February 17, 2009

Holy Moly--400th POST

I know holy moly guacamole! wipe the green off your face...the green of envy that is! Pull up a chair, grab some chips and dip in! Cuz ladies...are there any gentlemen that read my blog?...you are in for a real treat.

Actually I have been in hiding for almost a week...did you notice? did you miss me? Well I have been stewing over this post. I even thought about going back and highlighting some of my favorite posts...I might....but life has been crazy, and to be totally honest, between sick kids, hub with no job, being with out my own things and place had sent me into a down spiraling spin, and heaven knows you all come around to get a good laugh and not a good cry, though probably some days a good cry does us well.

So as part of my 400th post I thought I would include forty things about me, I thought about doing 400 and then realized y'all would be bored around ten, so I narrowed it down a bit. Believe me you, I could do 400...oh is that a challenge??

On to the 40 things:

  1. I don't like to do laundry, so I put as much of whatever can possibly fit in the washing machine, put it on cold and hope the clothes come clean. Kids and spots and stains don't do well in my house....I never get the clothes looking great, but at least my dryer sheets make them smell good.
  2. Speaking of laundry, I can't stand folding and putting the laundry away.
  3. I have lived in three different states in less than a year! that would be this year....well 2008 2009 and have driven over 3000 miles in a month and a half (straight driving) not calculating the day to day stuff, though I haven't been driving much.
  4. I love road trips as long as I don't have crying children around.
  5. Potty training is for the birds, as well as changing diapers and anything having to do with bodily functions.
  6. I ignore the cries from the bathroom "come wipe my bottom" for about two minutes, hold my breath and then head in.
  7. Some people think picking your nose is gross and I am not one of them.
  8. I have always thought I was pretty darn cool because I have an older sister, an older brother and a younger sister and a younger brother, not many people can say that. I guess it is my way of looking at the glass half full on being the middle child.
  9. I think being the middle child has actually helped me to find a place among people anywhere. Or maybe it is just my sparkling personality.
  10. I have never thought of ten as a real number. It really is only a one and a zero. Really are there really more numbers than just 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, I mean you don't find a ten on a keyboard.
  11. As a child my dad would take us to seven eleven to get slurpees and I would always no fail get brain freeze.
  12. When I was twelve I got straight A's in six grade and my dad told me if I kept up that A average until my sophomore year of high school he would buy me a convertible cabriolet (rabbit Volkswagen). Ummm yeah didn't even do that my first semester of seventh grade.
  13. Thirteen years ago I turned 22 on my mission in Brazil. And the sweetest family, that lived in a 10x10 hut they made out of sticks and mud from the near by river...no really...made me a bunt cake on their camping stove and invited several neighbors over and threw me a surprise birthday party. One of the best birthday's ever.
  14. When I was 14 I went to Belgium as an "exchange student" it was only for a few weeks in the summer. I cried every night by myself, until I fell asleep. Though I had a wonderful time on the trip and saw some really amazing things and became really good friends with Shala. I changed a lot that summer for the better.
  15. I am not sure if many people liked me from the time I was ten until 14. I had some friends, but I sure didn't like myself much then, and really felt like my mom didn't like me much either. The summer I went to Belgium for some reason I realized what a great person I am, and that my parents, especially my mom, really did love me and liked me too.
  16. I thought that when I turned sixteen---in our family you couldn't date until then...my kids its going to be 18 :)...I thought boys would be lined up to ask me out. I don't think any guys ever liked me in high school.
  17. I had a bunch of crushes in high school but never really was boy crazy, ok who am I kidding...I could name a few boys I really liked and really wanted to go out with and a few that did go out with me, but over all I focused my time on friends, family, swimming and other activities...and didn't worry too much about boys.
  18. It took me until really late in life to think I was pretty and still question that a lot, but like myself and am comfortable in my skin, other than the few well forty pounds I need to take off.
  19. I joined weight watchers last year, and failed miserably,,,,since I am about ten pounds heavier than when I started last year,,,yikes!
  20. Weight is a huge issue in my family, I remember as a child going over to my grandfathers and him asking me how much I weighed now, and would pull out a scale to have me weigh. Weight was the first question asked after how are you doing!! I remember going on my first diet at 9.
  21. I fear I will instill weight fears and issues into my own kids.
  22. I love to swim. I could spend hours on end in the swimming pool.
  23. I love to go under the water and open my eyes and look up at the sky.
  24. I don't plug my nose with my hands, but with my own lips when I do somersaults so I am hands free.
  25. Sometimes I suck my lip up too close to my nose and then can't release it and feel like I am going to drowned myself.
  26. I get funky little toe cramps in my second toes when I do the frog kick with my breast stroke.
  27. I told my coach in high school I had bad knees so I wouldn't have to swim the breast stroke, one because of the toe thing and two I couldn't hardly move anywhere doing that stroke and I felt silly having others pass me as I basically treaded in the water.
  28. When speaking to others about things, I rarely ever lie and really can't lie very well and that was one of the biggest lies ever.
  29. Other than the one where I went cruising on the El Camino Real with Carmel, Kate, and Kristy and April and road on some guy's motorcycle and burnt my leg getting off the exhaust pipe. I told my mom I burnt it on the stove door....wonder if she believed that.
  30. I was driving once with my radio on, about a month or so after getting my licence and my mom tried to get my attention by honking and stuff...she thought it took me forever to pull over so she grounded me from my music in the car for the next month, and I didn't play any music for that full month.
  31. Jen C and I used to drive around for hours in my little sky blue Volkswagen bug listening to love sappy music.
  32. I had a blast in high school with my friends and having them come over and hang out in the hot tub and talk and LAUGH for hours.
  33. As an adult I miss hanging out with girls and just laughing and talking. Kids take up way too much time, not that its a bad thing, just different time of life.
  34. I have no idea what my kids are doing right now, but they are giggling!
  35. I miss owning our own home. I loved our first home in Del Valle, I loved the friends I made there and the hanging out and just talking. I wished we had done more adult alone things and I really wish we had put in a hot tub for girls night outs.
  36. I miss HAWAII! I love being here near family but I really miss being outside every day and going for walks and swimming and the beach and the friends I made there.
  37. I have loved living everywhere I have lived. I think one of my favorite places was Los Gatos, CA I really loved high school. I loved college. And even though I haven't posted many college memories, for some reason my mind has pulled further back than that.
  38. I had some crazy and wonderful roommates. I keep in touch with a few of them.
  39. I often wonder where people from my past are and what they are doing and wonder what they have become. I really love facebook for that reason.
  40. In my writing classes I was told never to start your sentences with I and avoid using to be verbs...but I have a hard time with both those rules....maybe that is why I am not published.

SideNOTE: will be doing a drawing for the pay it forward later this week, when things calm down so if you still want to enter go for it!


Yvonne said...

Great list. Love things like this--I learned a lot about you. (I'll ignore the picking your nose comment ; )

Be careful about that #21--take it from a mom who had a child struggle big time.

LOL at 29 after reading 28.

Happy 400th (REALLY) post.

April said...

Wow....it's great to know so much about you....and could you please teach me how to plug my nose with my own lips....that's amazing!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Happy 400th! .. It sounds like you have a thing for VW! I always wanted a Rabbit.

Helene said...

Congratulations on 400 posts! This list was hilariuos!! I also try to ignore the "mommy, wipe my butt" screams from the bathroom as long as I possibly can!!

Dave said...

A good read... much better than anything related to my work. I can't believe you are 400! Only 40 blog posts in all those years? Pick up the pace! Is that right...?

Say hi to the fam for me... and yes, at least one boy reads your blog (when you update your FB status with your URL).

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow...400 posts. I don't think I am at that yet. Congrats. The list was neat. How long did that take you to think of all those? I think I would only be able to come up with like 4 things. Great job!

Sheri said...

Wow! I had a hard time coming up with the 25 random things on Face book!! AFter this week I will hopefully be working a lot less, so we can do some girl things occasionally! Miss just talking an laughing with you!

Marci said...

i also thought boys would be pounding down my door when I turned 16.......... i'm still convinced they were just too shy, right?!?

Kelley said...

Great list! What was with those boys in highschool?

I learned a great lesson far too late in life. That everyone has insecurities (friends, boys, teachers, the popular crowd, you name it) and that a little self-confidence goes a long way in opening doors with all types of people.

I wasn't sure many people liked me between the ages of 10-18 either (thank goodness for your Belgium trip, you got over it early...and btw, I thought you were swell, even in jr. high) and now I realize that what I needed was a little self confidence and I'd be able to see that people liked me just fine.

I hope we can both raise our kids with enough confidence to avoid that phase of.... "does anybody like me, because I sure don't"

Julie said...

Look at all the amazing memories you already have. And your so young! Fun reading!

Nancy Face said...

Happy 400th! :D

This was very entertaining to read! :)

Angela said...

I think when you get to 500 you should definitly write 500 things about yourself.


katharine said...

i want to hear more about the restaurant eric is opening??

Karen said...

uh-huh!!!! You really didn't play the music in your car for that ENTIRE MONTH? I couldn't even fathom being a teenager with no music!
Cute blog - I'm over from April's Delta Kids. Isn't she a kick?
HAGD! Karen

pecas said...

Wow, every day I am amaze the things I learned about you! How are you doing ? Are you enjoying Utah?
Lots of Hugs!~

Tonia said...

This was awesome Corrine. Every time I read about you I realize we have lots in common!

DRF said...

You are easily one of the most courageous people I've ever encountered, not to mention being privileged enough to call "family."

For what it's worth, you always looked fantastic whenever I saw you.

I freakin' love your blogs, Chica. Seriously!

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