December 26, 2009

Christmas Day in Photos!

G made a Santa Block as a card and thank you for Santa.  Though it still sat on the mantel in the morning and he asked if Santa even saw it.  He did and was very grateful! Just didn't have time to take it.
This is Two as she walked out and saw her Santa chair! So happy!
This is a little out of order, but Tuesday I had realized we hadn't had or been to a Christmas party this year.  So I called and invited a few of my friends here over.  However since it was last minute many had plans, go figure :) but gratefully two good friends didn't and we had a blast. I think I might throw more parties even if Eric isn't around.  We had fun!Here is T-Rex playing with his train that his Papa built for him. Pretty impressive!
G-Man wearing his new PJS and his new favorite baseball cap...GO COUGARS!!! (even if his dad professes to be a U fan he loves BYU!!!--thanks uncle soren!and all decked out like a little skater dude!! Hed go outside for about two minutes and come back in freezing...figuring out that summer outdoor toys are not great Utah Christmas gifts. But he still loves it and as I speak the kids are scooting around on it with T-Rex's ride on train attached. Bee had an interesting request this year for santa "$12 in cash."  So he did give it to her with a few other things.  She got this canvas bag and put her "special" gifts in it, her doll, her new wallet with $12, her makeup, her barbie, some card games. She has carried ti around ever since.  G-Man commented that next year he is going to ask santa for $20....Better start saving for these cash Christmases. So happy to have a new brush and a little petshop! She tried to fit the house in her purse, just not big enough!
Here is T-Rex using his new tools to fix stuff, he loves tools and went around just "fixing" everything, including his new trains and trucks.

Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!!

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steffenboysmom said...

Looks like you had a very blessed Christmas Corrine! I'm glad to see all the protective gear on the skateboarder! Those can send you to the hospital. ( not that I would know)

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