November 05, 2008

There was an old lady

There was an old (well not really old) who lived in a shoe (more like a shoe box of a condo),
she had so many kids, she didn't know what to do.

She fed them some food, oh my how much they'd pooh!
Filling the house with laughter and stinky smells of doo doo.

Potty training with the others seemed to go so much faster,
with little Two, oh she, is so not the master.

While sitting in the sink, combing her short golden hair
she crapped in her last,oh her very last, clean pair.

So into the shower, the little clothed gal flew
with water hose in hand, to rinse the pooh.

Not done yet, not done yet, she complained
so left all alone this little un potty trained.

For some unknown reason she opened the shower glass door,
water, water everywhere went, she flooded the floor.

Oh this poor little old lady who lived in a shoe,
so much laundry she really does have to do.


Kelley said...

Oh what I have to look forward to.

Yvonne said...

You poor thing. So glad those days are behind me--although I sure miss the snuggles.

Cheryl Anne said...

Laundry is my nemesis too. Sorry you've had a poopy week. (secretly chuckles at her own witty pun)


Anonymous said...

"Okay that was the most I have laughed in weeks, minus Jason stepping in the Poop my son left on the floor.
A month ago we lost a bag of marbles and I finally found them when Edmund woke up screaming and I changed his diaper.
So very funny, sounds like lots of fun."

Anonymous said...

"Can I just say that your blog is hilarious! Still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes... Now I get the "crappy" comment! LOL!"

Angela said...

At least you know you can potty train.
I am feeling like I know nothing at this point in my potty training adventure.

Good luck

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