January 28, 2009

So Corrine How many Blogs Do You Have?

I was asked that today.

And I tell you if I was a gambler....I'd be broke.

If I was a drinker....I'd be drunk

I get way too addicted to stuff and BLOGGIN is my addiction, and some of my blogs I am better on than others....but I only Have FOUR of my very own, and then two that I contribute to, but haven't been so good at lately.

Care to know what they are?

First you all know, http://www.4kidsnodog.blogspot.com/ this is my This is my family, these are my thoughts, isn't life just grand blog. You know just a mumbo jumbo of my life.

The second blog is my daily writing prompts blog....need to look up that link, this is where...I haven't been so good at that lately, I post the writings of the prompts I get from a yahoo writing group. This is where I free write for ten minutes or more and write whatever pops out of my brain with out editing. At least my computer most of the time puts squiggly red lines to let me know when I miss spell a word. SOMETIMES.

The third blog I have is my http://www.corrinescapturings.blogspot.com/ that is where I go to post most of my favorite pictures, well not even favorites because you know how hard it is to view those thumbnails and I never go in and name my photos so its hard to tell cs339 from cs553...you know what I mean. But there I am trying to post pictures that I am trying to take to help me develop my photo skills.

Then I have a new blog that I just started yesterday, a running blog log thingy. Yeah I am trying to get all healthy and stuff and starting with baby steps, well yeah really steps that is. I figure I will start with the exercise and then moderate my eating, but I can only do things one step at a time, literally. So here is that blog http://rinny.fastrunningblog.com/ and if you are a runner or walker or even swimmer you should set up a blog, and keep track, some of those people are amazing and I have already received several comments and invited to go running with some people this weekend, however they don't realize that they would find a better running partner in a fish.

So there you have it. Those are my blogs, check them out. See what I am up to.

Thanks for visiting me here, or there or anywhere.

Ok and speaking of blogs...they are doing a best mommy blog thing over at Scholastic and so if you are my friend, which you are here reading right?, you will or rather will you go and nominate me for the best mommy blog? Please??? I'd appreciate it a ton!!! Just because some days I'd like to feel special :)


Yvonne said...

You have a whole lot more energy than I do ; )

I'm trying to limit my computer time, so this is probably the only blog I'll click on--if I click on the others I might get hooked. HOpe you understand.

Kristin said...

WOW! You're a "big" blogger fan, aye?!! Good luck with the excercise and healthy eating! It feels sooo good to exercise, doesn't it?! Keep it up;)

Jeff and Anna too! said...

You're inspiring me! I am going running today.

Right now.

He And Me + 3 said...

I'll go vote now for ya!

Andrea said...

Wow! I could never keep up with that many blogs.

pecas said...

My dear friend I will go and nominate you, but just for the records you are special every day and I love you! so you should feel special every day! How is the job situation coming up.are you enjoying being with your parents?
take care

JustRandi said...

Yea for more runners in the world!! it's so much easier when you have partners. I hope you find someone you're comfortable going with!

Anonymous said...

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