July 28, 2009

Just for fun!

I took some pictures of my kids on Sunday and well they weren't be the most cooperative but they turned out ok.. I blew up a few and put them up on our mantel, with a sign that says "all because we fell in love. Its for Eric for our tenth anniversary! Can't believe we have made it ten years! Time flies, post more later.

July 23, 2009

I can cause a good scare every once in awhile

Yesterday evening Eric surprised us by coming home "early" he arrived about 8:20. The kids were still awake, I mean who wouldn't be when the sun is still up and the temperatures are still warm? So we got them out of the tub and I told...asked him if he would put the kids to bed. As he was heading down stairs I told him I was running to a friends house real quick. I thought he heard me.

Apparently he didn't. I visited with my friend and stayed for about an hour. When I walked in, all but T-Rex was asleep in my bed, or so I thought. I whispered to get Eric's attention to let him know I was home. When up popped G-Man, who ran to me and just hugged me. He held on to me for awhile and cried just a little bit.

"What is wrong?" I asked him rubbing his head.

"I thought you left us forever! I love you Mommy and I missed you so much."

"G I just went to the neighbors house."

After comforting and getting him to bed, I asked Eric what happened. He said that when I had just disappeared he asked G what they did today to drive me crazy. So I guess that made him think that I left because of a rough day. Then I reminded him of the invite I had received and how we had talked about it, and that I had told him I was going. Anyway I felt so bad for G and well so loved.

And on another note, the kids and some friends went to the lake. We stayed for a long time and had a blast....however I ran out of sunscreen and got all the kids covered but not me...I feel like a little Kentucky Fried Chicken...I am toasted....roasted and fried!

Also this week I have been running again and am really enjoying it. Sure makes a difference to have a friend to go with. Thanks L!!

Well off to get the little ones cleaning up a mess they were suppose to before we hit the lake!

And we bought four little gold fish today....well I should say the kids did with some cash they had saved up. Great way to learn responsibility. Ok that's all...

July 18, 2009

Some Summer Fun

Today my sister and her family drove up to have some dinner at the restaurant and to play at the lake. We had a great time. We have actually been to the lake a couple of times and I kept forgetting the camera. So here are some of the shots from today!

Anyone else want to come at the lake with us??? We also discovered the hot springs love to have you come with us!

Carrying the cooler, great team work...young love can't beat that :)

My little surfer boy!

Cousin M carrying the cone of water to fill their man made lake.

Is there a cuter face?? He did have catchup and ice cream and all kinds of stuff, and a little well not so little scar from recent stitches from a tramp accident.

Digging in the sand!

Don't they look like they are having a good time in the water!

Bee Floating out to "sea"
"Nemo's swimming out to the BUTT!" "Come back here, Do Not touch the boat!"

T-Rex and his cute cousing building a "lake"

Cousin K trying to dig up a rock. This is what she found!
Is he just not the cutest!! Love this little guy!

Building Sand Castles......

Cousin A after a swim!

Sand castles! did I not already say that??? Opps duplicate photo :)

Cousin M delivering some wet sand!

Little Two helping out!

July 15, 2009

A little Update

because I know you want to know :)

I got a call on my phone today, I guess that is the only place you really get a call, and there was a message from my Nurse Practitioner's nurse. See a correction is needed to be added last week I saw a nurse practitioner not a doctor. Anyway so the nurse told me all my test results, other than some really high levels of sodium my blood work came back with nothing alarming. Good to know. I think I might have coca cola in my blood stream. :)

Anyway I then asked about what I was suppose to do about the mass in my abdomen. She said "oh yeah I remember seeing something about that. Let me open your charts again."

"Yeah that would be great because I left kind of confused, told to get a scan and then told that there were other options and one being waiting until my next physical to have another ultra sound."

"No you don't want to wait a year. Yes it says here you need to consult with the doctor. I can schedule that for you now. We don't want to wait. How about tomorrow at 11:20"

"Um sure I guess. Sure."

"You need to see the doctor to have a consult because they are the ones that do the procedures."


So there you have it. I am heading to the doctors tomorrow to hopefully discuss the next plan of action and not be left in a conundrum.

I am not worried, or scared. I am pretty sure this is routine and all will be well.

July 13, 2009

I understand Wife Beaters

No not the guys that beat their wives but the white tank top. I need to get myself one. I know I'd look pretty hot in one :) but lately with no AC and no real way to cool off my house, I have thought having one of those on to walk around in sure would make things cooler. I could answer the door and be "covered" and yet cool. I could take the trash out and not worry about being undressed. I could walk outside and yell at my kids to stay on the sidewalk and not even get a second look.

But seriously I have mentioned the heat, and I am not meaning to complain but in my moans people have made some great suggestions on how to stay cool....so here are Corrine's top TEN ways to stay cool this summer....in no particular order, rather than what pops in my head first....

  1. Add an AC unit to the house....great idea but we are renters and unless we could get rent off for a few months probably not going to happen...
  2. Ceiling fans in all the rooms, another great idea however look at number one...
  3. Buy window units....tempting really tempting but still not getting paid at the restaurant so money is a little tight, we do have one in our bedroom window...its helping.
  4. Wet down our pajamas and go to bed wet, haven't tried this but sure sounds like a great idea...I like going to bed with wet hair..but does sweating at night count as going to bed wet?
  5. Go outside...this is how we do it most days, its crazy that 90s outside is cooler than in our house....a little heat box...
  6. Open windows and doors....we survive mostly like this but for some reason the box elder bugs and the flies think its an open invitation to join our family, go figure.
  7. Drive around in the "free" ac of the car, believe me it isn't very free with gas prices going up but the kids and I have been doing a lot of driving with the ac blasting and the radio blaring....I think this is why summer drives and road trips were invented.
  8. Go to the lake, this I think has been the kids favorite. We sit at what little water edge there is and the kids play in the "sand" (I wouldn't call it sand more like mud and rocks but whatever they have fun and stay cool)
  9. Find a friend with AC and hang out there, still kind of working on this one.
  10. Send the kids off with their dad and lay on the bed in the room with just underwear and let the little wind fan cool you off....that's what I am going to do now, Eric took the kids to the Lake and I am going to just lay on my bed...was going to fold laundry but that would exert energy and cause heat and I am trying to avoid that.

Have a great one and hope you are staying cool!!! Any other brilliant ideas???

I do like to open the fridge and stand there for awhile, but our fridge has "you have had the door open to long beeper" and it gets kind of annoying to have your fridge tell you to shut it.

July 08, 2009

Well Hello John Stockton

Every year we women have the great...ok not great...and probably not every year.....opportunity to visit the doctor for what we hope to be "you are doing great see you next year visit."

Yesterday I showed up at my doctor's office and met my mom, who took all four of my children, so I could enjoy this experience in peace, enjoy is probably not the correct adjective but you know what I mean.

So I sat in peace in the waiting room, taking in deep breaths, so my blood pressure will be normal, not my normal but normal normal. I didn't wait long until my name was called back.

"Hop on the scale." Not too bad, not the number I'd like to see but not the numbers I fear to see either.

"Sit, lets see how your blood pressure is doing, I will prick your finger while we are waiting to check your iron." Ok not too bad.

"Lets go to the office." All the standard questions are asked. I answer, laughing and joking like I normally do.

Doctor comes in, we talk. I tell her a bit of my history. Mention to her that for some reason my body keeps producing lumps. She and I talk about that. Then she has me assume the position. I look up and low and behold staring above me John Stockton...what the heck? So I mentioned to the doctor that I have never had a professional ball player in the room for this. I am trying to make light conversation and joke while I hold back the tears of uncomfortableness.

"Does this hurt."

"uh uh."

"I will stop."


She then hands me a box of tissue. Ok thanks I guess.

"We need to do a belly scan, I feel a large mass."

"It couldn't be a baby could it?"

"No, its too hard." Relief flooded over me. I am not sure if that is the right response, a mass is more comforting to me than a baby right now?

I went to the sonogram room, and lay down on the table, and asked her if I could get a DVD...I laughed, and she said "Well if it is a baby I will turn it on for you."

"Thanks, I really hope its not a baby, I guess there could be worse things."

The screen fills with black and grey blobs and she is clicking and measuring, and at the bottom of the screen I see "mass" and measurements.

I asked "do you see what she felt?"

"Yes there is a tumor."

So here I sit, with no John Stockton passing to Malone to look at, and wonder what the heck is going on in my body. First the chest than my face and now my uterus. She wants me to call my insurance and see if they will pay for a CT Scan.

Honestly, is my fourth quarter of problems up yet?? Can I pass the ball to someone? I feel like a ball player holding the ball and being guarded by the whole other team and no one to pass the ball to...I am about to double dribble here.

July 02, 2009

So I heard someone say....

I was watching something on TV the other night and the news teaser commercial came on. The lady said..."I have you ever heard someone say 'Another man's treasure is another man's trash'...well this weekend..."

You know that screaching sound that records play if you push them backwards? Well that went through my mind and I was like "what did she say?" I laughed.

Yesterday my daughter invited a neighbor friend over for a bit, and she well both I think were already emotionally charged. But my daughter was getting annoyed with this little gal. And told her "I need to be by myself now and you need to go home." Did my daughter say she needed a time out? WOW then it got better because the little girl as she was leaving my house, Bee was showing her to the door, yelled at Bee saying "Go Away!! Get Away from me!" I thought isn't that why she is sending you home. I was shocked.

Then while at the store my kids were asking for this and asking for that, and I said "we don't have any money to buy that." I know in the past and I know many people say that when usually meaning we haven't budgeted for that, or that it really is something we don't need, or you just don't want to give in to the pleas and whines of small children.

But for me, its true. I can't even buy toilet paper. I cried.

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