February 06, 2009

Love Hate Relationship

Is it wrong of me to be LOVING a weekend away from my kids, but yet HATE the fact that I haven't seen them and won't see them for a few days?

Last night Eric and I slept all NIGHT no kicks, no crying, and when the sun shined in on me this morning, I smiled to be waking up by its light rather than the sounds of crying screaming kids.

Yet I do miss their little faces and smiles and noises, BUT am enjoying this moment.

What a predicament I am in :)?

FYI: Eric and I flew to Texas to retrieve our items that were boated here from Hawaii, that were stuck in his office of which he no longer works. We head out in the morning to drive back to Utah. I am kind of looking forward to a childless road trip. Though I am a little concerned that we might be abducted by some aliens in Rosewell and they won't let us leave until a day before our truck rental is up.

So Mom and Dad, if we aren't back by Friday call the authorities and have them check MARS or some other planet for us, not any hotels in Mexico or Hawaii.

SIDE NOTE: I still haven't re read and scored your birthday quiz answers, I just commented in my post on the ones I remembered. So look for that posting with a winner and a prize!!!

Side note 2: I have had an awesome birthday week! I think I have celebrated it with almost everyone everywhere so thanks all for the dinners, lunches, gifts, cards and warm wishes!! LOVE YOU!


He And Me + 3 said...

How fun for you...getting away without kids and waking to the sun instead of cries...must be so peaceful. Funny how we long to get away and then when we are we still miss and thinking of our little ones. Be safe.

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you got some alone time with the hubby! YAY! :D

Celebrating a birthday WEEK is so much better than limiting it to just one day! HOORAY! :D

Yvonne said...

Alone time with your hubby is ALWAYS a good thing--and when it's near your birthday THAT'S A BONUS.

Enjoy and drive carefully.

Kristin said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet! I think it's typical (being a mommy) for you to miss your kids, while you're away! It will be a sweet reunion;)

Tonya said...

Waking up when you feel like it? I've heard about that..lol I get what you mean though. I love time to myself but always miss my boy. So hard to make me happy.

Andrea said...

It's so NOT wrong of you to be feeling that way, LOL! I feel that way too, and I only have one little guy. I can imagine that I'd love the time away even more if I had more kids...and miss them even more!

Angela said...

Sounds nice.
Just recharge so you have the energy to run.

kel said...

I am always like that! I can't wait to get away, but when I do, all I do is worry about her!!

April said...

Oh...I love a roadtrip with just my hubby and me...have fun...and be safe!

pecas said...

SO ARE YOU STILL OUT OF REACH? enjoy your mini vacation!

Jodi said...

Wow....what a fun time!

Stop by and enter my Give Away for another fun time!!!!

Tonia said...

I am still waiting to hear how the trip went. Unless you have been abducted

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