January 10, 2011

Miles to Miles

Something crazy snapped in my head a few weeks ago, and I decided to sign up for a Half MARATHON! Yeah, now I am thinking maybe I should of signed up for a 5k first but nothing like shooting for larger goals! So this last week has marked the beginning of my official training.

Every morning I woke up at 6 am and worked out at home with my Active 2 personal trainer on the Wii! I love it! other than sometimes not being in line with the bar and it telling me to do more when I am sweating and just possibly can't do more.  The kids often tell me to not get so mad at it...so obviously it causes some frustration at times, but I am loving it and the way I feel.

I also joined a gym with a friend.  She is also training for the half with me. We have been meeting up....well twice since we joined last Thursday.  I have to get some running in...I mean it is a run I have signed up for. So I enjoy having a tread mill and an elliptical machine to use for the training. Surprisingly the first day I was able to do 5 miles under an hour and did 6 miles the next day, not under an hour but did six miles. Sure beats the sitting on the couch. 

The best part is I feel great. And hopefully I will see some weight shed, which for some reason just can't come fast enough for me but not focusing on that, focusing on the training.

So here's to some more miles!!!!

January 01, 2011

Talents and Goals

What?! I am out of photo storage....so not helping my new goal...of making my blog, cuter, funner ( I know not a real word) and friendlier....is that possible? 

I try not to compare and covet talents of others, but lately I have been looking around and seeing my friends (thanks to new social medias---blogs and facebook namely) and all their amazing talents, I have started to see myself as lacking in many areas.  And being the new year, and a time of goals....well what better time to sit down and compare and contrast and sulk and mope and well jot down and sceam and come up with a plan to be better than them me as I am.

So for me this year my goals go like this:

  • Run more than I do (not hard since its been since October....?) (yeah setting the goal of three times a week and just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in June...yeah that's right, nothing like setting goals with registering before I even have running shoes or a jog bra!...that's on my shopping list)
  • Drink more water---aka drink no more soda! Did it for a month and a half can do it for longer and better....
  • Eat less sugar...ok eat a lot less sugar....actually just going to add a positive goal, eat more fruit!
  • Take more pictures....if you saw my files of pictures you might think "more photos? Really?" but yes I'd like to take more photos more frequently....really want to improve my skills.
  • Write more...my journals are collecting dust on the shelves, and I really want to write with some paper and ink more, less facebook status updates and more personal journal writing....also I have a few book ideas in the back of my head, collecting dust and I'd like to get those down on paper.
  • Create! I saw a blog recently with monthly craft projects so that by Christmas you have a ton of homemade gifts and such, not sure I will go that far, but I'd like to take some of my existing stuff and turn it into the things that I really like....not sure if this makes sense, but I am ready to have my home and things be totally me, and not what was on sale or what I own...change nobs and paint and such...but also I'd like to be one of those "crafty" cool people...just need to find the time, but I can do it. And it would be cooler to come up with a way to create money with it too....
  • Sing and play the piano...yeah not sure I can be taught to sing, but as Primary Chorister, I just think if I learned to like singing more, and  music more I could make this calling fit me better...and well we got a little keyboard for Christmas and maybe I can prove my piano teacher wrong...I can learn to play!
  • Get organized! If I could just get my house in "perfect" order, perfect for me that is, which is why I am writing in quotations....I need to find what works best for me so that I can do everything else I want to do, because let me be honest, when my house is a mess, I can't do anything else, including cleaning it....as a pile of laundry sits here on the couch with me!
  • Have more parties! I truly love to entertain, well maybe not entertain but have people over. I like to have everyone over...Eric even complimented me on that, how I like to invite all my friends and not certain ones and such....I want a welcoming home and want you to know you are always welcome and you can come and make new friends. I really want to find a way to have more people over and well maybe get invited over somewhere too....not going on my sad horse..but its been a long time since we have been invited over for anything...really.
  • Spend more time with my family....its been fun having the kids get to know more cousins, but sometimes the drive seems to get in the way of doing that. And if it means we continue to drive more, I'd like to see that happen.
  • Get closer to my Heavenly Father.....that's a little more personal than I want to go, but its a goal.
  • Laugh More...it made me feel so good at our company party, for some reason I was laughing a lot and comments were made on what an awesome contagious laugh I have...one that like I have mentioned has found a place to hide....and my kids even noticed I just need to laugh more. Today while we were swimming and I was upset about something...kids jumping and splashing people maybe...Eric encouraging them...or rather not totally discouraging them or something and G-Man says "We just need to get Mom to laugh...maybe we just need to stream America's Funniest home videos so mom will laugh all the time and be happy." Which the comment made me laugh, we have had some good laughs watching that show and well G is so right, I just need to sit back and laugh more and enjoy our time.
So here is to 2011, where we all become a little better, a little kinder, a little smarter, a little thinner, a little sweeter, a little sillier, a little more loving, and just a little more closer to the perfect us.

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