December 18, 2009

Dear Wells Fargo,

Dear Wells Fargo,

You really need to put customer back in your customer service.  When I sent in my letters and spoke to your customer service reps, it sounded like they were spewing off exact lines from a memorized manual.  I mean are they real people, or is everything you do automated?  You know like the whole "lets process the highest amount first for the best interest of the customer regardless of date and time" process.  Did you ever stop to think that THAT IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST of the CUSTOMER??? Because the only one whom I see that best interesting is your already fat wallet! 

I mean really, lets process the $900 rent that went through Monday night right before closing before the $1.50 charge that was pending since Friday....and charge the customer $35, because that makes so much sense!

Hey Wells Fargo while you are at it, why not keep charging an overdraft fee, on your overdraft protected customers..and just keep telling them that you can't help them out, and that they the customer, should just put money in their account.  Thats like a hungry alligator, telling a hot, thirsty lamb to just come and get a drink and swim around.  You are waiting to pounce and mall your poor unsuspecting customers.  I pay you, you take it all for yourself, and then overdraft and charge me for all the other bills right now that need to be paid.

I know I am just one tiny little drop in the bucket, and the now over $500 in fees (which should never occurred) might be nothing to you but that is half my income and all I have to pay my bills and feed my four young children with.  That is alright you keep on charging. 

Keep throwing your policies out at me like "you should be aware of your pending charges and checks you have written..." Believe me I am well aware, I know where my cents are coming and going and I'd prefer them not to keep going to you.  But what some of your policies should state and be mentioned are : 

We processes the highest amount to make sure you don't have money to cover those already pending charges. 

We know that you can't pay us and we will keep charging you so that we can then send you to collections and charge you even more, because we care about our customers.

We make sure that there are plenty of inexpensive charges pending, hanging in the balance waiting for the large amounts to come in so that we can charge you fraudulent over draft fees, its a recession and we have to make money!

And please keep threatening me to close my account. Go ahead, we have already moved our stuff, well not yet because we don't have any money, but we will no longer be banking with you once we have money to open another account. 

Wells Fargo it has been our pleasure to feed you.  And hope you have enjoyed chewing on this small poor soon to be homeless family.  Hopefully we are a few last of your prey, since congress is now investigating your predatitory banking.... And Merry Christmas by the way, how about overdraft fees for Christmas?


Over- Chewed, over- drawn and over- tired!


debra said...

Boy, you got that all right, unforunately. Sorry you are dealing with all that. But be careful when you move your $$$ - the other biggies are no better! Good luck!

Michelle said...

I hate to say it but all banks are like it. No matter how much they say their policies are in their best interests they really are just interested in making money.

I had a problem with my new bank in Baltimore this week and made a costly miscalculation. Lucky for me since it was my first time going negative and I could rush hundreds of dollars of cash to the bank before 2pm they had mercy on me and refunded the almost $100 in fees. If I didn't make it to the bank by 2pm with the cash the total fees would've jumped to almost $400. Yikes!

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

All I have to say is...Family First Credit Union! we hated Wells Fargo so much we transferred all our fund-age there and have never looked back! I was on their supervisory committee and they have GREAT customer service! Sorry they are giving you such a hard time :(

African American Mom said...

Ooooo, sounds like Wells Fargo deserves a time out!

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