December 11, 2009

Hanging in the Balance

A few days ago as I took Two and T-Rex to the grocery store, I was balancing texting Eric, phoning a friend, keeping the two of the kids in the cart, reaching for things off the shelves, and figuring out what I needed and what we could really live with out.  My mind flying in all different directions when I hear Two say, "Can I get out of the cart and walk?" 


While thinking about other things I grabbed her, and set her on the ground.  And as my phone buzzed again I said to her "Stand right here keep your hand on the cart."  Then I stopped and answered the phone. I was in search of something for someone and was having a hard time finding it.  All the while paying a small amount of attention to T-Rex who had just gone from the seat to the back of the cart.  I kept a careful eye on him, but was reading some prices off the shelf, and holding the phone to my head.  Ok so maybe I wasn't doing the best at multi-tasking but trying. And most likely I wasn't standing right next to my cart, as you know sometimes you push it to one point before your mind registers that the item you were looking for was back four or five feet.  Not that I would ever stand far from my cart...just saying sometimes I see that happen.  Ok so I do.  Anyway.....

T-Rex decided that he had a moment to make a break from the cart and he flung him self over the side. I hung up the phone, set down the item I was price checking and rushed to catch my son, however, the shopping cart caught the back of his jacket for me, and there he dangled from the shopping cart.  His little toes a foot from the ground, moving back and forth.  His arms swung side to side, trying to set himself free.  While the sweet dear shopping cart held the back of his coat. 

T-Rex, unaware of his safe catch, started saying to me "I stuck, I stuck."  As I was thinking, yeah, he is stuck I can keep shopping. I mean the cart had a pretty nice grip on him and he was pretty much stuck, unless his shirt and coat flipped over his head... But my plan was foiled when another shopper turned the corner.  I figured I should probably finish rescuing my child, because someone might think of it as an inappropriate way to shop.


Michelle said...

You are lucky he didn't fall. My friend Catherine's (@ Evolving Mommy) daughter took a header from a shopping cart earlier this year and she ended up with a black and blue face. Poor thing!

Yvonne said...

Sure glad he had on his jacket.

I've never been good at multi-tasking. My brain just can't do it all at the same time.

Tonya said...

Yikes, I am terrible at multi-tasking in the grocery store.

I'm so glad he didn't get hurt. Whew!

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