December 27, 2009

You will never guess what I forgot?

No not my second blog anniversary...well actually I did, I have been keeping a blog now for two years, pretty impressive.  But that is not what I forgot, I did that on purpose,,,well not totally, actually I did forget, but when I remembered it was a little too late, and just didn't know what to do.

But I forgot to make a Christmas card and forgot to mail them out!  Well I didn't forgot, but even last year I made a card, and just never mailed it because well I didn't know where we were going to be living and had no idea what address to use.  I guess I could of mailed those out this year, but oh well.

So here is what you would have gotten had I written a Christmas note. Well actually,,,have I said that a lot already? We don't usually include a bragging  written note, because most of the time you, that refers to anyone reading this and anyone who would be reading this if it came via snail mail, know whats going on, especially if you are reading this. 

But since G-Man is dying feeling ill, and had to come home from church I thought today was a better day than any to account for this last year, in case you missed anything in our lives this last year. 

December of 2008 we were in Hawaii and about to head home for Austin.  We had planned to take care of my in laws house while they served a mission. Eric was going to be working at his job at Hart and life was going to be just dandy!  I guess thats when we should of clued in on the whole life is dandy part. As we were getting on the plane, well actually a day before but close enough, Eric was informed that when we returned to Austin his last day would be that Friday.  We were stunned.  But we knew we would head to Austin, stay with his folks for awhile and things would work out.

As I sit I wonder if we were suppose to stay in Austin. There are many days recently that I miss Texas, maybe its the snow here, maybe its some old friends there, I don't know, because I really do love where we are living right now, though I'd like to modify our living arrangements AKA move some walls and add some rooms...but anyway....where was I?

Well we had an enjoyable Christmas last year with Eric's parents, and we even left our kids with them while we flew to California to pick up our car that was shipped from Hawaii---still has those plates on it...guess its time to register it here in Utah??? Anyway while we were driving, Eric and I talked a lot.  And maybe I talked him into it, or maybe we both felt it was the right thing to do, because before we knew it four days later, I was flying to Utah with T-Rex and Eric was driving to Utah with the rest of the kiddos.  It felt right.

We landed in our parents home.  They were gracious enough to take our loud, messy, noisy, over active family into their quiet, peaceful, clean home.  Not sure if it was the stress of us there or what but shortly after our arrival (well probably not that short in their eyes, six weeks??) my dad ended up in the hospital having open heart surgery. 

We found ourselves a few short days later, in a neighbors basement apartment.  The Hazards, almost complete strangers to us, opened up their basement apartment for our family, to dwell in for FREE for a few more months.  During the whole time, Eric applied for jobs, the kids went to school, made some friends and we were doing ok.  I even got out and started teaching again. 

Can I tell you it actually felt really good for me to get out and have a job, and feel like I was somewhat contributing to society someway, other than raising some kids in a dysfunctional manner...let me just say this last year my nasty side has reared its head, and I feel like I haven't been the best mother, or person.  I am trying.  But its hard when I have been in such a personal funk, or rather deep depression...but thats a whole other post for another time.

Well, while Eric was job searching, he started talking with his old business partner and lifelong friend, about a restaurant idea and dream.  See ever since I have known Eric, and even before I knew him, because my sister told me about him, he has loved to cook BBQ, cater and has talked about having a restaurant.  His partner Greg has also dreamed of the same thing, and recently had taken a business class and wrote up the whole restaurant business proposal.  He had even been searching for restaurant pads for awhile.  Anyway he and Eric started talking, and Eric started going out with Greg in search for restaurants. 

Before we knew it, the two signed a lease and things started rolling.  We opened Texas Pride Barbecue in June of this year. 

In June we as a family moved to Ogden to be closer to the restaurant in Huntsville.  I had never heard anything really nice about Ogden or even ever been here.  Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and quaintness of the town.  I have made some amazing new friends and really love being here. 

Summer flew by, with trips to the Lake, visits with cousins, and busy busy times at the restaurant.  Things felt ok, though as a start up, only money being made was that going back to the restaurant.  Not enough to support one family let alone two.  So lets just say things have been tight, if anything at all. 

This year sure has humbled me.  A LOT!  I have spent many days, most days, very few days not, Crying!  Its been hard, Eric is gone all the time, my kids as much as I love them just seem to be out of control, and I just most days don't feel like I have the energy to do much about it.  I don't know how single moms do it, because I have for the most part been one, and I feel like I am not doing it very well. 

Now if this isn't the most depressing Christmas card....see now you know why I never wrote and sent one out. 

And despite the downs, that I feel I am drowning in, there have been many ups.  We have gotten to know a whole lot more of our cousins and aunts and uncles better. We have so many family members around, though we don't see them near as much as I 'd like, it is fun to have them near.  We have had complete strangers, friends and family members, generously reach out to us, especially at this holiday time.  I learned that what I thought was no money before was truely wealth. My kids have been pretty healthy, other than a few hospital stays for T-Rex (ok so he had it a little rough), a broken arm for Bee, stitches for me, and a few odds and ends little bugs...we are alive and well.  We have made several new and wonderful friends. The restaurant has brought us in contact with several really old and dear friends, so much fun seeing people come up and supporting us.  I am not sure I am at the point where I have seen much of my own personal growth or where I can say I am grateful for this year, but know at some point I will get there. 

I do know that God lives, and that He loves us.  I know that He is ever mindful of us and though I do feel at times like I am unable to keep my head out of water, somehow, somewhere, a hand reaches out to me and pulls me up for a breather, still stuck in the water, but at least I am still able to catch a few breaths, and I know those are given to me by a loving Heavenly Father, He does love me.  And some day, I will understand this whole year, and I will look back and say "Oh I see!  We suffered through that year to teach everyone else around us how to be more charitable :)" 

Here's to 2010!!! May the blessings of Heaven be poured out upon y'all and us too!

December 26, 2009

Christmas Day in Photos!

G made a Santa Block as a card and thank you for Santa.  Though it still sat on the mantel in the morning and he asked if Santa even saw it.  He did and was very grateful! Just didn't have time to take it.
This is Two as she walked out and saw her Santa chair! So happy!
This is a little out of order, but Tuesday I had realized we hadn't had or been to a Christmas party this year.  So I called and invited a few of my friends here over.  However since it was last minute many had plans, go figure :) but gratefully two good friends didn't and we had a blast. I think I might throw more parties even if Eric isn't around.  We had fun!Here is T-Rex playing with his train that his Papa built for him. Pretty impressive!
G-Man wearing his new PJS and his new favorite baseball cap...GO COUGARS!!! (even if his dad professes to be a U fan he loves BYU!!!--thanks uncle soren!and all decked out like a little skater dude!! Hed go outside for about two minutes and come back in freezing...figuring out that summer outdoor toys are not great Utah Christmas gifts. But he still loves it and as I speak the kids are scooting around on it with T-Rex's ride on train attached. Bee had an interesting request this year for santa "$12 in cash."  So he did give it to her with a few other things.  She got this canvas bag and put her "special" gifts in it, her doll, her new wallet with $12, her makeup, her barbie, some card games. She has carried ti around ever since.  G-Man commented that next year he is going to ask santa for $20....Better start saving for these cash Christmases. So happy to have a new brush and a little petshop! She tried to fit the house in her purse, just not big enough!
Here is T-Rex using his new tools to fix stuff, he loves tools and went around just "fixing" everything, including his new trains and trucks.

Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!!

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all

No fluff, no news, just wanting to send you a warm and Merry Christmas!! We love you and hope you are blessed in so many different ways as we have been blessed this year despite our trials!!!

'Twas the night before Christmas...

'T was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse,  or so they say because we have mice a stirring like crazy.  A few days ago, I was asleep in bed and awoke to the sound of a ball rolling across the floor, I kid you not. I nudged Eric and said "We have mice and they are playing with something." 

He kind of shrugged me off until the day before yesterday as he was putting on his pants, and he shrieked like a little girl.  I asked him what was the matter and a mouse ran from under the bed, through his legs and down our heating vent.   It was not too long before he got some traps.  Well yesterday we set two. 

During the afternoon, G-Man noticed the trap red bar was up, see now they have these animal friendly traps that just trap the mouse.   So I grab the trap thinking that the poor little guy was dead, but to my surprise he wiggled, and startled me.   I really didn't want to set him back free to just end up back in our warm house, so I headed to our just emptied trash can, and set him lose.  There he sat, GUS GUS, the smallest fatest mouse ever, just peering up at me from the pit of the can.  The kids all wanted to see, so I lifted them to check out our new captive.   I felt a little sad for the poor thing, now going to freeze and starve to death in the trash can, so I put some cereal in there for him. 

Then I reset the trap again and about one in the morning, I heard a lot of noise coming from the heating vent...and Eric turned on the light and told me that we had caught another one. He crawled back in bed, and the poor little mouse, trapped head down, flapping, and thrashing around, kept me up. I felt bad for the poor thing, so bad I said to Eric "We can't let him die like this. It is not a nice way to die." 

So he put on his warm clothes, walked out in the snow fall, and freezing winter air, and let this one go and stay with Gus Gus.  He came back in bed and then said "So freezing to death is better than being trapped and hung upside down?"

"Well at least he has company and food, and now some trash to bundle in.  Its a mouses heaven." 

So rest well little mice and I hope you do not have more family members to stir in the night.  Because I don't know how many more my can can hold, and how much more my heart can take sending y'all away. I am about to get y'all a blanket....Maybe I will go buy a cage? 


Its Christmas EVE where did this year go???  Man, anyway I just wanted to say thank you to all our many santas out there.  I spent many hours unnecessairly, worrying about what to do for my kids for Christmas. So many wonderful people have wrapped gifts, given us money and helped us out in so many ways!  I just want to thank you all!  It has been such a blessing to have so many wonderful caring people in our lives, We are so undeserving of such gifts.  My kids are going to be so spoiled this Christmas...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

December 20, 2009

December in Photos


Eric my love turned 40!  We celebrated by going to dinner to our favorite RED ROBIN and then off swimming in an indoor pool, of which I was wary because it was in the low teens. But we had a blast. Then on his real birthday we woke up and had breakfast pancake, and then met his brother and sister for lunch. The roads were icy and I just found out that his sister was in a car accident on the way home!  Thanks for meeting us and making it a special day and I am so sorry you had an accident.  I feel so bad!The Breakfast pancake is one of our family's favorite traditions.  Each layer is buttered and either jammed or fresh fruits (usually depends if we make it to the store the day before) and again usually topped with whipped cream, but these were filled with homemade peach jam and some tasty razelberry jam. 

SNOW!!!!! SNOW!!!! SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The beginning of a giant snow man!It is getting bigger....and well never got a picture of the finished dude.
T-Rex Never laughed so hard as he did, in the snow!!  I wish I owned a video camera. He would just throw him self down in the snow and laugh as he slid down our little hill.  Then he would thrust himself up with out touching the snow with his ungloved hands.
Then Miss Two decided to cut her bangs, however this picture doesn't do her cut justice, other than the fact that those bare spots are where her hair is cut to the scalp!  Nice job Two, and the best part is Eric was almost an accomplice...he at least was watching her and her brother T-Rex cut chunks out of their hair.  At least it grows back.
Nanny and Papa came to visit!  We love when they come to visit!  And appreciate all they do for us! The kids loved sitting around and talking with them, we even talked them into going out in the cold to see the awesome lights of downtown, after a day of baking, and store trips.

Today we hung out with most of our Simonsen family and had a wonderful time!  Thanks for all the singing and entertainment and yummy food...and GIFTS!  Love our family and feel so blessed.

December 18, 2009

Dear Wells Fargo,

Dear Wells Fargo,

You really need to put customer back in your customer service.  When I sent in my letters and spoke to your customer service reps, it sounded like they were spewing off exact lines from a memorized manual.  I mean are they real people, or is everything you do automated?  You know like the whole "lets process the highest amount first for the best interest of the customer regardless of date and time" process.  Did you ever stop to think that THAT IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST of the CUSTOMER??? Because the only one whom I see that best interesting is your already fat wallet! 

I mean really, lets process the $900 rent that went through Monday night right before closing before the $1.50 charge that was pending since Friday....and charge the customer $35, because that makes so much sense!

Hey Wells Fargo while you are at it, why not keep charging an overdraft fee, on your overdraft protected customers..and just keep telling them that you can't help them out, and that they the customer, should just put money in their account.  Thats like a hungry alligator, telling a hot, thirsty lamb to just come and get a drink and swim around.  You are waiting to pounce and mall your poor unsuspecting customers.  I pay you, you take it all for yourself, and then overdraft and charge me for all the other bills right now that need to be paid.

I know I am just one tiny little drop in the bucket, and the now over $500 in fees (which should never occurred) might be nothing to you but that is half my income and all I have to pay my bills and feed my four young children with.  That is alright you keep on charging. 

Keep throwing your policies out at me like "you should be aware of your pending charges and checks you have written..." Believe me I am well aware, I know where my cents are coming and going and I'd prefer them not to keep going to you.  But what some of your policies should state and be mentioned are : 

We processes the highest amount to make sure you don't have money to cover those already pending charges. 

We know that you can't pay us and we will keep charging you so that we can then send you to collections and charge you even more, because we care about our customers.

We make sure that there are plenty of inexpensive charges pending, hanging in the balance waiting for the large amounts to come in so that we can charge you fraudulent over draft fees, its a recession and we have to make money!

And please keep threatening me to close my account. Go ahead, we have already moved our stuff, well not yet because we don't have any money, but we will no longer be banking with you once we have money to open another account. 

Wells Fargo it has been our pleasure to feed you.  And hope you have enjoyed chewing on this small poor soon to be homeless family.  Hopefully we are a few last of your prey, since congress is now investigating your predatitory banking.... And Merry Christmas by the way, how about overdraft fees for Christmas?


Over- Chewed, over- drawn and over- tired!

December 15, 2009

Tears of Gratitude!

The tears flow like the spring time rivers around here.  I think my hormones must be out of wack or something but it doesn't take much to make me cry.  However, today I shed tears of joy? of love? of overwhelming kindness? of thoughtfullness?  Not sure what the tears are but they were triggered by some kind acts that have come my way. 

Over Thanksgiving my mom took me and we did a little shopping for the kids, which took a huge burden off of me for getting gifts for my children, and well was given a few dollars to buy some other things, and well that money went to the bank and into the pockets of our dear bills....MERRY CHRISTMAS electric, gas, utilities dudes! 

A week ago, I receieved two large boxes, which are still sitting in my closet, from an old roommate who had called awhile ago wondering if her kids could adopt my kids for Christmas.  I cried when she asked and told her we would really appreciate that.  THANK YOU!!!

On Eric's birthday we received a card from a family member, and Eric at first thought he was getting a really cool extra birthday gift, and in some way he was but it was a gift card that we were able to use to take the kids to the store to pick out gifts for their siblings.  THANK YOU!! We even got a nice snow shovel, and some cleaning supplies!!!

Then we had another family member give us slippers for the kids!  I can't wait to put those in their stockings!  THANK YOU! 

Then this last Saturday  while delivering some cinnamon rolls to some friends and neighbors, I got stuck in the snow.  Two men that I don't know, left their party, beers in hand, and got me out of the snow...its quite a funny story, maybe one I will share for later, but I really appreciated them helping me. 

And after returning from being stuck in the snow..there is a lot of it out there this week, I found on my front porch a bucket full of stuff and a huge pack of TP and paper towels on the front porch.  Attached was the note: 

The Twelve Days of Christmas (sing a long if you wish)
12 ROlls of TP
11 Homemade Oreos (oh they were tasty)
10 Paper Towels

9 (teen) Mob-Tab Choir songs
8 Cookie Cutters
7 mini toiletries
6 comfy socks
5 $20 bills
4 crafts for kids
3 Soaps (laundry, dish washer, hand)
2 Cans of Cocoa
1 Fondue Pot for You!

G-man and Bee were awake as we went through everything, G-Man kept telling me to stop crying, but I was just so overwhelmed by the thoughtfullness of it all! 

Then today as I was shoveling the slushy, icy snow off the driveway the mail man came walking across the street with three large boxes....I said "Oh are those for me??" 
"You Corrine?"


"then yes they are."

I opened them and inside each box were several wrapped gifts for my children.  I can't wait for them to open them Christmas morning! They are hidden until then and maybe little G-Man will start believing in Santa Claus again!  I can't share how much I really appreciate everything thinking of my kids this year!  It just makes me feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family around.

Maybe I am getting greedy but I am just waiting now for my dear friends at Wells Fargo to refund me the 11 overdraft charges that really should have only been one!  Oh My Dear Wells Fargo don't you know it is be really nice to Corrine month???

THANK YOU, Thank you, THANK YOU,  everyone for your thoughts and prayers and for your GENEROSITY!!!!!  It is more than appreciated and I can't wait for the day when I can offer such to others, until then you get my time, my love and my baked goods....

December 12, 2009

Are You A Texan?

You know you are a Texan when you have a Texas shaped ice cube tray or a Texas shaped platter!  Texans love their state and love  the unique shape of it, they must right since you can even  go to the local grocery store and get Texas shaped tortilla chips.

Well recently I have been on a hunt for some of the Tackiest Texas shaped Treasures, and I need your help.  You may be at Goodwill or other second hand store and sitting there in the home section you see a Texas cross-stitch, or mug...I want it!  We want it. 

At Texas Pride Barbecue we would love to display your treasure! I'd love to showcase it on my new blog Tacky Texas Treasures

So hunt through your cupboards, search the store shelves find us some Texas Treasures, the tackier the better

December 11, 2009

Hanging in the Balance

A few days ago as I took Two and T-Rex to the grocery store, I was balancing texting Eric, phoning a friend, keeping the two of the kids in the cart, reaching for things off the shelves, and figuring out what I needed and what we could really live with out.  My mind flying in all different directions when I hear Two say, "Can I get out of the cart and walk?" 


While thinking about other things I grabbed her, and set her on the ground.  And as my phone buzzed again I said to her "Stand right here keep your hand on the cart."  Then I stopped and answered the phone. I was in search of something for someone and was having a hard time finding it.  All the while paying a small amount of attention to T-Rex who had just gone from the seat to the back of the cart.  I kept a careful eye on him, but was reading some prices off the shelf, and holding the phone to my head.  Ok so maybe I wasn't doing the best at multi-tasking but trying. And most likely I wasn't standing right next to my cart, as you know sometimes you push it to one point before your mind registers that the item you were looking for was back four or five feet.  Not that I would ever stand far from my cart...just saying sometimes I see that happen.  Ok so I do.  Anyway.....

T-Rex decided that he had a moment to make a break from the cart and he flung him self over the side. I hung up the phone, set down the item I was price checking and rushed to catch my son, however, the shopping cart caught the back of his jacket for me, and there he dangled from the shopping cart.  His little toes a foot from the ground, moving back and forth.  His arms swung side to side, trying to set himself free.  While the sweet dear shopping cart held the back of his coat. 

T-Rex, unaware of his safe catch, started saying to me "I stuck, I stuck."  As I was thinking, yeah, he is stuck I can keep shopping. I mean the cart had a pretty nice grip on him and he was pretty much stuck, unless his shirt and coat flipped over his head... But my plan was foiled when another shopper turned the corner.  I figured I should probably finish rescuing my child, because someone might think of it as an inappropriate way to shop.

December 06, 2009

Foot Stomping good time!

In order to get the attention of my children down in the basement, I stomp my foot four times.  Usually they come quickly running up, with a "Yes Mom what do you need.?",  Really they do. 

Well today, and actually last week, Eric asked T-Rex to go get his brother and sisters for dinner.  T-Rex said "Yesh"  and then with his tiny little leg stomps four time all the while shouting "Dinner." 

Eric and I just laughed at him. I guess he is paying attention.

December 04, 2009

All I want For Christmas

As we were driving to the store, well actually over to the bakery to pick up fresh hot buns for the restaurant, not once but twice and I still don't have them but that is a whole other story....all the kids but one fell asleep.  So G-Man and I had some time to chat as we drove around town killing time to pick up buns that were going to be done a little before four and then a little after four and now well anyway, again another time.... So as we are enjoying...our drive, he said to me "Mom can you tell Santa that I want a LONG board instead of a skateboard?" 

My reply was " Sorry Santa is so busy that he doesn't take requests after December 1st." 

Then the thought occured to me, they really should start the Christmas commercials like around back to school time...I mean you will be out shopping for crayons and all those things why not throw in some Christmas specials.  Then all the tempting Christmas commercials would be off the air the week of Thanksgiving.  Black Friday can be the grand finale of Christmas commercials, so that they no longer taint the young minds of wanting kids. 

I was glad I came up with that deadline thing...because well around here you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

And speaking of fits, our Bee the best fit thrower of them all, hopefully won't be throwing a fit this year at Christmas, because to our surprise, as she sat on Santa's lap this last Monday, when he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied "Makeup and twelve dollars in cash." 

I later asked her why she wanted "$12" in cash.  Her answer was "Well I was thinking first I wanted twelve dollars to buy some makeup, but then I figured santa could give me the make up and just give me twelve dollars. 

I think maybe Santa can scrounge around to find $12 to put in a savings account for her or something, but maybe he will find some ones around here somewhere...needless to say not too tough to please her....I hope not. 

(Sorry can't find spell check because I can not spell)

November 28, 2009

My life

Pull out your tissue box and get ready for a sob fest!  Ok maybe I just need to pull out the tissues, oh wait I already did :)...the violins start playing about now!   Back in March I went to the ER, uninsured and pretty much against my wishes.  Having no money to pay them, I knew I shouldn't go.  Well anyway there is a long story to all this, one I don't wish to really share at the time, but yesterday I got a call from a debt collector.  The thing that makes me most mad, is that I paid the ER doctor half at the time, and sent a letter and spoke to someone in the office about filling out a hardship.  I never heard back from them and then I get this debt collection notice and threats of being sued and sent to credit bureaus, and all the collector said to me "Oh its not that much just pay it......blah blah blah!" 

When I told her I could only afford ten dollars..my money for laundry soap this month, she said well you have until the end of the month to pay.  I wonder if she'd take a kidney?  Or maybe I could head to the doctor's office to do work to pay them off, heck I could sit on a swivel chair for two minutes write a prescription and he'd earn his money back.

Anyway so I have days like that, that leave me wondering when this is all going to end, then I have moments like last week.... 

And I have friends, who just call to invite me over and the kids to play, and then pulls out a really cool Christmas craft and we spend the afternoon crafting.  Then I get emails from some people who want to help us out for Christmas or get calls for offers to host our family for Christmas or just get a check from a concerned family member.  Then I am reminded that though it is a time  of struggle but more so a time for great blessings and knowledge that for some reason this is my season to learn and grow.

Still trying to figure out how I can best give this season! Because I am truly blessed.

November 12, 2009

Modern Miracles

For those of you that don't know, actually not sure who really reads my blog anymore..not that I am begging for comments...ok maybe a little, but anyway there may be some that don't know...my husband has been unemployed for almost a year. We have spent our savings just living and putting quite a bit in starting up the restaurant. Fortunately we have been able to barely scrape by with a little bit of help.

It has been rough and the last few months have been even rougher on us financially. Though I have really learned what we can live with and without...I don't need cable or satellite...nor do I need to shop other than the grocery store. I don't need to eat out. My kids can get their clothes from DI. I can cut their hair. I don't need caller ID..I just don't answer the phone.

Which leads me to my latest blessing. I star 69 my phone often, and it is always a 800 number. Or on my cell phone I do have caller id. I still have my Texas number and often get missed dialed Texas numbers. Tuesday my phone rang and it was an unknown Texas number. Prepared to tell them they had the wrong number I answered.


"Hello is this Correeen"

Shoot someone calling me that doesn't know me. "Man who wants my money?" I say to myself.

"Yes this is she."

"This is Suzie from Capital Anesthesiologists. I have been going through our audits and found a bill regarding G's surgery in 2007."

Crap how much do I owe them....


"Yes you paid us...and it appears that United Healthcare paid us to."


"Sorry for the delinquency in responding to this."

"No problem"

still wondering how much I owed them.

"It appears we owe you a refund. Again I am really sorry for the delay."

"Not a problem." Still stunned that they owe me money.

"I just need to get your current address to mail you the check."

"Ok...did you say you owe me money?"

"Yes...for $xxx..."

"Really....you are going to send me a check?" I really was surprised its been two and a half years.

"Yes...kind of nice isn't it. And we really are sorry its taken us this long."

"Well thank you for calling me. My address is...."

"You are in Utah? Good thing you kept your cell number."

"I know!!" I fought back the tears. "Thank you!"

I hung up the phone and Eric asked me who I was talking to. I just started crying and couldn't speak. After a few minutes I told him that the hospital owed us enough money to cover our rent for December.

I am so grateful they were delinquent in paying me and so grateful they called me now. Life has been rough and even finding enough money to pay for shampoo and toilet paper has been hard. And had I got this refund two years ago, I would of probably eaten it..seriously taken the kids out to eat...bought a few toys maybe paid some bills. But right now the timing couldn't be better. I am grateful someone is watching out for us...even when I have felt very alone lately. I know I am not.

Miracles happen. Blessings do abound.

A normal day...in my normal life....

Just a little before five am Bee crawled into my bed, meeting up with T-Rex and Two who joined us sometime between eleven when I fell asleep and five. Bee trying to make room in the overstuffed bed shoved T-Rex's perpendicular feet away, causing him to wake up. For about forty minutes I fought the three of them to fall back to sleep. I finally threw my hands up in the air in defeat and sent them down stairs.

Few moments later they were all back upstairs begging for food. I made them go back and play while I read and well actually played a little cafe world on Facebook...didn't want my pies to rot. Anyway I got off my duff and headed to the kitchen to start up some oatmeal. Things were going ok. Then T-Rex decided he didn't want his oatmeal and dumped it on the floor. Bee needed more milk on hers...ooopsss she poured too much all over the table.

Some what with filled stomachs they ran down stairs and played in our newly reorganized and cleaned basement...because yesterday I saw an awesome solid wood dresser that I had to have. After calling a friend and a neighbor seeing us try to put this too large piece of furniture into my van, it was stuffed in with the door opened and my friend holding on for dear life.

It made it home and into my basement. Anyway I went down stairs to make sure it was staying clean down there, and then realized I had laundry I needed to switch out, oh and I needed to start the dishwasher. So up the stairs I ran to only be called down by the words "Mom come quick the bathroom is flooding!" So the dishwasher half loaded, oh yeah and I started to up load pictures to Heritage Makers and had to check that real quick, then grabbed some old towels and headed to the flooded poopy watered bathroom floor....and all the while thinking where is Eric??

Get the bathroom toweled...still need to clean and throw those in the washer because I didn't want to start that knowing we needed showers and the dishwasher needed to be run....not a lot of hot water around here.....then it was time to get the kids off to school...say family prayer and then out the door....but of course it isn't that easy, G-man wants to wear the same outfit from yesterday "cuz it is n't dirty" and Bee won't let me brush her hair and can't find her shoes. But we make it out the door.

When I returned, the mess yelled at me...still oatmeal...still mess down in the bathroom....and yet I still need to find time to write. All the while Two complaining she doesn't want to go to the doctors again today. I can't blame her she went Monday and will be getting glasses in a few days, went to a well checkup yesterday and now going today for some tests to figure out what is wrong with her overactive infected bladder....And T-rex decided to poop on the bathroom floor, tub walls, bathroom door and floor....so I took a break from posting to clean that...but all the while wondering really is this a normal life??? Is this my normal life?

I found myself this morning just wishing my life would go back to normal...but then I thought what is normal? Do I wish it to be a year ago living in Hawaii, with out furniture of sorts and our personal belongings? Or back even further when Eric had a steady job and came home at "normal" hours, and we got paid every two weeks? Or days when I woke up by an alarm clock and headed off to work? Or to have just "normal" kids that sit and watch tv, eat when given food, keep their diapers on?

I think "normal" doesn't exist....normal is what is now and what just happens daily...so all I ask is can I just have an unusual day?

November 05, 2009

Its Potty Time My Little Peeping Toms

Walking down the aisle, reaching for the last few items, I tried to talk my body into "waiting" until we get home. "I can hold it...I live five minutes away. I only have a few more items to get....I can wait" I kept telling myself as I pushed my shopping cart with Two running, rather being dragged by me through the store.

"No I can not wait." I said to no one in particular. "Lets go Two!" I make her run.

I shoved the cart by the door, grabbed T- Rex from the seat and headed for the handicap stall. Holding T-Rex in one hand and trying to unbutton my pants, and getting Two to come in the stall with me was a little challenging.

I sat down still holding T-Rex. I was just glad to have made it to the bathroom. Then Two plops on the floor and peers under the stall.

"Mommy there's a lady in there."

"I know. Get up off the floor. Stop looking under the stall"

I reached over to pull her back, trying to keep my bare bum on the seat and balanced with T-Rex still in hand. She stands up. Then loud and proud said, "Mom why are you pooping.Its stinky. Why does pooh stink so much?"

And before I can answer she pops back down, with T-rex with her.

"Mom she is pulling up her pants."

"Two get up!...T-Rex...stop...get...over here" I ordered as he slipped further under the stall...

"I am sorry."....to which I got no response. I sat and was hoping she was done, considering the update Two gave me.

"Flush" ..... Flush, Flush.... Two found the little black button on the back of the toilet. Now that my back side is sufficiently wet, I hold both of my kids by their waist bands.

Two and T-Rex are under my control for a few seconds...plop! Back on the ground they went.

"She is still sitting!"

"Two!!! I am so sorry!!!!"

I hurriedly finish up thinking "I will beat her out of the stalls to the sink!"

Hoping to not have to face our poor bathroom victim, off we go to wash our hands. We were almost in the clear, drying our hands when out she came. I quickly dry their hands and apologize again, when the bathroom door opens, and in walks a mullet haired, baggy red U of U shirt, over stuffed jeaned woman.

"Mom, Mom....why is there a man in here?"

Oh my goodness can I just ignore that comment??

"No Sweetie that's a woman."

I grabbed my kids and headed out of the bathroom as I left the words..."I am sorry."

October 29, 2009

Not trying to complain!

Ok I am, well maybe not complaining but just UGHHHH expressing what is just going on! Oh maybe just list a few things that have happened that feel huge and overwhelming but after I list them it will seem little right and all silly??

Bee broker her arm, had to call around and beg people to take our medicaid...
T-rex and Two both had major poopy accidents all over the bathroom, at least it was the bathroom..
babysitter quit on me (same day as broken arm) telling me I had rotten kids...
water heater broken for over a month, fixed that, then sink started dripping and leaking all over floor, fixed that today and the main water pipe to water heater is now spewing water all over....
dishwasher went out for two weeks.
t-rex just ripped my scriptures and the Twilight book from my sister in law I need to return..
Bee wet the bed...
I am going to have to take Two out of preschool because I can't afford to send her.
Rent is due Monday and don't have money to pay for it.
I can't take a shower because of all the water problems.
The only phone calls we get are for debt collections...
I lost...or the kids lost two library books...
I need to go and get treats for the preschool trunk or treat and only have two dollars...
T-rex ripped off my keys on the laptop...most of them...

This is just since last week......and most since Friday....

Really it isn't that bad is it??

Oh and Two and G-Man both need glasses...G-man really badly because he isn't doing so well with school and I know that plays a major role...

Positive at least we have a roof over or head for a little while...and some food to eat and friends...it can't be all bad can it??

Happy Thoughts!!!!

October 21, 2009

Some of my recent favorite Photos!

My own sweet little ones!

This is probably my most favorite picture I have ever taken!

October 12, 2009

Three Shiny Coins

Saturday morning started off as almost all our Saturday mornings, me laying in bed telling the kids that they really can sleep a little longer. "No we aren't doing anything fun unless you count laundry and cleaning up a little." "The cereal is in the cupboard, that is whats for breakfast." I tell them as I toss and turn and try to get comfortable and warm. Really there is no use I tell myself.

Surrounded by three kids in my bed, (Gman had a sleep over and helped with his friends paper route and ended up at his house) , I encourage them to put in one of DVDs we checked out at the Library. Gotta love that more than the RedBOX! So they do, and it buys me a few more minutes in my bed. But the jumping and the fighting over spots on the king size bed, bring me to a little boiling point and out of my room they are all banished. And I follow suit.

We shower, clean up and head over to the church for the super Saturday. Yeah I get to make some crafts that I paid for with a check that did bounce and am now paying overdraft fees for, but still now I have some cute crafts and I got some free babysitting and three hours of adult alone fun time. Ok so I guess it wasn't free but it felt free. And I got lunch fixed for me and it was yummy. And I made some friends. So it was fun.

After the Super Saturday we picked up G-Man from his friends and headed home. Looking around my gut told me I should clean up but my body told me I needed a nap. And with listening to my body, I grabbed T-Rex and Two and we cuddled up for a nice fall nap. That was brought to an end by G-Man.

"Mom Aunt Melissa is here. Mom Aunt Melissa is Here. Aunt Melissa from Texas is here. At the front door. She is here."

I guess I should of cleaned up but I needed a nap and I had a wonderful time visiting with her and it was such a wonderful surprise to see her and my little niece all walking and cute.

Anyway after she left, the kids were begging to do something fun. And with our limited, actually to be honest we actually have none, resources there was nothing we could do other than to find some fun at home, reading, playing games. But that wasn't going to do for my kids on Saturday afternoon.

I promised them we could go to the grocery store, they could pick out anything (with parental discretion) for dinner. See one of the biggest blessings in our lives right now is some government assistant. I often am embarrassed that somehow we went from making over 80,000 a year, quite a bit in savings, to no savings, no income and a negative bank account. But I am grateful that our hard earn taxes are helping me out right now and hope soon to be returning the favor. And if you would like a say in where, who and what is recieving your money, I am not too proud to say send a check my way, donate to the Save the Simonsen kid fund... Anyway so often our fun includes buying a lunchable and heading over to a park or like Saturday just picking out something that the kids enjoy.

I went downstairs and with Two emptied the washer into the dryer. And as I pulled out the last straggling socks, the over head light hit three silver coins that shined brighter than the noon day sun. Two got all giddy.."Money, Mom, Money." I too felt like a 49er hitting a spot of major gold. We hit a jack pot, three shiny, clean, silver quarters. Seventy FIVE whole cents. Oh I could scrounge up a few more cents and buy some conditioner.

But Emily spent it in words. "Mom can we ride the horses at Smiths??" before I could think and respond appropriately, the words came flying out of my mouth, "no some kid once was riding one of those at the grocery store and was electricuted." I wasn't sure where that really came from, other than auto parent pilot comments. I think that is what my mom used to tell us when we were little, and why we never got to ride one.

Before I could finish explaining to Two about not being able to ride the horses, she ran up stairs to the older two showing them the found treasure and how they could ride the horses or get a gumball.

We all piled into the car, the kids all excited to get at least a gumball or ride on the horses. We pulled up and the kids were talking about riding the horses. When Two shouts out..."we can't a boy died from electricity."

G-man in a panic...."When? Here? How??? We won't will we???"

"No, not at this store."

"Well which one? when? how long ago? how do you know?" I had to stop to think about this one. Did I really read it in a paper, or hear it on the news? Did my mom just want to hurry and get her shopping done like me??

"You know what guys, that happened a long time ago. Lets go ride the horses."

"Really!!!?? Really we can??"


"Wooo hooo, yay" they all screamed as they ran across the parking lot. Glad at least someone, was paying attention and waited for my little ones to file across the road.

They all picked their pony. I inserted two silver pieces and the music began as well as the motion. Joy filled me, as well as tears welded, as my kids giggled and smiled and mentioned that this was the coolest thing ever. Who would of thought fifty cents would have brought as much joy and excitement as a hundred dollar ticket to Disney Land. You would of thought looking at them for those two minutes that I had flown them to never never land.

They all hopped off in high spirits, though T-Rex did chant "mo mo" and we headed into the store where they picked out corn on the cob and pineapple, grapes and potatoes. And stuff to make hamburgers and a small thing of ice cream.

And then the best was yet to come. They had one more quarter left. So off to the bubble gum machine they went. Out came one piece. G-Man too it and bit it in half and then halves again. They all got a small piece of that hard almost flavorless gum, and they were happy. Really happy.

Who would of though that three little coins could make such a happy fun memory.

The night ended with a walk, a visit with some friends and then the tucking in and curling up to a free library movie. Can't beat that.

October 09, 2009

Life sure Is Humbling isn't it!

I guess life could be worse, so they say. I mean at what point do you reach the bottom of "oh I know someone who has it worse" barrel, there has to be a bottom....think somedays I have hit it.... I know that right now it just feels really rough, and funny thing is I am pretty happy and almost always positive that it will all work out. But then again just because I know that I am being watched out for and blessed doesn't mean it isn't going to be rough and humbling.

I feel like a small rock being pushed down a rapidly flowing stream, no make that a river. Every once in a while the water calms but then it starts to go down the hill hitting bigger rocks, with a faster moving current. I know my edges are getting smoothed, but pretty soon I might turn into sand.

Like that little rock I feel no control of where I am going because something bigger is pushing me along. The only thing I know I have control over is my attitude, and I love to swim!

But reality hits hard sometimes, and sometimes I feel like I am being held under the water a little longer than I can stand, and the calm waters are few and far in between. The rapids are pretty rough right now.

Today I met with a wonderful person about a job that I enjoy doing. All was going well until she mentioned the pay. I just wanted to cry. I was so embarrassed, I know she could tell I was about to burst into tears because she stopped and asked if I was ok.

The thoughts just flooded through my head, and at least the tears didn't start flowing until I got into the car. How the heck am I suppose to help my family out on that amount of money? By the time I'd pay a sitter and the gas just to drive around, I'd be paying to work! And that is not what I need to be doing. I need money to pay rent, electricity, buy shampoo....I could go on, but the reality of it all is just overwhelming.

At this point it would be cheaper if I stayed home. But I can't pay bills with my time and energy. Too bad in all this stimulus planning they didn't take in consideration paying all the moms who stay home raising children.

I don't know how I am going to make it through this rapid. I know I will come out at the bottom all shiny and clean and maybe even refreshed but man hitting all these rocks are sure making me crazy!

October 03, 2009

Moms are like Rock Stars

Moms are like rock stars and famous people. Moms are probably the most famous of them all. Invasion of privacy! No where to hide! Just like a star can't go to the store with out her/his name being called out, cameras flashing, a mom can't leave a room, even use a restroom with out the call of her name, and panic stricken calls until she is found. If only a mom can have a little anonymity sometimes. You know so at least she can go in bathroom in peace. I feel the pain of the rich and famous, I can't get away with out the constant calls, as they can't. I think I am going to get a wig and call myself Sheila...maybe just maybe I can get a little privacy.

Being a mom takes a lot of work! Its hard and unlike the stars the paychecks don't seem to match the fame. Some moments it is wonderful to have the notoriety but other days I'd like to just hide out or spend a day with out being followed. Some days I'd like to be a nobody.

But I am a somebody and that is just the risks involved in this job.

And on a totally unrelated note, and one of probably a little whining...not trying to...but it has to come out. EVERYBODY I know has been or is going to Disneyland this month! Ok not everybody, you probably are saying not me...but seriously ALL my friends are going this week, ok not all but two of my dearest friends just on my street are going...what am I going to do with out them, and my sister is going....and my brother and his family just went!

Did I miss some kind of special?? Are we not in some kind of recession? Am I the only one out there that is seriously hurting for money? I don't even have money to buy a Disney sticker let alone a trip.

I am not jealous. I am happy for them. What a fun and happy time for them. It just hit me odd and funny that everyone around me, ok like I said not everyone but almost everyone is headed to the land of bliss when I am lets just say not totally there.

I know lately I have been thinking we make what we make out of life. I mean really if you think your life stinks you need to start by smelling your own pits, I mean a lot of life is your attitude and how you see it.

And really I am happy and I am blessed. I made a comment recently on Facebook that" just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse it did"...and then as I stewed on it and knew the comments that some have said "oh it could be my friends such and such...blah blah...." Yeah I know some where else someone has it "worse" and as I stewed on that thought I then made the comment "If my life gets any worse it would be yours."

That sentence made me laugh. Because even though things are rough, someone else does have it worse, right? But at what point do we get to the bottom of the worser off totum pole? Or is it a circle? I mean I could be famous, with all the money I need to survive and at a grocery store, with no makeup on and have people putting my picture on the front cover of a magazine calling me a cow or something? Right, that could be worse? I could be sitting in a hospital with a very sick child...that for sure would be worse.....Or I could be waiting in long lines at Disneyland, with all the crowds and EVERYONE and a sweaty smelly man standing too close too me, with kids running around screaming..... What ever it may be I really think though we are only tried and challenged and given the worse that we can get through.

I am happy to be where I am. I am happy to not be able to poop in peace because I know I am loved and I love them too. I am glad I can't afford to buy things, it is causing me to see what I really need....and helping teach my kids creativity, like junk mail makes great TP...It just comes with the job. I am a rock star MOM!

September 26, 2009

Wants to be on TV or something....

This week after posting the Facebook status update "Corrine having an allergic reaction to stress." I was promted by others to write in to Dr. Oz, if Dr. House was real, he'd probably have me in his office by now.

But I didn't stop by writing in to Dr. Oz, I also hit up his buddy Oprah...though she only allows 2000 characters and I can't sum up my life problems in just 2000 characters, so I hit Dr. Phil. I think between the three of them maybe they can solve my life problems, most likely my email will get lost in the mist of the thousands of emails they get daily but who knows maybe my wit and charm and over all NEEDiness will shine through.

Now wouldn't that be odds, be contacted by all three?? Yeah right....anyway, so if I am lucky I will be soon high blood pressure free, breast reduced and a stress freed mother of four!

Wish me luck :)

September 22, 2009

Missing socks

My kids and I are searching though a laundry basket to find all the missing socks..how do we have a basket full of socks and no matches? Where do they all go?

Missing socks such a quandary, kind of like time, where does it go? How does it move so fast?

I lay in bed this morning thinking about how if this past family trial were a pregnancy I'd be holding a brand new baby, having sleepless nights taking care of a beautiful infant, instead I am having sleepless nights wondering how I am going to take care of the ones I have.

A cloud of overwhelmingness hung/hangs over my head this morning. Not sure how we are going to make it and yet wondering how we made it this far. But some how time has gone on and we are here today.

Am I better for the time that passed? Or am I missing some matches to life lessons?

Why am I going through this? Is it my fault? Do I need to learn something? Do people around me need to learn something from me? I think its a lot of everything, just a lot of single socks around me, waiting to find their match, each question searching for its answer.

I know we will get through this struggle, we always do. Though it is hard when you are in the mist of it all, just like staring at this pile of hundreds of miss matched socks. You start with one and go from there, and life you start with one thing and go from there.

My starting sock is going to be my blessings. I have had friend email me recently that is going through a similar circumstance, and she suggested I write down the blessings and lessons I am learning through this all...

  • it is ok to ask other for help and it is ok to get help!
  • I know what it is really what I need to live on and what I can live with out, you know knowing the difference between true needs and wants.
  • simple things bring simple pleasures
  • sitting up at night talking and reading stories is the best type of entertainment
  • family can not be replaced with money or things
  • friends are wonderful, and you know who are your true friends in rough times.
  • there are assistance programs out there to help you get on your feet and its ok to call on them.
  • life isn't fair and that is ok.
  • I feel better prepared to be there for others.
  • I have realized how little we can live on.
  • I have some cool talents and need to share them more with others.
  • I have a wonderful husband and if we can get through this we can get through anything.
  • I love Ogden!
  • someone else always has it worse and there is always an opportunity to serve
  • you don't have to have money to serve
  • when you serve others you do forget about yourself and your problems and Heavenly Father looks out for you.
  • you are never alone.

Well I have to get these socks folded and Two off to preschool!

September 20, 2009

Just one of those days...

Tossing and turning in bed this morning, my mind fluttered to the strange dreams I had in the night of people from my past, some who have played a major role and others who just stepped into my life and left as fast as they came...and some how that trickle of thoughts led to more random thoughts of names.

Like how is it ok that some letters, initials if you will, make a great name and others just don't work? We have a friend K.C. that works but take Eric you got E.D. and that just doesn't work so well. I have known some J.Rs, J.T, J.D....but how often do you hear of someone going by S.D. or B.S. or C.F...L.M.....S.N...or H.E? Anyway really random thoughts I know, but really have you ever wondered how some letters work better together than others?

And all this was going on in my mind as I should of been out of bed getting ready for church. But no my mind was wandering around wondering where on earth that one kid who sat next to me in chemistry, who pierced his nipples....went? And why some letters make better names?

As I was about to get out of bed, I noticed the blinds, that were ripped apart by my two year old last night. How on earth did he do that? I mean I have had blinds for eight plus years with children and then my last goes and does this?? How does that happen?

Then Bee mentions that we should have another baby....no make that four more...yeah diverted that conversation to time to take showers and get ready. I mean there are only twenty five more minutes til church starts, and yeah Eric and I teach the nursery age kids...so we kind of have to be on time.

Rushing around the house we all get ready. When I notice I need to put the dishes in the dish washer, all the while screaming to my children to find their shoes....Shoes, "where are my shoes?" as shoes go flying from the cabinet all over the floor, a left, a right, a sandal, a tennis shoe...."Where are all the matches?" The thought quickly comes to mind to organize them...oh wait just five minutes til church starts...."Everyone just find a stinking pair! We are late!"

Out the door we run. We did, we ran up the stairs...why did I say stairs, the street and make it just in time..barely. Nursery was fine. kids were mostly glad to be there. Stories, singing, lessons and snacks....then off to Sacrament Meeting....Oh boy..T-Rex...was not happy to be there at all, kicking and screaming I took him out to the foyer...where he kicked and screamed some more.

And while trying to hold him and keep him quiet my skirt kept slipping down. I tugged at it, I tried to get it to stop slipping down. Something just wasn't right. And T-Rex was just being a toot, so I took him home.

After I got him down, I went to the restroom, and noticed again something wasn't quite right with my skirt....I didn't remember the seam on the outside....DUH! Its inside out! Sweet! I went almost three hours with it inside out...no wonder it was fitting funny!

But what can you expect when your mind is wondering about peoples' names , and how to organize the shoe mess, it just doesn't have time to process the correct way of putting on a skirt.

Side Note: after church we went to celebrate my niece and nephews birthday in Lehi. We had a great time. Fun to get together with the whole family!

And my mom helped me take out my stitches..I tried earlier and got one out..mostly left part of it so figured someone needed to help me. Thanks Mom!

September 18, 2009

Flash back Friday: Laughter

Today I decided I needed some laughter, some things to bring a smile to my face and yours...so here are some past post, of days when I wrote funny stuff :)

FEEL the BURN Bee!





CInderella IN crack

The kids luckily as much as they drive me crazy make me laugh.

They were in the shower the other day and I heard G-Man ask someone to pass him the Air Conditioning.....um you mean the Hair conditioner?? :)

While sitting at the table, me laying in bed, dying this week, the kids told my friend that:

Bee "When I am a mom I am just going to stand there and yell at my kids 'clean up that mess NOW!' thats what my mom does.

G-Man "I am just going to let my kids make all the messes they want and not even care."

friend "G I think you might change your mind when you are older."

"Oh no I won't. I will just let them make whatever messes they want, and I won't ever yell at them to make them clean it up."

Two: "When I a mom, I am gonna be mean like mine. You are a nice mom."

and lately T-Rex's most clear statement is "Stop it Mommy" nice huh! Though I am not the only one that gets "stop it" from him.

They are cute. And I know they love me and surely do keep me HUMBLE!

September 17, 2009

I'm a loser

OK maybe I am not a total loser, but have you ever had those moments, where someone asks you a question, you answer and all of a sudden in your mind you see the thumb and the pointer finger shaped like an L and placed on their forehead? And in that very moment you know you are a loser.

I feel like a LOSER!

Today I took the kids in to the doctor, and yes I admit we are on medicaid. And recently I was reading a posting, reading threw a thread where someone mentioned how they aren't a loser they are raising their kids on their own and not needing government assistance and on and on. For some reason it hit me hard. "Am I a total loser, for having my children and now being in a situation where we need assistance to raise them?" Then at the office the receptionist was asking me questions about employer...um yeah have none....and such questions and I just could feel the L on my forehead getting bigger.

Yes I have four kids, no I don't have a job.
I have been looking.
I didn't get one I interviewed for this week.
No I don't have any income.
Yes I will be responsible if insurance doesn't pay.
Yes I feel stupid right now.

Then this week, with my foot accident and coming down with the worst of my stomach pain and ills, my friends stood up to the plate and totally took care of me. To be honest, it was such a blessing and so needed. I was literally knee deep in poop! And was feeling so bad, I was at my last wit ends. And then my friends came to rescue me, cleaning up the messes, helping get kids to bed, bringing me some meals, folding laundry, fixing my water heater, and just taking care of me!

But I felt, feel like a loser for needing help. But I so appreciate it!!! I guess we all need help at some time. IT at some times we all need to help others. That's what makes the world go around right? Thanks again friends for truly being a blessing in my life.

September 14, 2009

I thrive on Change

or something like that. I guess more than anything some days I just want to be a bum, and don't want to do the same things over and over again. Some days I just don't want to do anything.

For example Saturday morning I just woke up and felt like "really do I have to do this all over again?" You know, laundry, dishes, wipe noses, feed little people, sweep, make beds, change diapers, fold, you get the point. I wanted to do something different yet at the same time just didn't want to do ANYTHING at all. And I was attempting to do nothing, well besides take the kids to dinosaur park. Which I might add was a big adventure, I didn't know that the boys and girls clubs got to get in free this weekend with their t-shirts on...so it was rather busy. But again that is beside the point.

The kids and I decided to get some junk food, cuz I was kind of in that mood, ice cream and chips and cheese,...ohhhh that sounds good right now....but my foot is elevated and I am not starving probably just bored. So we got the snacks and hit red box and came home to have a lazy evening in bed, with movies and treats.

For some reason Bee decided to sweep. To make a long story even longer, the broom handle hit a large 14x16 picture frame on the wall. I saw it teeter and totter, and told her to put the broom down, all the while I swept my body across the bed, to get the broom down, she turned and whacked the picture, sent it flying, frame fell off, the glass fell out and landed in my foot. Pain shot instantly through it. I just hoped it wasn't cut, but landing in it pretty much cut it open. I walked to the linen closet grabbed some band aids and baby wipes and sat back down on my bed.

After controlling the bleeding, I looked at the gaping would, could see some bony matter, and realized my toes were numb and most likely it needed to be seen by a doctor. I reached for my phone.....where the heck is it??? I had set it down on the bed not too long ago. And crap the home phone doesn't work, both next door neighbors are gone.....Oh yeah my neighbor friend across the street is around because her son is sick. So I send G-Man over there and get on what else, FACEBOOK in hopes someone is on. Though I didn't think to put my cell number or Eric's to have them call him. But by the time I post my status, Christy is over, and she confirms my need for medical attention. And gives my cell a buzz. When my butt started to vibrate I knew right where I left it. I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached, actually I lose my mind all the time....

Anyway so I get a hold of my friend Gina, which I am surprised I was able too since the second her husband answered the phone I lost it and started crying, not because I was in pain, just because I am a goober like that. She came and got me and we took the kids to her house, thanks Chad! Sorry Two pooped her pants!

So off to the urgent care center! The nurse took one look and said "Go to the ER." Ok off to the ER....By this time my shock turned to slap stick humor....I kind of get that way, can't stop talking and laughing. And fortunately Gina could laugh at my holy grail humor "its only a flesh wound I've had worse." "I think I will go for a walk now!" And she wasn't grossed out watching me make my laceration talk. Thanks Gina....and after what seemed like forever...only what four hours?? I was all stitched up and sent home to stay off my foot for 24 hours and keep it elevated for 3 days.....

Why is it when I am told to stay down I just have a really hard time doing so??? I mean Saturday that is all I wanted to do....and today, the crumbs on the kitchen floor are yelling at me to clean them up...I am ignoring them though.

My wonderful parents came yesterday to help out! Thanks and then today some wonderful friends Gina (thanks again) and Lynette are helping out with the little kiddos....and yet I lay here dying to clean up....really whats up with that?

Eric made the comment, after he lay down next to me and I asked him to sweep and change my sheets while I shower (I hadn't showered since last Wednesday, gross I know but no hot water! and I showered in cold water for a year and a half in Brazil and have no desire to do that again) so anyway he said "you know when I am sick I just lay in bed (like he needed to tell me that one) and just get better, and you..." I interrupted "Lay in bed and bark orders of things that need to get done, or get up and start doing them and not rest.?"


"that is why I never get better or take a lot longer. Because I don't know how to rest. "

"Well you should."

"I know but you should do the things I see that need to be done."

Too bad the phone rang and ended that conversation, because see the floor still needs to be swept...and my sheets are still dirty. Probably has something to do with eating yummy chocolate chip cookies in bed yesterday, thanks Christy, and those chips and cheese on Saturday.

But I will relax. I wanted change, I wanted to do nothing and be a bum! I got my wish right? Ok off to be a bum!

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