February 17, 2011

Little T-Rex

Normally, well back in the good ol'days when I posted daily, I had the ability to capture the true "joys" of mother hood. I guess between work and facebook, my poor blog finds itself clearing its own cobwebs.

T-Rex is also one who has an amazing ability to take care of his own needs as well. Some how my little baby boy, has turned into a robust little 3 year old. I am amazed at how energetic he is and how smart he is! And how utterly unlike any child I have had before....I guess thats because they truly come with their own personality.

Icey Hot Cream:
Need I say more? Well yes most likely I do. A few weeks ago I injured my knee, oh a story for later, and I used the Icey Hot cream and left it on my night stand. Well he found it and decided to rub it all over his body! Of course I was at work and heard the story second hand, but he yelled out to Eric, "it burns! it burns.!  I don't think he will be using that cream any more!

Last night we were watchign our family's favorite, "The Middle" and a muscinex commercial aired. T looks up to us and says "thats my medicine! That is my medicine!"  Yes my child often yells and repeats himself.

While we were getting ready in the morning for preschool, T hopped in the tub while I was cleaning up around the house. He started to yell to me "Mom there's a lot of poop in the tub. It's all over! Mom lots of poo in here!" I go in to the bathroom, T laying on his back with little logs floating around him.  He didn't seem in a hurry to get out.

MoHawk Shop:
T decided the other day that he wanted a haircut. And not just any hair cut he wanted to get one at the Mohawk shop...He did and he looks so cute!

Little Chef:
T has been spending a lot of time with his dad, they truly are bonding. Eric allows the little guy to help him in the kitchen all the time. He's dads little sous chef. One day they made us some yummy fancy rhodes rolls, if you want Eric's recipe, just let me know because they are buttery and cheesy and tasty and for sure low calorie :). Anyway it was a Sunday evening, T fell asleep around 6 on the couch. We figured he was out for the night, because that happens often. Well around 7 he bolts awake and says "are my rolls ready yet?"  Thinking he most likely was having a dream, we said "there are no rolls T." 

"yes der is."


He hops up opens the oven door and sure enough there were six rhodes rolls totally risen. So we baked them for him.  At least we know he won't starve to death.   We also often find "meals" in the microwave.

There were a couple more stories I was going to write about but they have slipped my mind. But I tell you this little guy sure keeps us on our toes.

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