January 30, 2009

Oh Kids! I love their thinking

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to spend the afternoon with my sweet little Bee's Kindergarten class, even though she got emotionally upset and had a major meltdown because I was helping other students, enjoyable and entertaining it was.

Some of the things I over heard and saw:

"B (another b) has an orange in his pants."

Teacher just stops in the middle of her reading, almost with out a pause "put it in the trash, wash your hands." and goes on reading the story.

"S told L that she won't be her friend anymore."

Teacher "Well that isn't very nice now is it."

During a lesson on estimates, the teacher showed a paper with 10 coins on it. She asked the kids to guess or estimate how many are there. Several kids raised their hands. "10", "9" , "11" then she said "one more guess, L what do you think." Ummmm "how about 2"

"do you really think looking at this there are just two, this one we did before had five?"

L said "No but someone already guessed 9 which was my guess so I just threw two out there."

Then earlier that morning, Bee and I were up in my mom's bathroom getting ready for the day. I noticed that my mom had the same outfit out that she has worn all week. Well not the same clothes just the same kind of sweater and shirt just different colors. She said "do you think anyone will notice I have worn the same outfit this week?"

"I don't know, it is not like you are wearing the same thing just same style. Can you wear jeans?"

"No we can't wear jeans except on Friday."

Then Bee pipes in, I know cuz this conversation is so funny already, she says "I wish you and I were the same size, because I have the cutest brown pants with polka dots, that you could wear and that would look so cute with your sweater."

I just smiled. What a sweetie. Some days I wish I could put on her granamial pants and head out the door.

January 28, 2009

So Corrine How many Blogs Do You Have?

I was asked that today.

And I tell you if I was a gambler....I'd be broke.

If I was a drinker....I'd be drunk

I get way too addicted to stuff and BLOGGIN is my addiction, and some of my blogs I am better on than others....but I only Have FOUR of my very own, and then two that I contribute to, but haven't been so good at lately.

Care to know what they are?

First you all know, http://www.4kidsnodog.blogspot.com/ this is my This is my family, these are my thoughts, isn't life just grand blog. You know just a mumbo jumbo of my life.

The second blog is my daily writing prompts blog....need to look up that link, this is where...I haven't been so good at that lately, I post the writings of the prompts I get from a yahoo writing group. This is where I free write for ten minutes or more and write whatever pops out of my brain with out editing. At least my computer most of the time puts squiggly red lines to let me know when I miss spell a word. SOMETIMES.

The third blog I have is my http://www.corrinescapturings.blogspot.com/ that is where I go to post most of my favorite pictures, well not even favorites because you know how hard it is to view those thumbnails and I never go in and name my photos so its hard to tell cs339 from cs553...you know what I mean. But there I am trying to post pictures that I am trying to take to help me develop my photo skills.

Then I have a new blog that I just started yesterday, a running blog log thingy. Yeah I am trying to get all healthy and stuff and starting with baby steps, well yeah really steps that is. I figure I will start with the exercise and then moderate my eating, but I can only do things one step at a time, literally. So here is that blog http://rinny.fastrunningblog.com/ and if you are a runner or walker or even swimmer you should set up a blog, and keep track, some of those people are amazing and I have already received several comments and invited to go running with some people this weekend, however they don't realize that they would find a better running partner in a fish.

So there you have it. Those are my blogs, check them out. See what I am up to.

Thanks for visiting me here, or there or anywhere.

Ok and speaking of blogs...they are doing a best mommy blog thing over at Scholastic and so if you are my friend, which you are here reading right?, you will or rather will you go and nominate me for the best mommy blog? Please??? I'd appreciate it a ton!!! Just because some days I'd like to feel special :)

Wordless Wednesday: Kids With Attitudes

Just a side note, besides going to http://www.5minutesformom.com/ to check out more wordless Wednesday, take a minute to see more of my photos at my other blog http://corrinescapturings.blogspot.com/ and if anyone in the Utah would like to help out an amateur photographer get started, please contact me. I am cheap and pretty good I think.

January 27, 2009

What to do with your spare change?

DO you have spare change? Not sure you trust the banks during this time? May I make some pictorial suggestions?

Think About it Tuesday: Its all Political and I think it shouldn't be!

Think about it:

What if the world had no more children? That's what our dear Nancy Pelosi (sp?) has suggested we do. If that were the case then the world would be totally obsolete in about 80 plus years, and then my dears who needs to worry about the economy and life's challenges...we could do whatever we pleased because oh my goodness no one will be around to deal with the messes we leave. Birth control will save our economy.

I think they should just sterilize the unelite at birth you know. That would save a ton of money.

I think this is a brilliant idea! Don't you?

In the end spend less money on the uneducated because of course those are who are having children right?? Lets just make sure they don't breed.

Seriously what are they thinking??? Ok on their side of thinking, yes less mouths to feed...less children on government assistance....

But you know what I think "they" are afraid of, more than the effect of people having children and burdening the economy with food stamps, wic, unemployment, heck they probably feel we are just breeding prisoners....no I think their biggest fear is that soon the Christians, Conservatives will out breed them and soon they will be out numbered.

I think that if we have more children, that will stimulate the economy, more doctors will be needed, more schools will need to be built, more hospitals, child care facilities. More jobs! Now that's a great idea!!

I just think we need to spend less on lets say White House China, or building tennis courts in California and more money on education.

I don't have all the answers but just as I am sure most traditional pro-choice people want their options, I think part of this whole pro-choice is being able to choose to have children as well.

All sarcasm aside, I don't think it is such a bad idea to have more parenting education classes, more places to help you plan your pregnancies--planning not aborting, more education on the fact that having sex makes babies.

So there is your food for thought.

January 26, 2009

Monday Mumblings

Its been awhile since I did a Monday Mumbling! But I have just a bunch of things to mumble about....which mind you is different than murmuring and complaining, though after you read today you may think I should switch it to Monday Murmurings...

The bus...

oh my goodness I love that my kids take a bus to school. It is the coolest thing ever. I love not having to pile kids in the car or walk the mile...though I think my butt is missing those morning walks. But this morning, with the blistering winds and freezing air, I walked into the house with brain freeze and wondered why our bus stops aren't the same and just down the street. So I called and complained, which you should be kind of proud of me, I never really do that, but man I just can't stand my kids having to walk to far in the snow, and I don't want to mess up the two kids that have the bus stop the end of their driveway but man, why can't there be two stops??

Friday night, some girls and I went to eat at this little Japanese restaurant, pretty tasty, its called the hibachi grill and then we headed over to see Bridal Wars, funny, cute and pretty predictable, but light hearted, made me laugh and just a time I needed for me. But the best part of the night was going to Cookie Cutters I think that is what it was called and enjoying ice cream sandwiches...YUMMY, see you pick a cookie then you pick your ice cream and they make you a sandwich...yum yum yum, and we just sat around and talked for awhile.

Saturday we got together with Eric's family to celebrate Jason's birthday as well as mine, but mostly Jason seeing I have two more weeks until mine, and me being the party person I am I think I am going to make sure we get together again before then. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time sitting around talking as the cousins all played together.

Little T-Rex fell off the bed or something but hurt his little foot. He didn't seem to mind us touching it so we assumed it wasn't broken. He is still limping pretty good this morning and well as soon as the roads de ICE I think I am going to take him in to have it xrayed, I mean we still have insurance for a few more days, might as well take advantage of it, and make sure its not broken. Poor little guy.

Sunday we went to church and then headed to my sister's house for dinner. Again, yummy food, fun conversation and cousin fun times. Though I was feeling tired and exhausted.

See yesterday we had a lesson on finding joy in our lives, based on a talk given by President Monson....And to be totally honest, I am just having a really hard time finding joy right now.
I know I need to. But it is hard, when we have no income, no home of our own, kids that go to bed crying and screaming and wake up crying and screaming, where is the fun in that?? Yeah if you haven't guessed it fun is the word for the day.

I just am in a slump of all slumps and need to find the light at the other side. I just can't seem to see past my mountain of problems. I think I need to do some service. I think I need to exercise.
But the only way to get out of a slump is to climb up the mountain, and we all know how fun that is. I am just out of shape and not sure I can make it up the hill. ....But we will. Too many things to get past: my health, my weight, my in ability to discipline, my un ruley children, no job, no insurance, no wages, no home (though I AM SOOOOOO GRATEFUL we have wonderful family to take us in...we aren't an easy group to manage or host)

I just want to be able to really just enjoy being with my family and just laugh with my kids. It seems we aren't laughing as much or that I am as fun to be around anymore. Oh well this too shall pass right???

January 23, 2009

Controversial! Reader Beware! Seriously Sad and Disappointed!

I was checking my email tonight and my Yahoo News popped up this News Flash: Of President Obama over turning funding for world wide abortion help. I don't normally share my political feelings, nor do I usually really know where I stand.

But something truly struck home here with me. And you may or may not agree with me, but I just find it rather interesting that with the state of our nation right now, we are willing to spend more money else where, when we have needs here in our own country.

I am ALL for helping others out, I really am. And we have as a nation stood to help people. But is it wrong of me to think that right now with the state of our nation maybe we should be focused more on helping our own, than worrying about killing un born babies world wide? Jobs are being lost left and right, companies shutting down, families losing their homes! And we are spending money on paying for abortions?

I hope that didn't come across too harsh. And I know that this subject is very controversial but man, I am all for pro choice, in that you have several choices to make before going down the path of aborting. And support birth control education. And some may argue that there are situations where women don't have a choice, and I am not even going to claim I can imagine those, but I just don't understand it, how for someone to see that little kidney bean shaped heart beating child, and be so excited and yet for others to not consider it even a child?

I just think it is a sad state of affairs when we think it is ok, and we as a nation fund, the killing of our un born.

January 21, 2009

January 20, 2009

You know it is cold out when....

your spare wipes in the car make a better ice pack than wipes!!!

You know it is cold when you can store your food in your garage and not need an outside freezer!

You know its cold when your nose has its own snotcicles.

You know its cold when your tiny tot loves to be outside, and comes running to the door banging to go in.

This morning it was all of 6 thats right SIX degrees. You are talking to someone who just most recently came from the 70s....its cold, no its not just cold its FREEZING.

Poor G-Man went to school in just a sweat shirt because his dad took off with the car and the ice pack, that had his jacket in it.

Luckily the dad made it to the school in time for recess, but now that its 25 it doesn't feel so cold.

Did I mention it is cold??

You know it is cold when you exhail out and your own breath turns to ice instantly! That is cold.

We decided the other night to go for a walk and when we got out side, with our breath freezing we figured it would be best to go back inside.

BURRRRRR send me some warm thoughts! This tropical gal is turning into a popsicle.

You know it is cold when you post a silly blog about how cold it is!!

January 19, 2009

My Alter Egos

To find your ROCK STAR NAME take your first pet & current car: Snuffy Ford.

To find your GANGSTA NAME take your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite cookie: Mint Chocolate Chip Thin Mint Cookie

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME? Your favorite color and favorite animal: Yellow Dolphin.

Want to know your SUPERHERO NAME? Just add the word "The" plus your 2nd favorite color, and your favorite drink: The Blue Diet Lime Coke.

Your NASCAR NAME. Take the first names of your grandfathers: Stanley Robert.

If I ever go into WITNESS PROTECTION you can find me with this name. Your mother & father’s middle names: Nelson Paul

TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME? Just take your 5th grade teacher’s last name and add a major city that starts with the same letter: Kelly Kansas City.

Of course, if you find me in witness protection I will assume it was because you were using your SPY NAME. Add your favorite season/holiday to your favorite flower: Summer Yellow Roses.

Find your CARTOON NAME by taking your favorite fruit, and an article of clothing you’re wearing right now, then add "ie" or "y": Pineapple Jeansie.

Your ROCKSTAR TOUR is heading across the northeast...it's called "The” + Your fave hobby/craft, your fave weather element + the word “Tour”: The Phototaking Wind Tour.

Your PORN STAR name! Take the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on:
Tawny Snowbank....that is a little embarrassing...and kinky!

Let me know if you decide to play...I can't wait to see all of your fabulous names! Happy Monday

January 18, 2009

Summin' It Up Sunday and Awards

So how was your week? How would you sum up your week in seven words? Me?? I know you want to know because well this is the coolest bloggin' idea to hit the web since wordless wednesday, in my humble opinion.

My week:

Birthday Partying, snow sledding, school starting fun!

Now I have been awarded several awards over the last few months and I have been a total blog flake on posting them, mostly because I agonize over to whom I should award them to. I always feel like, well I can't leave them out or her out...oh and can't forget her. But anyway thanks for the awards and if I forgot to mention an award I received I apologize because I can only recall the two I got in the last few days and one from awhile ago.....So feel free to try to award me again :)

Ok this first award, The Best Blog 2008 I received from April over at Delta Kids. Thanks April. And the cool thing about this award is I didn't see any rules and restrictions.

And I give this award to my sisters Jae, Mandy, Marion and Alyson.

Then I received this Honest Scrap Award from Michelle at There Must be more than Laundry and dishes (did I just slaughter your title?). This one has a few rules.

The rules of this award include listing 7 random things about yourself and passing it onto 7 honest bloggers.

So seven random facts about me:

1. I like to read Postsecrets.com every sunday and wish I had been clever enough to have people mail me their secrets via postcards...how do people come up with these things.

2. I have always thought it would be fun to be a truck driver and drive around the US delivering things and visiting different cities, and think it would be really cool to be able to pull the horns and scare the bejeez out of little sudans in front of me. And it'd be awesome to sleep in the back of them.

3. I went scuba diving with Eric on his birthday, and we saw some sharks, and though now I think it is really cool to say I swam with sharks, I couldn't swim backwards fast enough to get away from them. And I probably wouldn't ever go scuba diving again, I didn't like not being able to see off to the sides and not being able to talk and hear people talking. But it was cool.

4. I do not like to talk on the phone. Or rather do not like making calls.

5. Shopping is one of my least favorite activities, I'd rather swim with sharks than go shopping. Any kind of shopping. I wouldn't even ever want to win a shopping spree.

6. I can curl my tongue, and Eric can't.

7. I won several photography awards in high school, and didn't get into the photography program in college, but have always loved taking pictures and have thousands upon thousands of photos and can't seem to delete any of them. So they just take up space in boxes or space on the computer.

And this award goes to the last seven commenters....figured that is the easiest for me :) I am lazy that way....just being honest....

So the winners are:

I also was tagged by JUST JENN to go into my fourth folder and post my fourth picture. So here you go on that one.

Ok so I totally wanted to cheat on this one, but I didn't. This is the kids and I at the PCC luau in Hawaii. Good fun times.

I tag all my friends that haven't commented in the last few days and have a ton of digital pictures on their computer.

January 17, 2009

The Long Awaited Arrival of my Answers to Your Questions!

Whatever that titles means...I don't know but it just sounded good at the moment I wrote it. So a million and a half years ago...well not that long but it sure feels like that long ago, I celebrated my blog anniversary....and several asked some questions...actually only a few of you did...geez am I not cool or what?? I guess y'all know too much about me already :) haha...anyway so on to answering my questions, cuz I have procrastinated long enough:

Andrea said...Let's see...oh, I know. How did you meet your husband? Sorry if you've already told that story--I haven't been reading for the whole year! ;)

Eric and I met on what I like to call a farsighted date, not quite a blind date, because I had seen him at a dance a few months earlier, and he pretends not to remember but he was drooling all over me and asking my friends all about that "hot girl in the black pants"....he did.

Also my little sister while at BYU-Hawaii, was floor mates with his little sister, and my little sister met him and she wrote me while I was on my mission in Brazil and told me all about him and how she thought I'd like him.

Then there were a couple of times I went to his house, though he wasn't around....anyway long story short he needed a date and called his brother and his wife said he should ask me out. So he did. I said yes and well a few months later we were married and it has been nothing but marital bliss mingled with some not so fun life moments...but who cares to remember those :)

Monday, December 29, 2008 Melinda said...Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm pretty boring with my questions, been reading a lot of PW Cooks :) - do you like to cook? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Oh cooking! To cook or not to cook that is the question isn't it. I don't like to cook. Not a bit. Well maybe a little bit. I think the problem lies in the fact that I don't like to plan, and shop, and therefore I really don't like to cook. I do love to bake. Yummy, chocolate chip cookies. Kind of all I really like to bake, now that I think about it.

I like to eat well cooked meals. And one of my favorite foods is a nice juicy hamburger. Gotta have my red meat. I love people cooking for me. Which is why I think I married Eric, he likes to cook and makes most of our meals. Though more and more I am cooking for our family, but very rarely look at a cook book or follow any type of recipe.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Yvonne said...Did you enjoy participating in sports in high school?Is there a day in your life you'd like to re-live?Happy Blogiversary--365 posts wow!!!

I loved participating in sports and was actually a decent athlete, not the best but up there in the top rungs with the best of them. In sixth grade I beat a 20 year record on the fifty yard dash. I know exciting and all but I was quite a sprinter. I did track and field, and softball and swimming in Junior high and tried out for basketball and messed up my ankle really bad on the first day of tryouts, so didn't go back and then tired out and didn't make the volleyball team which I felt so bad about....but got over it.

I skipped softball tryouts in high school, which I am not sure why I did that because I think I would have had fun doing that. Also decided not to do track, though wish I had, like running though can't seem to motivate my bum to do it these days....I ended up just swimming in high school and did fairly well. My problem is I am not very competitive.

As far as a day in my life I'd like to relive?? I think and this may sound totally funny, is the day I had TWO, I had an option to have a V-Back or a C-section, and I chose to have a c-section to be done in thirty minutes vs. several possible hours. If I could go back then, I'd have chosen the v-bac, I don't know how it would have changed things for me, but I wouldn't have broken out in a severe allergic rash and other complications due to surgery.

Not sure why that popped into my head, but I guess its the only thing I could think of changing....but that isn't what you asked, it was relive..wasn't it....oh I some days would love to just relive, the day each of my children were born. I love those tender hours of them just laying on my chest, and its just me and them and their dad.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Tonya said...Happy Bloggiversary!! I want to have my blog made into a book or something as well. You'll have to tell me how you're doing it. Okay, now for a question: Were you born and raised in the church and when/how did you gain your own testimony?

You (as in my faithful readers) may not know, but I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And yes Tonya I was born in the church. My father joined the church when in high school and my mother is from Pioneer stock, not sure where that line began.

As far as my testimony, I think it has been an on going growing thing. I don't think I ever had one of those huge ah-ha moments, but its just the little things in life that have testified to me, that Jesus is our Christ, that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who truly loves me and each of us. As a youth I had a very powerful, tender moment, when I knelt down to pray, to speak, to cry to my Heavenly Father, and at the moment of deep grief and loneliness, I felt a warm embrace, a comfort feeling I hadn't felt, and I knew I was loved beyond what my self absorbed teenage mind would allow me.

The great thing, like knowledge, a testimony keeps growing. It is the little things in life that just testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing that when we stop, and look around us, even in what seems to be the worst of times, we are being blessed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Marci said...i'm proud to admitt i've read every single word on your blog...AND laughed most of the time. your blog makes me smile. my question for you is..........................what is up with your book? what is the title? what is it about? and how much will it cost me to buy my way into the book as one of the characters? when will the blockbuster hit be released into theaters?

Well Marci, I pride myself in knowing that you have been around to stay up with my mostly pathetic, sometimes funny, life :) As far as my book goes, man that is hard thing to answer, see right now I have four that I am nibbling on, and well one I have gotten fairly far into but am not liking it much, if anyone would like to read it, I'd be happy to send it your way. That's about a young woman struggling to find peace after a horrific accident...yeah the accident happened and I don't know how to turn her life around :)

The other which, you of course will be portrayed in is having a hard time leaving my head and hitting the word. But you can anticipate she will be witty, charming and beautiful and eating deviled eggs at a church party. This is what I call my fictional memoir, only that it is based on my life, but names and things have been changed and my own twist on people to make the story more exciting has occurred....though I'd have to say I don't have to do too much twisting, I have lead a very interesting life :)

However, once it reaches the cinema level, I believe Julia Roberts (or insert your favorite actress here, I don't know actresses names and that was the first one to come to my mind...)will be playing you, though by the time I finish she may be to old for your part...we will have to see.

The other two are children's books and just not sure anyone really would like to illustrate them or read them or publish them....And I am still waiting for my 403 signatures on the I'm Flattered me an author post, and so it just may be a long while....though I am working on it....though finding time between kids running around and me having to read other blogs...well you get the picture... I will let you know.

So that's it for all the questions, aren't you sad you didn't ask anything, or are you sad these gals asked these things? I am always open to answering questions, please feel free to ask away...In my next life, I want to be a Dear Abby. Maybe I should start a blog...oh wait already did that....I think its been too long since I have had a working computer and Internet and sleep for that matter. Good Night!

PS...I finally got this to work...knock on wood and its Bee's Birthday so don't forget to wish her a happy one (in the previous post titled Happy Birthday Bee....creative I know)

January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday BEE!

I can't believe my little girl is now SIX! where has the time gone? Before I know it she will be leaving off to college! At least I hope she goes to college...

Bee is so wonderful and truly a little blessing in our life. She was a breech baby, and the doctor made a comment..."you know what they say about breech babies...they are stubborn."

He pegged the nail on the head with that one.

But I wouldn't have her any other way. I love that she knows what she wants and she gets it. She is so observant as well, she can sit and stare for hours. Well maybe not hours, but she is watching and nothing gets passed this little girl.

She is also my little party planner. While we were in Hawaii, she and one of her friends sat on a boogy board on the sands, and planned her birthday party, yes about three months in advance, and unfortunately I didn't catch all the details because she quieted as soon as she noticed I was listening...but I caught something about no boys and makeup.

She is a girly girl and enjoys doing her hair, which I am so not a hair person...I have had the same hair dryer, or rather I had the same hair dryer since high school..until we sold our house when I used it to heat the linoleum to seal it down....anyway so I have a daughter that doesn't get her hair done much because it doesn't cross my mind, anyway not about me its about her.

Bee is emotional and sensitive, and some days her emotions run a little to high, but she truly cares and feels for people. The night before we left our Hawaiian condo to stay in a hotel, she woke up at three in the morning sobbing because she didn't get to say good bye that day to a friend. My heart broke for her. She loves people and even if she is quiet around most she really likes them.

Happy Birthday Bee!

We love you!

Side note: I spent the last hour answering my anniversary questions and the auto save failed and I lost half of it...and I am tired so I will have to try it again. I guess its the Internet Gods telling me to try again...or maybe just forget about it. Don't you just hate when your pictures don't flip the right way??

January 15, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday: Is this post a thousand words long?

It is hard to believe that just a month ago I was out on a surf canoe with the family and today as I walked G to school it was in the TEENS! and I was wearing snow boots, hat and down jacket. How amazing it is for me to go from one extreme to the other.

Yesterday it was "warm" 38 and the kids had such a blast playing in the snow, and riding down the hill that Papa built.

I have to say one of my favorite moments was watching their faces as they flew down the hill. In case you missed my wordless wednesday post, well anyway these are some of my favorites.

I apologize to y'all for being a bloggin' slacker!! For some reason my computer is acting super psycho and I am surprised I am able to even post. I can't see images and I can't see the word verifications and I can fill in the comment boxes! crazy....and for some reason my post is all underlined??? What the heck!

And to see more Thousand Word Thursday's check out http://cheaperthantherapyjen.blogspot.com/


January 10, 2009

From Tropics to the Rockies

Who would have thought three weeks ago when I was lapping up the sun in Hawai'i that I 'd be needing to own something more than, as the locals call them, slippers!

Yes, T-Rex and I flew the friendly skies, yet once again, and he did pretty ok, thanks to the angel sitting next to me. No real blog worthy flying stories, other than the fact that they sent me back to the check in after going through security, because there was no infant in arms written on my boarding pass, and some how the hand written note by the check in agent sufficed...come on people...wish I had had a pen to just write, infant in arms...anyway we got on the plane, we flew, he cried, he slept, he laughed. I got to meet a really cool gal, and if we were staying in Austin, I'd bet we would be friends.

Am I being a little crazy? She was cool and we have kids the same age, well she doesn't have the older two crazy ones....anyway, thanks for being so kind to my little T-Rex and for talking with me.

So we landed. In snow! Lots and lots of snow. I think T-Rex just thought it was really white sand because he reached down with his little bare hands to play in it, only to shake them quickly to remove the stinking (no not stinking, stinGing) freezing stuff. Yeah not quite the white sands of Hawaii. Not that they really had white sand where we were.

Anyway we are here, waiting on the arrival of the other four. Poor Eric wonder how he is fairing on the drive? I wonder how many times TWO has yelled "me want you to hold me." She is kind of like that, after about ten minutes in the car she wants someone to hold her. Isn't the car seat enough?

Well today I get to go buy some shoes. Not sure my fat flat feet will fit in any, I mean I have been wearing flip-flops (slippers) for um six straight months....man not sure my toes want to be confined. I had several people comment about how they (my toes) must be freezing. Is there something wrong with wearing flip flops around in slushy parking lots in 40 degree weather? At least it was warm yesterday.

Want to hear something just crazy...think that is my word for the day CRAZY....all my clothes, every last one of them...well ok there are a few skirts in another suitcase on the way, but ALL of my clothes fit into one suitcase! Yep, fifty pounds worth of clothes, undies and all. I guess I could make a good pioneer, shove it all in a bag and take off..wait isn't that just what I did? Except no pushing and pulling of carts, well I did have to carry a carseat, two suitcases (brought some of Eric's clothes), and a stroller, out to the curb to be picked up, that was a lot of pushing and pulling.

Anyway, T-rex is sad, I have babbled enough. And well things look like they are settling down...now where is the job offer???

January 07, 2009

Word Full Wednesday: News and Cinderella in Crack!

In case you missed it....and I think many did, I have been bloggin a year! Holy Cow, Time flies! But anyway I will be answering all your questions. I posted a while ago "What the Heck"....anyway if you feel inclined to ask a question please shoot. ( I like that word)

So after our long drive, and time to be able to talk, and some praying. Eric and I decided that the best thing for our little family is to pack our few suitcases up and move to Utah. Our stuff is still in storage (packed containers when we left for Hawaii) and we will have those shipped to us once we find a job.

Faith proceeds the miracles right? So off we go, and plan on the miracles to be waiting for us.

And on a totally other note, I had a really good laugh this morning and really have to share.

Eric was getting ready to go out with his dad and brothers for lunch, a late birthday celebration. He and I were sitting talking, about how he had to get going to meet them. And he said something like "Off to go do our Manly Business" and he stood up to walk out the door to get ready. I started laughing. Laughing really hard. For in his "manly underpants" stuck in his manly crack was a pair of princess underpants!

He asked what was so funny, as little G-Man came running up the stairs to see what was so funny. Through the tears, and snorts I spouted out "You got Cinderella panties stuck in your butt."

To which he replied "I thought I felt something."

January 06, 2009

I'm a little...

black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree.

I'm just a little black rain cloud, pay not attention to little me...

you know that song? From Winnie the Pooh? Where Pooh Bear dresses up in black paint and takes a balloon and floats up by the honey tree. And I think piglet is down below with an umbrella saying "tut tut it looks like rain"...remember??

Anyway that is the way I feel, like a little black rain cloud, hovering over my poor little family, dripping huge big drops of black paint all over them.

I am in a slump.

And the only thing I can think of is this song...just a little black rain cloud, pay no attention to little me....

January 04, 2009

Summin' It Up Sunday

--Traveling 1300 miles, alone more or less, FuN!

--Puking in the new year, making huge decisions.

How was your week??

Well Happy New Year to You too!

Well La De Frickin' DA! I say as I squat down, pull up my low rise jeans, trying to make them rest a little above my four baby pouch, and "A happy new year to you!"

Man what a week, I guess it hasn't been quiet a week, but it sure has been quite a few little days. I have heard, and not sure where exactly I heard it or who said it but it has been said that your new years' eve night is a reflection of the year to come....Oh man I sure hope not.

I guess is some ways our eve was great, we had all the kids with us, in a hotel room. We swam. We ate junk food. We played games. We saw a movie. We worked on a puzzle. Two and T-Rex were down by seven thirty and Bee and G-man were asleep by 8:30.

All was well in the hotel room, until I heard Two coughing, gagging...throwing up....then I heard T-Rex who was in bed with her, coughing and crying. I ran in to find that Two had thrown up all over the bed- the pillows, the sheets, the comforter you are to never use--and all over her little brother T-Rex, most of which landed in his poor little open sleeping mouth.

We called house keeping to see if they could bring us some new bedding, and by the time they did they just delivered sheets. I informed her that there was puke on EVERYTHING! and a while later, we are talking a while later, because after bathing the kids and putting them to sleep in the other bed, and T-Rex in the crib, he showed up.

So we get them back to sleep. And then the coughing and crying start again, Two did it again all over the second bed. At least this time we were smart enough to put a towel under her head.

We rinsed her off in the shower and then had the yes a brilliant idea of making her a bed in the tub. So we put the blankets and pillows in there and she curled up all nicely and slept for several more hours.

I watched movie. Said Happy New Year to Eric, and fell asleep. To only be awoken again at 4 with more puking from two. I pulled her into the nice and clean bed with me. And we slept. To only have me wake up feeling very sick. And lets just leave it to the fact that I too got to pray to the porcelain god thanking him for the new year.

We did sit around with the family before we left the hotel, playing a game I did when I was younger. Not really a game, but just sat around coming up with sayings like:

"I haven't eaten ALL YEAR"

"It's been since last year that I saw Nanny."

"I haven't gone to school since LAST year."

Anyway you get the idea. The kids and I laughed really hard, and Eric was surprised in all his 39 years he had never had this conversations.

Anyway I spent the rest of the day lying in bed, sleeping on and off all day.

Then Friday morning Eric and I woke up at 4 am and headed to LA with T-Rex to pick up our car from Hawaii...so yeah now we are just jobless and homeless!!

We thought we would have a pretty uneventful trip, just one kid, a quick flight.

What were we thinking?

We arrived a little late to the airport, long lines, and get to our gate just in time to board the plane before they closed the doors. We were all settled, backing away getting the "this is how you lock your seat belt lecture.....we are second in line for take off...."

Then the flight attendant said..."The pilot as turned on the fasten seat belt sign at this time, no one can leave your seat. Feel free to push the yellow button, to turn on your overhead light, not the green button."

(Someone pushes the green button.)

Attendant giggles and then says "not the green button."

The front attendant yells "call 911 and is there a doctor on the plane?"

I guess someone for real happened to have a seizure just then. Kind of crazy timing. So we drove back to the gate, the paramedics came and took her off. Then we waited another hour for paper work to be filled out and them to bring a new oxygen mask because she had used the last one.

Our connecting flight was only a 40 minute layover. So we missed that flight.

While getting off the plane, Eric bent down to get T-Rex's toy off the floor, caught his fly on the arm rest and split his pants open from top to bottom....(just in case you are wondering we didn't pack any extra clothes for our selves because we were only going to be gone 24 hours....just an fyi we were gone for 48 plus.)

So we wandered around the airport with Eric walking with his legs close together. I looked for some pants, but for some reason airports only carry sweatshirts and t-shirts!

We boarded our next plane, and T-rex was getting all nice and settled, we were getting ready to leave. They locked the doors. Then they informed us that they were filling the tires, then they informed us that one tire was completely bald and that we'd be sitting there for awhile...yep another hour delay....it was ok we weren't really in a huge hurry to get the car, and drive 1300 miles.

And all the delays turned out to be our advantage because, it gave us time to go have lunch at In N Out burgers, which were delicious, buy Eric some new shorts and shop at Trader Joe's, and then drive and meet our car as it arrived at the shipping yard...good thing we were late because other wise we would have been waiting all day there in California.

Then we headed home. With me being sick and T-Rex being so fussy we decided to stop at a hotel, only a few hours into our drive. All I can say is we didn't find any dead bodies and I felt like I was on an episode of "My name is Earl."

Around 1:30 in the morning our drunk neighbor, "can't get this stupid key to work" as he banged on our door and yanked and kicked it. His wife informed him that it didn't work because it was not their room.

And believe it or not, he did it again at 2! I guess 145 looks a lot like 147....

And then I spent the rest of the night listening to the guy on the other wall snoring.

We woke up fairly early and headed out. Only to take another detour and visited some old friends of ours that moved to Tuscon. They invited us to stay the night but since we had been only driving a few hours that day and we had three kids at home waiting for us, we declined...though it was tempting. We wondered how many days we could lengthen out our trip!

We joked about it, but we ended up driving through the night and arrived this morning at 4 AM, after many rest stops and naps.

Well happy new year to you! Looking forward to the things that 2009 has to bring to us.

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