November 05, 2008

We like to Move it Move it!

We like to move it, move it. We like to MOVE it...you singing along with me. Imagine if you will for a minute, walking down a beautiful path, trees canopying it, songs of birds filling the air, little budding flowers lining the path, an occasional bite from a mosquito. Walking down the path you hear the trickling of a near by spring, that you know is leading you to the most beautiful waterfalls your eyes can behold. After the hour or so hiking, a little exhausted but invigorated by the beauty you pick up the pace just so you can reach the falls, and dive into the divinely natural pool.

You reach it. You look up at the cascading falls flowing between lush green hills. The water lands into the pool with a great splash. The rocks all around form a beautiful siding. But what is that floating in the water? No that's not a fish, is that a shoe. Your eyes wander to the edge of pool and stuck between the rocks are floating water bottles, granola bar wrappers. Your spirits drop faster than the falls. How could people be so inconsiderate?

Then it hits you. You have two choices, just ignore it and swim in the water...but how can you with all that filth? Or you can do something about it. So in a few minutes, you and your family gather the trash, put it in your back pack. Doesn't take much time. But sure makes your world, and the world around you a better place.

At least that is what I like to do when people ruin my day by littering on it. Instead of just ignoring it, I try to make it better. Take the time, if but a minute, to pick up someone else's mess.

My kids often say "well its not my mess." Or "She did it not me." But you know what? Take the extra minute to make the world around you better, come on you like to move it move it! Get it moving and pick up that little bit of trash in front of you, you know that little piece you walk over on the street.

To find others who want to take a minute to move it move it click here. The Mom's Salon would like to know what you would do for good in a minute.


katharine said...

that reminds me of a pbs commercial :) keep it clean

Yvonne said...

Great job. It's always amazing that people don't stop to think about what they are doing.

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