lady actually from Lady and the Tramp but we like to say he is just a dog. People asked if he was a squirrel, when his hat wasn't on.

After school, a group of us had a party outside on the lawn and patio. Thanks to Linda who organized it all. The kids played tons of games and ate lots of yummy food. When it got dark everyone went trick or treating. We were tired so we were going to just go to Bee's teacher's house to trick or treat, since she sent home directions to her house.

When we got to her house we decided to trick or treat her quiet but well lite and participating street. I think the kids got more candy and things on that one street than they have ever. Several made goodie bags with granola bars, chocolates, chips and toys. It was crazy, their little pumpkins were stuffed. Didn't get any pictures of that.

Before we finished her street, the kids informed us that they couldn't walk anymore nor could they fit anymore candy in. So we called it a night.

Unfortunately they all woke up way too early this morning because some lady from Austin kept dialing the wrong number at 4:45 am!!

Just a little side note, kind of a reminder to myself, but T-Rex was so cute and just loved the whole thing, as soon as I got him in his costume, I said let's take pictures and he walked over to the corner and stood there and said "eeeeeeeee" which I am sure was "cheese". He just strutted his stuff, for about a minute then wanted his dog hood off by pulling on it and saying "oooo." He also just wanted to be a part of all the games, even limbo.

Two didn't want to keep her costume on for very long at all, so while we trick or treated Eric wore it. Some people commented "Cute you're an M&M :)
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