December 04, 2009

All I want For Christmas

As we were driving to the store, well actually over to the bakery to pick up fresh hot buns for the restaurant, not once but twice and I still don't have them but that is a whole other story....all the kids but one fell asleep.  So G-Man and I had some time to chat as we drove around town killing time to pick up buns that were going to be done a little before four and then a little after four and now well anyway, again another time.... So as we are enjoying...our drive, he said to me "Mom can you tell Santa that I want a LONG board instead of a skateboard?" 

My reply was " Sorry Santa is so busy that he doesn't take requests after December 1st." 

Then the thought occured to me, they really should start the Christmas commercials like around back to school time...I mean you will be out shopping for crayons and all those things why not throw in some Christmas specials.  Then all the tempting Christmas commercials would be off the air the week of Thanksgiving.  Black Friday can be the grand finale of Christmas commercials, so that they no longer taint the young minds of wanting kids. 

I was glad I came up with that deadline thing...because well around here you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

And speaking of fits, our Bee the best fit thrower of them all, hopefully won't be throwing a fit this year at Christmas, because to our surprise, as she sat on Santa's lap this last Monday, when he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied "Makeup and twelve dollars in cash." 

I later asked her why she wanted "$12" in cash.  Her answer was "Well I was thinking first I wanted twelve dollars to buy some makeup, but then I figured santa could give me the make up and just give me twelve dollars. 

I think maybe Santa can scrounge around to find $12 to put in a savings account for her or something, but maybe he will find some ones around here somewhere...needless to say not too tough to please her....I hope not. 

(Sorry can't find spell check because I can not spell)


He & Me + 3 said...

I agree...there should be no changing your mind. I love how I have all the shopping done and the kids have already seen santa and then hubs wants to take them again and they spew out more things they want...and different things. I want to wring his neck. LOL
Like you thinking. Good for you getting away with make up and 12 dollars. Love it.

Yvonne said...

Oh, if only ; ) I always hated the changing their mind thing.

Love Bee's thinking.

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