July 18, 2009

Some Summer Fun

Today my sister and her family drove up to have some dinner at the restaurant and to play at the lake. We had a great time. We have actually been to the lake a couple of times and I kept forgetting the camera. So here are some of the shots from today!

Anyone else want to come at the lake with us??? We also discovered the hot springs love to have you come with us!

Carrying the cooler, great team work...young love can't beat that :)

My little surfer boy!

Cousin M carrying the cone of water to fill their man made lake.

Is there a cuter face?? He did have catchup and ice cream and all kinds of stuff, and a little well not so little scar from recent stitches from a tramp accident.

Digging in the sand!

Don't they look like they are having a good time in the water!

Bee Floating out to "sea"
"Nemo's swimming out to the BUTT!" "Come back here, Do Not touch the boat!"

T-Rex and his cute cousing building a "lake"

Cousin K trying to dig up a rock. This is what she found!
Is he just not the cutest!! Love this little guy!

Building Sand Castles......

Cousin A after a swim!

Sand castles! did I not already say that??? Opps duplicate photo :)

Cousin M delivering some wet sand!

Little Two helping out!


Julie said...

Wish I was there! Looks fun. I can't believe Marion's girls have grown up so much! Where does time go????

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

How fun! I need to get up there again, life is just crazy right now with the house.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

I would totally come but I'm 1900 miles away.

I love the pictures though

pecas said...

Oh I gald that you are having fun with your family! would yousend me your address?

Michelle said...

Too cute! I love the updated blog header. Look at all those blonde babies!

Tonya said...

Great pics. Looks like so much fun.

Nancy Face said...

Those are some great pictures! What a fun and happy time! :)

Yvonne said...

Looks like you all had such a great time. Love all the pics.

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