November 28, 2008

Aloha Friday

The question was asked today: Are you going shopping? And for me, the answer is no...no way!! Even if we weren't moving across the sea in a few weeks, and can't possibly fit another item in our suitcase, I still wouldn't be shopping. Me, crowds and stores just don't mix well, kind of like water and oil. Just don't mix, unless you shake and shake, and then shortly after they go their separate ways. Desperate measures only lead me to shopping.

But speaking of shopping I have been thinking more and more about what to do to provide a memorable Christmas with out breaking the bank, or possibly even standing in lines.

I am not a planner, in any way shape or form, nor am I really organized at all! But a rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for Christmas, I came up with this, from some ideas from a friend.

To make gift shopping equitable and fair, I try to shop in four categories for the kids and spouse. I call it the 4 W's:

Something to WEAR: Everyone needs a new outfit to put on Christmas morning, after eating all the candy in the stocking and hanging out in jammies most of the morning, and well into the afternoon sometimes.

Something they WANT: Everyone deserves a little something they really want. With little kids and the influences of commercials there are many things they want...and well narrowing it down to the one thing can make a difficult task.

Something they WONDER about: This is the special gift that santa gives. The one that keeps them up at night wondering what will be under the tree staring back at them in the morning. (a little like the want, but can be a fun big surprise or a little surprise or just something you found in the clearance section.

Something to WREAD: Ok doesn't really start with a "W" but every one needs something to read or at least a cool book to look at or even better a personalized yearbook, I make mine at www.storybooker.com and each year I try to put together a book for the kids of all the things they did in the last year, as well as a book to read.

So there you have it. A list of categories to help you narrow down your shopping. Maybe helping you budget a little bit more and spread the wealth among many things.

We do buy some little things and items to go in their stockings. I try to buy these things through out the year, like standing in line at the grocery store, or the one spot at Target, cuz a little here and there ends up adding up but you don't notice that extra few dollars on your grocery bill.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Yeah, I keep it simple too. 3 gifts. One from Santa, one from parents, and one from siblings and then something in the stocking as well.

Tonya said...

That's a great idea. I need to do better at keeping it more simple.

sues2u2 said...

Great advice. I am mostly prepared this year but we are trying to put more emphasis on what Christmas really means to us. The funny thing is that my Hubby only reluctantly comes to church (leaves after sacrament mtg) but he feels also that we are waaaaay too commercial!

Yvonne said...

That is a wonderful idea--love it.


Good luck with all the packing.

Angela said...

I like that.
Maybe I will use that next year.
I already have all my shopping done for this year

JustRandi said...

I do a similar thing with the kid's stockings. It's an old Victorian rhyme that says

"something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need."

It really does simplify things. I might have to expand it to the gifts. Great idea!

Tonia said...

Way to narrow it down! I do need to get a hold of you and finally do one of the picture book things I am always hearing about! They sound like a great Christmas gift!

Abby said...

Hi! I gave you 2 awards and tagged you. Come by my blog to check it out!

Sunnie said...

I like your four W's. It's a good idea.

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