January 20, 2009

You know it is cold out when....

your spare wipes in the car make a better ice pack than wipes!!!

You know it is cold when you can store your food in your garage and not need an outside freezer!

You know its cold when your nose has its own snotcicles.

You know its cold when your tiny tot loves to be outside, and comes running to the door banging to go in.

This morning it was all of 6 thats right SIX degrees. You are talking to someone who just most recently came from the 70s....its cold, no its not just cold its FREEZING.

Poor G-Man went to school in just a sweat shirt because his dad took off with the car and the ice pack, that had his jacket in it.

Luckily the dad made it to the school in time for recess, but now that its 25 it doesn't feel so cold.

Did I mention it is cold??

You know it is cold when you exhail out and your own breath turns to ice instantly! That is cold.

We decided the other night to go for a walk and when we got out side, with our breath freezing we figured it would be best to go back inside.

BURRRRRR send me some warm thoughts! This tropical gal is turning into a popsicle.

You know it is cold when you post a silly blog about how cold it is!!


Alexa said...

It's almost 70 here in San Antonio today, and I can't say I feel a bit envious of you. Let's just compare again in July, though, eh?

steffenboysmom said...

I feel your pain girl! It's cold here too! We had a little fun though taking a cup of boiling water and throwing it into the air outside. Try it! It's cool!

Melissa said...

It is hard to adjust but really fun once you embrace it (which is really the only thing you can do).

Adrienne said...

I hear you friend. It was 14 when I took Colby to school. Much too cold for me!

Sheri said...

That's why I ams till in my warm fuzzy pj's! No school for the kids, no work for mom!! Thanks for coming up last night! It was fun to be with you!

Yvonne said...

I understand ALL OF THOSE ; )

Try to stay warm.

Kristin said...

Just come to IL, and where you're at...it'll feel warm!!! LOL!

He And Me + 3 said...


Don't I Know it! Those were great.

Stephanie said...

And I thought 40 was cold today!

Tonia said...

Hawaii to Utah. How are the kids holding up?

Jess said...

you know its cold when you walk outside, sniffle, and your snot freezes(actual event while at byu-idaho)... thank goodness i'm back in Texas! :)

Angela said...

Your blood has to thicken up I guess or so I have been told by my family who lives in Idaho.
30 is cold enough for me.

Smiles and keep warm

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