November 03, 2008

I need...

I need:
  • To go back to bed (it's almost 3 am)
  • Clean up the popcorn off the floor
  • Read a good book
  • Write in my journal (haven't since we have been here, need to, to make shipping it here worth it :))
  • Mail some letters.
  • Vote!!!
  • Figure out where we are going to live.
  • Find a job.
  • Be a better mother.
  • Be Kinder.
  • Be more loving.
  • Be more generous.
  • Be more sharing.
  • Be more friendly.
  • Be nicer.
  • Laugh more.
  • Exercise more.
  • Eat less candy, really where is that Candy Fairy??
  • Bring the candy to a food bank, they really should have candy drop offs.
  • Tell the kids I love them more.
  • Brush my teeth, fell asleep before I got a chance, and have been sitting up reading emails, looking a friends on facebook, you know quality night time stuff, that makes me tired during the day so I can't function like I should.
  • Get some sleep.
  • Stop worrying.
  • Love more.
  • Be more charitable.
  • Show more compassion.
  • Be a better teacher to my children.
  • Did I mention I really need to get some sleep?
  • Serve better meals to my children. Don't think popcorn and well I did give them apples too, for dinner is a great meal.
  • Clean my bathrooms.
  • Finish up my ceramics this week, and find a sitter to watch them because I lost my husband to the election mess.
  • Figure out what in the world I am going to do with all the stuff we have accumulated here in Hawaii in just a few months.
  • Sell all our Hawaiian summer clothes and buy winter clothes.
  • Have a friend over for lunch.
  • Invite some friends over for dinner.
  • Thank everyone for putting up with me.

Good night! or is it Good morning?!


Yvonne said...

Oh I need to do a lot of those things, too.

Get some rest, well maybe you need to go to bed earlier tonight.

Good luck with the list.

Shannon and Brad said...

Hehe! I love your realness.

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