November 21, 2008

You're Fired Friday!

If I was working a paid job, I'd be fired today! That's right "You're Fired"! I really stink at my job. I guess totally isn't true but yeah I stink at this mothering/housewife job, I decided to take seven plus years ago. I have done my time. I wish I could file for unemployment, too bad the USA doesn't see this as a "real" job.

So as I was trying to pack away some stuff in our kitchen, actually the 20 lbs of ceramic items I made at my Wednesday night class, the kids, just Two and T-rex, decided to clean out cupboards and drawers because as Two said "Me go back to Exas today." Thus resulting in this.
Before I had a chance to mention we still have a month left. She went on to sort shoes and T-Rex decided some of them needed to be washed. Ok so not failing too bad right now, at least they are trying to help me here as my personal assistants. Though as a house cleaner, I have been fired.
Did I mention that my house was clean on Wednesday night, and somehow I woke up to it looking like this? I am so fired as a maid.
And then while I was looking through something, I think the cupboards I found this homework sheet of Bee's--Can't read it? It says "3rd copy, No progress! Please work with her AND return this paper daily!" I don't think I ever saw this paper, and luckily this morning I sent the "second" copy to school with her and we practiced it, and she got them all right. So I fail at encouraging studying at home, I mean my goodness 8 hours of kindergarten isn't enough? So I am fired as after school tutor.
And as if my kids haven't gotten into enough this morning, I failed to feed them. Oh yeah my job as a chef...I'm fired. At least T-rex is resourceful enough to feed himself. Not to mention make sure the table and chairs and floor are fed as well.

Anyone looking to hire, a not so clean, unorganized, uneducating, non culinary Lady?


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You are doing a great job! Keep it up. All we can do is try, right. Hang in there, your kids a great.

Yvonne said...

I'm with jessica--we keep trying. It is a tough job and it's rewarding, well sometimes it's rewarding....it's worth it--ALWAYS!!!!

Angela said...

Gregory has taught me that it takes five seconds to trash the whole house.

Motherhood is no piece of cake.

Smiles good luck

Shannon and Brad said...

Believe me, I'm fired too, but I continually remind my husband that he would have to pay someone else 384,000 per year to do all that I do!!

Cheryl Anne said...

I think any mom can relate to that. I'm fired as hostess at my house too. The house was a wreck and we had guests come last minute to stay overnight. Hate those feelings of inadequacy. ugh. I have a great quote from Gordon B. Hinckley in my kitchen that helps: "have much fun and laughter, life is to be enjoyed not just endured." So, endure, and laugh. :)

Tonia said...

My kids ate M&M's for breakfast this morning ;)

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