January 17, 2009

The Long Awaited Arrival of my Answers to Your Questions!

Whatever that titles means...I don't know but it just sounded good at the moment I wrote it. So a million and a half years ago...well not that long but it sure feels like that long ago, I celebrated my blog anniversary....and several asked some questions...actually only a few of you did...geez am I not cool or what?? I guess y'all know too much about me already :) haha...anyway so on to answering my questions, cuz I have procrastinated long enough:

Andrea said...Let's see...oh, I know. How did you meet your husband? Sorry if you've already told that story--I haven't been reading for the whole year! ;)

Eric and I met on what I like to call a farsighted date, not quite a blind date, because I had seen him at a dance a few months earlier, and he pretends not to remember but he was drooling all over me and asking my friends all about that "hot girl in the black pants"....he did.

Also my little sister while at BYU-Hawaii, was floor mates with his little sister, and my little sister met him and she wrote me while I was on my mission in Brazil and told me all about him and how she thought I'd like him.

Then there were a couple of times I went to his house, though he wasn't around....anyway long story short he needed a date and called his brother and his wife said he should ask me out. So he did. I said yes and well a few months later we were married and it has been nothing but marital bliss mingled with some not so fun life moments...but who cares to remember those :)

Monday, December 29, 2008 Melinda said...Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm pretty boring with my questions, been reading a lot of PW Cooks :) - do you like to cook? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Oh cooking! To cook or not to cook that is the question isn't it. I don't like to cook. Not a bit. Well maybe a little bit. I think the problem lies in the fact that I don't like to plan, and shop, and therefore I really don't like to cook. I do love to bake. Yummy, chocolate chip cookies. Kind of all I really like to bake, now that I think about it.

I like to eat well cooked meals. And one of my favorite foods is a nice juicy hamburger. Gotta have my red meat. I love people cooking for me. Which is why I think I married Eric, he likes to cook and makes most of our meals. Though more and more I am cooking for our family, but very rarely look at a cook book or follow any type of recipe.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Yvonne said...Did you enjoy participating in sports in high school?Is there a day in your life you'd like to re-live?Happy Blogiversary--365 posts wow!!!

I loved participating in sports and was actually a decent athlete, not the best but up there in the top rungs with the best of them. In sixth grade I beat a 20 year record on the fifty yard dash. I know exciting and all but I was quite a sprinter. I did track and field, and softball and swimming in Junior high and tried out for basketball and messed up my ankle really bad on the first day of tryouts, so didn't go back and then tired out and didn't make the volleyball team which I felt so bad about....but got over it.

I skipped softball tryouts in high school, which I am not sure why I did that because I think I would have had fun doing that. Also decided not to do track, though wish I had, like running though can't seem to motivate my bum to do it these days....I ended up just swimming in high school and did fairly well. My problem is I am not very competitive.

As far as a day in my life I'd like to relive?? I think and this may sound totally funny, is the day I had TWO, I had an option to have a V-Back or a C-section, and I chose to have a c-section to be done in thirty minutes vs. several possible hours. If I could go back then, I'd have chosen the v-bac, I don't know how it would have changed things for me, but I wouldn't have broken out in a severe allergic rash and other complications due to surgery.

Not sure why that popped into my head, but I guess its the only thing I could think of changing....but that isn't what you asked, it was relive..wasn't it....oh I some days would love to just relive, the day each of my children were born. I love those tender hours of them just laying on my chest, and its just me and them and their dad.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Tonya said...Happy Bloggiversary!! I want to have my blog made into a book or something as well. You'll have to tell me how you're doing it. Okay, now for a question: Were you born and raised in the church and when/how did you gain your own testimony?

You (as in my faithful readers) may not know, but I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And yes Tonya I was born in the church. My father joined the church when in high school and my mother is from Pioneer stock, not sure where that line began.

As far as my testimony, I think it has been an on going growing thing. I don't think I ever had one of those huge ah-ha moments, but its just the little things in life that have testified to me, that Jesus is our Christ, that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who truly loves me and each of us. As a youth I had a very powerful, tender moment, when I knelt down to pray, to speak, to cry to my Heavenly Father, and at the moment of deep grief and loneliness, I felt a warm embrace, a comfort feeling I hadn't felt, and I knew I was loved beyond what my self absorbed teenage mind would allow me.

The great thing, like knowledge, a testimony keeps growing. It is the little things in life that just testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing that when we stop, and look around us, even in what seems to be the worst of times, we are being blessed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Marci said...i'm proud to admitt i've read every single word on your blog...AND laughed most of the time. your blog makes me smile. my question for you is..........................what is up with your book? what is the title? what is it about? and how much will it cost me to buy my way into the book as one of the characters? when will the blockbuster hit be released into theaters?

Well Marci, I pride myself in knowing that you have been around to stay up with my mostly pathetic, sometimes funny, life :) As far as my book goes, man that is hard thing to answer, see right now I have four that I am nibbling on, and well one I have gotten fairly far into but am not liking it much, if anyone would like to read it, I'd be happy to send it your way. That's about a young woman struggling to find peace after a horrific accident...yeah the accident happened and I don't know how to turn her life around :)

The other which, you of course will be portrayed in is having a hard time leaving my head and hitting the word. But you can anticipate she will be witty, charming and beautiful and eating deviled eggs at a church party. This is what I call my fictional memoir, only that it is based on my life, but names and things have been changed and my own twist on people to make the story more exciting has occurred....though I'd have to say I don't have to do too much twisting, I have lead a very interesting life :)

However, once it reaches the cinema level, I believe Julia Roberts (or insert your favorite actress here, I don't know actresses names and that was the first one to come to my mind...)will be playing you, though by the time I finish she may be to old for your part...we will have to see.

The other two are children's books and just not sure anyone really would like to illustrate them or read them or publish them....And I am still waiting for my 403 signatures on the I'm Flattered me an author post, and so it just may be a long while....though I am working on it....though finding time between kids running around and me having to read other blogs...well you get the picture... I will let you know.

So that's it for all the questions, aren't you sad you didn't ask anything, or are you sad these gals asked these things? I am always open to answering questions, please feel free to ask away...In my next life, I want to be a Dear Abby. Maybe I should start a blog...oh wait already did that....I think its been too long since I have had a working computer and Internet and sleep for that matter. Good Night!

PS...I finally got this to work...knock on wood and its Bee's Birthday so don't forget to wish her a happy one (in the previous post titled Happy Birthday Bee....creative I know)


Yvonne said...

Great answers--well worth the wait.

You have lived a very interesting life.

Can't wait to read your book/books.

katharine said...

what? you want to relive labor? crazy!

Anonymous said...

well not relive labor but the moment after each child was born :)

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Everyone should post more questions so she spends forever answering them all!!!

What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
WHAT is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Michelle said...

I gave you an award! Check out my blog to get it. http://www.brennbug.blogspot.com/

Jess said...

I enjoyed reading the question about the church & your testimony!


Corrine said...

Anna, my quest is to find peace and quiet amoungst the noice!

my favorite color is blue no green! ahhhhahahah

african or american??

Tonya said...

Loved reading all your questions and answers. Loved your story about prayer and testimony.

Cheryl Anne said...

I'm fairly sure you have more than one person capable of illustrating your books, but count me in on your short list. :)

Thanks for answering others questions, I didn't know that I wanted to know, but I DID!! :)

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