November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a blast this Halloween, even though I was cranky and tired and so not wanting to doing anything Halloween related. As you can see the kids were all so cute. If you can't tell from the picture, G-Man is a vampire, Two is a M&M with her friend, Bee is Cinderella and T-Rex is a little dog, Lady actually from Lady and the Tramp but we like to say he is just a dog. People asked if he was a squirrel, when his hat wasn't on.

After school, a group of us had a party outside on the lawn and patio. Thanks to Linda who organized it all. The kids played tons of games and ate lots of yummy food. When it got dark everyone went trick or treating. We were tired so we were going to just go to Bee's teacher's house to trick or treat, since she sent home directions to her house.

When we got to her house we decided to trick or treat her quiet but well lite and participating street. I think the kids got more candy and things on that one street than they have ever. Several made goodie bags with granola bars, chocolates, chips and toys. It was crazy, their little pumpkins were stuffed. Didn't get any pictures of that.

Before we finished her street, the kids informed us that they couldn't walk anymore nor could they fit anymore candy in. So we called it a night.

Unfortunately they all woke up way too early this morning because some lady from Austin kept dialing the wrong number at 4:45 am!!

Just a little side note, kind of a reminder to myself, but T-Rex was so cute and just loved the whole thing, as soon as I got him in his costume, I said let's take pictures and he walked over to the corner and stood there and said "eeeeeeeee" which I am sure was "cheese". He just strutted his stuff, for about a minute then wanted his dog hood off by pulling on it and saying "oooo." He also just wanted to be a part of all the games, even limbo.

Two didn't want to keep her costume on for very long at all, so while we trick or treated Eric wore it. Some people commented "Cute you're an M&M :)
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Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Nice costumes! Your kids look great.

Yvonne said...

Sounds like everyone had fun. LOL with T-Rex and cheese comment.

Adrienne said...

That sounds awesome! I'm glad everyone had a good time. I also agree with your toothpick post, but it made me hungry too. I hope you're having a great weekend!

Angela said...

Sounds like some cute costumes
My son couldn't carry his bag by the end of the night

Tonya said...

Great picture collaige(sp?) The kids are so cute.

Shannon and Brad said...

What cute kids in costumes!

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