January 10, 2011

Miles to Miles

Something crazy snapped in my head a few weeks ago, and I decided to sign up for a Half MARATHON! Yeah, now I am thinking maybe I should of signed up for a 5k first but nothing like shooting for larger goals! So this last week has marked the beginning of my official training.

Every morning I woke up at 6 am and worked out at home with my Active 2 personal trainer on the Wii! I love it! other than sometimes not being in line with the bar and it telling me to do more when I am sweating and just possibly can't do more.  The kids often tell me to not get so mad at it...so obviously it causes some frustration at times, but I am loving it and the way I feel.

I also joined a gym with a friend.  She is also training for the half with me. We have been meeting up....well twice since we joined last Thursday.  I have to get some running in...I mean it is a run I have signed up for. So I enjoy having a tread mill and an elliptical machine to use for the training. Surprisingly the first day I was able to do 5 miles under an hour and did 6 miles the next day, not under an hour but did six miles. Sure beats the sitting on the couch. 

The best part is I feel great. And hopefully I will see some weight shed, which for some reason just can't come fast enough for me but not focusing on that, focusing on the training.

So here's to some more miles!!!!


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Good luck, you are amazing. I will have to check out Active 2, I haven't heard about that. I will never be a runner but really admire those that try.

MZP said...

be careful not to do too much too fast. it feels great to do all those miles, but if your body is not used to it, you can really hurt yourself. i just went through 5 weeks of physical therapy after hurting my knee trying to start a running program. k, i'll step off my soapbox. i just wish someone had told me what i just told you :)

pecas said...

Awesome Corrine keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

Great job! What an awesome goal to strive for.

Even though it is winter I would still recommend running outside. I haven't been great myself but as long as you layer right it isn't so bad. Running outside is totally different than working out or running on a treadmill. I enjoy it so much more and love reaching my goals as I see the miles tick by. Great job!

Ferin Blogs said...

nice, n wonderfull happy family...
this my first visit n follow here..

Tonia said...

You go girl! I keep thinking about this but never quite taking that first step (literally and figuratively)

Nancy Face said...

Wow, good for you! :)

I'm happy just running a couple miles a day! I went back to it today after taking 2 weeks off, and gee whiz! It was so much harder! :P

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