July 15, 2009

A little Update

because I know you want to know :)

I got a call on my phone today, I guess that is the only place you really get a call, and there was a message from my Nurse Practitioner's nurse. See a correction is needed to be added last week I saw a nurse practitioner not a doctor. Anyway so the nurse told me all my test results, other than some really high levels of sodium my blood work came back with nothing alarming. Good to know. I think I might have coca cola in my blood stream. :)

Anyway I then asked about what I was suppose to do about the mass in my abdomen. She said "oh yeah I remember seeing something about that. Let me open your charts again."

"Yeah that would be great because I left kind of confused, told to get a scan and then told that there were other options and one being waiting until my next physical to have another ultra sound."

"No you don't want to wait a year. Yes it says here you need to consult with the doctor. I can schedule that for you now. We don't want to wait. How about tomorrow at 11:20"

"Um sure I guess. Sure."

"You need to see the doctor to have a consult because they are the ones that do the procedures."


So there you have it. I am heading to the doctors tomorrow to hopefully discuss the next plan of action and not be left in a conundrum.

I am not worried, or scared. I am pretty sure this is routine and all will be well.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Good luck tomorrow. We will be thinking you you and keeping you in our prayers.

Lynnette said...

Hey... I just found your cute little blog here... :) I actually stole one of your photography cards when we were over the other day, checked out your photography blog, and followed a link here. So anyway, good luck at the docs tomorrow! I hope you're right and it turns out to be no big deal. If you need to drop the kids here, let me know, we'd love to have them over!

The Thorley Family said...

We'll definitely be praying for you... I think it's your turn to have something turn out well!

Yvonne said...

I'm hoping and praying all turns out to be nothing.

steffenboysmom said...

You're in God's hands! ( not to coin the phrase or anything)

Prayers for good test results my facebook buddy!

Angela said...

I do hope all goes well

Thinking of you

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