July 23, 2009

I can cause a good scare every once in awhile

Yesterday evening Eric surprised us by coming home "early" he arrived about 8:20. The kids were still awake, I mean who wouldn't be when the sun is still up and the temperatures are still warm? So we got them out of the tub and I told...asked him if he would put the kids to bed. As he was heading down stairs I told him I was running to a friends house real quick. I thought he heard me.

Apparently he didn't. I visited with my friend and stayed for about an hour. When I walked in, all but T-Rex was asleep in my bed, or so I thought. I whispered to get Eric's attention to let him know I was home. When up popped G-Man, who ran to me and just hugged me. He held on to me for awhile and cried just a little bit.

"What is wrong?" I asked him rubbing his head.

"I thought you left us forever! I love you Mommy and I missed you so much."

"G I just went to the neighbors house."

After comforting and getting him to bed, I asked Eric what happened. He said that when I had just disappeared he asked G what they did today to drive me crazy. So I guess that made him think that I left because of a rough day. Then I reminded him of the invite I had received and how we had talked about it, and that I had told him I was going. Anyway I felt so bad for G and well so loved.

And on another note, the kids and some friends went to the lake. We stayed for a long time and had a blast....however I ran out of sunscreen and got all the kids covered but not me...I feel like a little Kentucky Fried Chicken...I am toasted....roasted and fried!

Also this week I have been running again and am really enjoying it. Sure makes a difference to have a friend to go with. Thanks L!!

Well off to get the little ones cleaning up a mess they were suppose to before we hit the lake!

And we bought four little gold fish today....well I should say the kids did with some cash they had saved up. Great way to learn responsibility. Ok that's all...


Lynnette said...

HEY! I love that you gave me a shout out on your blog!!! ;) Thanks for being my running buddy!

Adrienne said...

Sorry about the sun burn! That is miserable! I hope you have some aloe laying around :) Anyway, which lake is it that you're always talking about? Is it Willard Bay?

Yvonne said...

Oh, poor little G.

Ouch on the sunburn.

Good luck with the goldfish.

Janine said...

It is nice to realize how much they care, huh?

Tonya said...

I'm peeling now thanks to a sunburn I got last week.

That's so sweet that G was worried so much about you. Poor little guy.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Aw poor little guy....

Oooh gold fish.. I went through 17 in a two month period. Turns out that they shouldn't have their bowl in the sun cause it causes weird stuff to happen and pretty much kills them. Who knew?

Angela said...

I am glad you didn't disappear forever either
It is good to feel loved

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I love that they thought you ran away! Makes them appreciate you more!

Tonia said...

LOL. I should do that and see if any notices that I'm gone!

Julie said...

Yea for the running girl! It hurts sometimes but its great! :) Glad you are getting settled in. I also loved the pictures of your kids. I see you still have the picture taking talent :)

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