February 26, 2009

did you ever wonder why?

did you ever wonder why there are no "fun" candy filled, tasty food holidays during the warm months when you can actually go out side and exercise and burn off those fun treats??

I mean really have you thought about it? Starting with Halloween (end of October as if you didn't know the date) until Easter (mid April) there is almost a holiday each month that shoves food down your throat...well it doesn't shove it down your throat but it is there yelling to you to come eat it. And you begin to make the treats and there is candy on your shelf for those six straight months. And then bam. No more fun treats and candies.

Why?? Is it a crazed marketing tool, to fatten you up during the cold, dark and dreary months, to only succor you into the diet craze for the next six months?

Why isn't there any fun candy backing holidays during those other months?? I mean yeah you have your bbq's on Memorial, Independence and Labor day, but why not have flag Peeps, or fun little star shaped sweettarts? Or Red, White and Blue candy corn?

Did you ever wonder why, some bloggers have comment moderation and word verification as well??? seems over kill to me (sorry to my friends that have it) but really if you are approving comments, do you really have to have us type those few extra letters that half the time I can't read? I never have spam commenters....maybe I am not cool enough, but just curious as to why the double protection?? I don't get it.

Did you ever wonder how they get the filling in the Twinkies? "I think it was just born there"....


Did you ever wonder who in their right mind would see a movie before reading a book, and who would be crazy enough to never read the Twilight Series, and Harry Potter books for that matter? Yeah that's right. Me!

I saw Twilight tonight and cheesy and well give Edward a laxative or something, but really liked it and really want to read the books now. I am so glad I didn't read the books because it would have TOTALLY ruined the movie. :)

Did you ever wonder why you need to rinse and wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?


Did you ever wonder why they think heart failure is the number one cause of death? when death is when your heart stops beating? so like isn't that like pot calling the kettle black?


Did you ever wonder why you mindlessly write blog posts in hopes to receive a few comments from people that you have never met? because the ones you know, never comment and then later say to you....as you repeat your ramblings..."oh yeah I read that on your blog?"


Did you ever wonder how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


Did you ever wonder why you should be sleeping and you can't shut off your mind?


Did you ever wonder why you can remember commercials from your early childhood, but can't remember what you did yesterday?

February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Nature at its Prettiest

We were driving to my sister's house, taking the scenic route, and I just was in awe of the beauty of the mountains reflecting in the semi frozen lake. It was gorgeous.

February 22, 2009

Corrine Needs...what do you need??

Here are the rules...go to google, and type in your name followed by needs....see what you get....
Share your first ten NEEDS!
Here is what I got!
Very funny and some so very true!!

Corinne needs to be refashioned in a more demure British "garb..(amen to that!)

Corrine is in desperate need of nursing care in her home. (at least a nanny and a maid)...

Corrine needs to be dedicated to clearing her house of fleas and this could take anything from one go to doing it to many, many times. (luckily no fleas but just life clutter mostly)

Corrine needs no more excuse than Dutch getting splashed with coffee by a suspect for them to "celebrate"
Corrine needs a f*****g band


Corrine needs a wake up call about life. (i think I don't need anymore wake up calls)
Corrine needs a home! SO TRUE!!
To adopt Corrine, contact Animal Aid,
Corrine Needs Your Help! (i so do!)
Corrine needs to pay up. (not sure to whom or how?)

Pay It Forward and Summin' It UP Sunday!

You may or may not remember THIS BLOG POSTING so I am finally getting to it and The winners of my Pay it Forward are:

Number 10, 11, 6......and they are......
Meredith, Angela, NancyFace (i think just just hyperlinked all the names together....) so I left y'all comments so you know that you won! Yeah I wish I could have given a little something to all of you who entered. I really wanted to.

So back to my life and the fact that it is Sunday and time for my SUMMIN' IT UP SUNDAY....yep the day when you post about your week in just seven words, you know seven days seven words. Can you do It? I did three.....
So here you go:

Stressed out Man & Woman seek career options.

Tuition for Nursing school is HOW MUCH?

You want to turn that into a Restaurant?


February 17, 2009

Please Excuse me

while my life is "underconstruction" I may not be stopping by to share the love.

Holy Moly--400th POST

I know holy moly guacamole! wipe the green off your face...the green of envy that is! Pull up a chair, grab some chips and dip in! Cuz ladies...are there any gentlemen that read my blog?...you are in for a real treat.

Actually I have been in hiding for almost a week...did you notice? did you miss me? Well I have been stewing over this post. I even thought about going back and highlighting some of my favorite posts...I might....but life has been crazy, and to be totally honest, between sick kids, hub with no job, being with out my own things and place had sent me into a down spiraling spin, and heaven knows you all come around to get a good laugh and not a good cry, though probably some days a good cry does us well.

So as part of my 400th post I thought I would include forty things about me, I thought about doing 400 and then realized y'all would be bored around ten, so I narrowed it down a bit. Believe me you, I could do 400...oh is that a challenge??

On to the 40 things:

  1. I don't like to do laundry, so I put as much of whatever can possibly fit in the washing machine, put it on cold and hope the clothes come clean. Kids and spots and stains don't do well in my house....I never get the clothes looking great, but at least my dryer sheets make them smell good.
  2. Speaking of laundry, I can't stand folding and putting the laundry away.
  3. I have lived in three different states in less than a year! that would be this year....well 2008 2009 and have driven over 3000 miles in a month and a half (straight driving) not calculating the day to day stuff, though I haven't been driving much.
  4. I love road trips as long as I don't have crying children around.
  5. Potty training is for the birds, as well as changing diapers and anything having to do with bodily functions.
  6. I ignore the cries from the bathroom "come wipe my bottom" for about two minutes, hold my breath and then head in.
  7. Some people think picking your nose is gross and I am not one of them.
  8. I have always thought I was pretty darn cool because I have an older sister, an older brother and a younger sister and a younger brother, not many people can say that. I guess it is my way of looking at the glass half full on being the middle child.
  9. I think being the middle child has actually helped me to find a place among people anywhere. Or maybe it is just my sparkling personality.
  10. I have never thought of ten as a real number. It really is only a one and a zero. Really are there really more numbers than just 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, I mean you don't find a ten on a keyboard.
  11. As a child my dad would take us to seven eleven to get slurpees and I would always no fail get brain freeze.
  12. When I was twelve I got straight A's in six grade and my dad told me if I kept up that A average until my sophomore year of high school he would buy me a convertible cabriolet (rabbit Volkswagen). Ummm yeah didn't even do that my first semester of seventh grade.
  13. Thirteen years ago I turned 22 on my mission in Brazil. And the sweetest family, that lived in a 10x10 hut they made out of sticks and mud from the near by river...no really...made me a bunt cake on their camping stove and invited several neighbors over and threw me a surprise birthday party. One of the best birthday's ever.
  14. When I was 14 I went to Belgium as an "exchange student" it was only for a few weeks in the summer. I cried every night by myself, until I fell asleep. Though I had a wonderful time on the trip and saw some really amazing things and became really good friends with Shala. I changed a lot that summer for the better.
  15. I am not sure if many people liked me from the time I was ten until 14. I had some friends, but I sure didn't like myself much then, and really felt like my mom didn't like me much either. The summer I went to Belgium for some reason I realized what a great person I am, and that my parents, especially my mom, really did love me and liked me too.
  16. I thought that when I turned sixteen---in our family you couldn't date until then...my kids its going to be 18 :)...I thought boys would be lined up to ask me out. I don't think any guys ever liked me in high school.
  17. I had a bunch of crushes in high school but never really was boy crazy, ok who am I kidding...I could name a few boys I really liked and really wanted to go out with and a few that did go out with me, but over all I focused my time on friends, family, swimming and other activities...and didn't worry too much about boys.
  18. It took me until really late in life to think I was pretty and still question that a lot, but like myself and am comfortable in my skin, other than the few well forty pounds I need to take off.
  19. I joined weight watchers last year, and failed miserably,,,,since I am about ten pounds heavier than when I started last year,,,yikes!
  20. Weight is a huge issue in my family, I remember as a child going over to my grandfathers and him asking me how much I weighed now, and would pull out a scale to have me weigh. Weight was the first question asked after how are you doing!! I remember going on my first diet at 9.
  21. I fear I will instill weight fears and issues into my own kids.
  22. I love to swim. I could spend hours on end in the swimming pool.
  23. I love to go under the water and open my eyes and look up at the sky.
  24. I don't plug my nose with my hands, but with my own lips when I do somersaults so I am hands free.
  25. Sometimes I suck my lip up too close to my nose and then can't release it and feel like I am going to drowned myself.
  26. I get funky little toe cramps in my second toes when I do the frog kick with my breast stroke.
  27. I told my coach in high school I had bad knees so I wouldn't have to swim the breast stroke, one because of the toe thing and two I couldn't hardly move anywhere doing that stroke and I felt silly having others pass me as I basically treaded in the water.
  28. When speaking to others about things, I rarely ever lie and really can't lie very well and that was one of the biggest lies ever.
  29. Other than the one where I went cruising on the El Camino Real with Carmel, Kate, and Kristy and April and road on some guy's motorcycle and burnt my leg getting off the exhaust pipe. I told my mom I burnt it on the stove door....wonder if she believed that.
  30. I was driving once with my radio on, about a month or so after getting my licence and my mom tried to get my attention by honking and stuff...she thought it took me forever to pull over so she grounded me from my music in the car for the next month, and I didn't play any music for that full month.
  31. Jen C and I used to drive around for hours in my little sky blue Volkswagen bug listening to love sappy music.
  32. I had a blast in high school with my friends and having them come over and hang out in the hot tub and talk and LAUGH for hours.
  33. As an adult I miss hanging out with girls and just laughing and talking. Kids take up way too much time, not that its a bad thing, just different time of life.
  34. I have no idea what my kids are doing right now, but they are giggling!
  35. I miss owning our own home. I loved our first home in Del Valle, I loved the friends I made there and the hanging out and just talking. I wished we had done more adult alone things and I really wish we had put in a hot tub for girls night outs.
  36. I miss HAWAII! I love being here near family but I really miss being outside every day and going for walks and swimming and the beach and the friends I made there.
  37. I have loved living everywhere I have lived. I think one of my favorite places was Los Gatos, CA I really loved high school. I loved college. And even though I haven't posted many college memories, for some reason my mind has pulled further back than that.
  38. I had some crazy and wonderful roommates. I keep in touch with a few of them.
  39. I often wonder where people from my past are and what they are doing and wonder what they have become. I really love facebook for that reason.
  40. In my writing classes I was told never to start your sentences with I and avoid using to be verbs...but I have a hard time with both those rules....maybe that is why I am not published.

SideNOTE: will be doing a drawing for the pay it forward later this week, when things calm down so if you still want to enter go for it!

February 11, 2009

A quick Shout OUT

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February 10, 2009

Winner and Give Away!

The winner of my birthday blog questionnaire is JESSICA she got 7 out of 10 right. Tied for second were Kim B, Yvonne and Sheri with five right! Thanks gals for playing along with me. That was kind of fun to see the answers. And far as my favorite color goes, I am amazed y'all either guessed yellow or red :) Must say something positive about my personality :) Jessica I have a little party gift for you. Thanks all for playing!!!

Awhile ago...not so long ago, okay it was a long time ago, Mimi over at Me and him plus three, was doing a pay it forward give away. And guess who won :) MEEE!! I was so excited to receive my warm winter things: chapstick, yummy cinnamon lotion, a candle, a notebook with daily devotionals, and socks of which I am wearing today and have worn almost every day (well between washes and stuff I don't wear them cuz that would be gross to wear the same pair of socks for two days in a row, well not that there is anything wrong with that. Anyway thanks MIMI, and when y'all get a chance check her out. (I took pictures, and waited for my computer to stop being a ding bat and low and behold I can't find the pictures that I took :( well believe me the stuff was really cool...or rather really warm :) )

So the rules with the pay it forward are to do a kind thing to three people and then they do the same and so on and so forth. So all y'all I am looking for three people that are: 1 willing to pay it forward and 2: really need a winter pick me up. And you don't have to have a blog, and you don't have to mail something you can pay it forward to your near by friends.

I just moved and have friends near and far, and well want to see if I can get some comments :)

So just leave a note saying you'd like a cool gift from me. I will be drawing three names on Sunday. And no limits on entries, and believe you me, you want to enter to win!! It will be the coolest gift ever!! And I don't mind sending overseas!

Oh yeah and just answer these three simple questions:
what is your favorite color?
what is your favorite season?
what is your favorite candy?

February 06, 2009

Love Hate Relationship

Is it wrong of me to be LOVING a weekend away from my kids, but yet HATE the fact that I haven't seen them and won't see them for a few days?

Last night Eric and I slept all NIGHT no kicks, no crying, and when the sun shined in on me this morning, I smiled to be waking up by its light rather than the sounds of crying screaming kids.

Yet I do miss their little faces and smiles and noises, BUT am enjoying this moment.

What a predicament I am in :)?

FYI: Eric and I flew to Texas to retrieve our items that were boated here from Hawaii, that were stuck in his office of which he no longer works. We head out in the morning to drive back to Utah. I am kind of looking forward to a childless road trip. Though I am a little concerned that we might be abducted by some aliens in Rosewell and they won't let us leave until a day before our truck rental is up.

So Mom and Dad, if we aren't back by Friday call the authorities and have them check MARS or some other planet for us, not any hotels in Mexico or Hawaii.

SIDE NOTE: I still haven't re read and scored your birthday quiz answers, I just commented in my post on the ones I remembered. So look for that posting with a winner and a prize!!!

Side note 2: I have had an awesome birthday week! I think I have celebrated it with almost everyone everywhere so thanks all for the dinners, lunches, gifts, cards and warm wishes!! LOVE YOU!

February 05, 2009

1000 Word Thursday: All About ME!

Cheaper than Therapy's 1000 Word Thursday: All about ME! For more 1000 Word Thursday's Visit HERE

Did you know February is Corrine Awareness month? I bet you didn't. But you should know, it is the month to think about your beloved Corrine and learn all about her :)

No not really just answering the questions for my birthday quiz. Man I need to go and see how y'all did don't I?

1. What is my favorite color?

Yellow and blue make : GREEN ok so that was a trick question because I have three favorite colors...depends on the day and my mood. So anyone of these is right.

2. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

Can you find me in this picture with my cousins and siblings?
2 sisters & 2 brothers. So there are five children in my family but I only have four siblings. I have a plaid skirt, my younger sister has a plaid skirt and blond hair, my older sister and brother are on the bottom left and my little brother is on top of me and my cousin with long hair.

3. What sport did I play in high school?

I was a swimmer. I did swim team from 8th grade until I graduated from High school. I almost walked on to the college team but decided I was done competing.

4. What if any instrument do I play? What music lessons did I take as a child?

Another kind of trick question here, I don't play any instruments. I don't have a musical bone in my body, whatsoever! Though I did take piano lessons for a few years as well as flute lessons in school. You know where you go to a music class and they pass out instruments and you pick one you think would be cool to play. You get to take it home to never practice.

5. If I could be anything what would I be?

Yeah I fooled y'all on this one, see I really would love to be a writer and publish a book, and I'd like to go back to school to get my RN, and I do love taking photos and would love to make some money doing it BUT I really really want to be an extra on Law and Order and be the one that is walking with my friend, leaving a night club and stumble upon the dead body. You know those people that really can't even act and you wonder who they know that got them that part? yeah I want to be that person. I want to be able to call my friends and say hurry turn on Law and Order and watch the first two minutes....or even be the dead person on one of those shows. I think that would be the coolest thing ever.

6. What color eyes do I have?

Come on people, just to the side bar is a picture of my eyes :) You got this one right Yvonne Green. :)

They look blue here but they are not.

7. What would I say is my best talent?

Ok what would I say is my best talent? I'd say I really don't have any talents. I am ok at a lot of things, but not great at any one thing. Except for wasting time on the internet. But if I had to list one, it would be making friends. I can pretty much go anywhere and make a friend. I am shy at first and don't do so hot in large crowds but I seem to make friends rather easy. And I think I am a pretty good friend. As far as an art talent, I am really good at coordinating colors and finding fabrics and such that go well together, for decorating and scrapbooking, that is, I am not so good with clothes.

8. What is my favorite hobby/past time?
This is a toss up. I love to blog, I love to write, and I love to take pictures and love putting all of that together in books.
9. What type of books do I like to read? Do I read???

I haven't read for awhile, but I love a good murder mystery.

10. What is my middle name?

I was not given one at birth (Jessica got that) but now my maiden name is my legal middle name.
Cheaper Than Therapy

February 02, 2009

This time 35 years ago.....

I was born! Yeppers its my birthday! I just can't believe that I am 35...

it was like what 20 years ago that I was in high school!!Ok so this isn't a high school picture, but freshman year of college close enough :) I still look the same don't I?? You know which one is me of course.

And that just seems like yesterday, I can't be much older than that right???

Holy Moly, where does the time go? Probably just passes me by on the Internet or something.

And since I have so much time on my hands, and well just can't sleep because life is crazy, lets play a little game.

How well do you know Corrine?

Here are ten questions and the one who gets the most right, wins a cool present from me! And if there is a tie, names will be drawn and a winner picked. Ready to play???

1. What is my favorite color?

2. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

3. What sport did I play in high school?

4. What if any instrument do I play? What music lessons did I take as a child?

5. If I could be anything what would I be?

6. What color eyes do I have?

7. What would I say is my best talent?

8. What is my favorite hobby/past time?

9. What type of books do I like to read? Do I read???

10. What is my middle name?

Ok start your answers and birthday wishes too!!

Have a great day on one of the greatest days of the year!

My birthday!!!

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