December 20, 2009

December in Photos


Eric my love turned 40!  We celebrated by going to dinner to our favorite RED ROBIN and then off swimming in an indoor pool, of which I was wary because it was in the low teens. But we had a blast. Then on his real birthday we woke up and had breakfast pancake, and then met his brother and sister for lunch. The roads were icy and I just found out that his sister was in a car accident on the way home!  Thanks for meeting us and making it a special day and I am so sorry you had an accident.  I feel so bad!The Breakfast pancake is one of our family's favorite traditions.  Each layer is buttered and either jammed or fresh fruits (usually depends if we make it to the store the day before) and again usually topped with whipped cream, but these were filled with homemade peach jam and some tasty razelberry jam. 

SNOW!!!!! SNOW!!!! SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The beginning of a giant snow man!It is getting bigger....and well never got a picture of the finished dude.
T-Rex Never laughed so hard as he did, in the snow!!  I wish I owned a video camera. He would just throw him self down in the snow and laugh as he slid down our little hill.  Then he would thrust himself up with out touching the snow with his ungloved hands.
Then Miss Two decided to cut her bangs, however this picture doesn't do her cut justice, other than the fact that those bare spots are where her hair is cut to the scalp!  Nice job Two, and the best part is Eric was almost an accomplice...he at least was watching her and her brother T-Rex cut chunks out of their hair.  At least it grows back.
Nanny and Papa came to visit!  We love when they come to visit!  And appreciate all they do for us! The kids loved sitting around and talking with them, we even talked them into going out in the cold to see the awesome lights of downtown, after a day of baking, and store trips.

Today we hung out with most of our Simonsen family and had a wonderful time!  Thanks for all the singing and entertainment and yummy food...and GIFTS!  Love our family and feel so blessed.

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Yvonne said...

I just love to watch little ones in the snow.

Sounds like it was a good December.

Corrine, I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and that 2010 is YOUR YEAR ; )

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