February 17, 2011

Conspiracy Theory

As my left side of my body ached of nerves tingling (the damaged nerves I have don't like the cold too much) I realized that it is all on my left side! The thought occurred to me, my right side of my body doesn't care too much for my left side.

It all started in 1997 when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I read and signed the risks involved in wisdom teeth removal, one of which was permanent nerve damage. As I initialed that one, I had the feeling that something like that would happen to me. And when all the pain meds wore off, I didn't have feeling in the bottom left quadrant of my mouth. The doctor verified the damage, and told me it might come back. I have never fully regained feeling in the left side, but have adjusted to it. Though when it gets cold, my nerves seem to start to tingle and bug me.

Fast forward to 2009. Bee was swinging a broom around in my room and knocked a large picture off the wall. I dove from my bed to catch it and push Bee out of the way, and some how the corner of it went straight through the top of my left foot. My toes went numb and I was in shock. A few stitches later and the advice to see an orthopedic surgeon to fix the nerve damage, I left the ER. Being un insured I decided I could live with a numb top of my foot. It hasn't been too bad, though again when it gets cold my foot gets all tingly. 

Then in November, I slipped down some icy basement stairs and banged up my left elbow, not broken but I still can't rest it on a table top with out striking a nerve.

Then end of January I was running out side in the cold and dark and tripped in a pot hole, hurting my left knee. I rested it for a few weeks and then ran again on it on Saturday and at 1.25 miles my knee just buckled and snapped, shooting pain up and down my leg.

I am so upset that I did this to my knee because I was getting to a point where I could actually run and breath and not "die"...and I was feeling muscles I hadn't felt in forever...oh well...

Then the thought occurred to me, my right side just doesn't like my left side :) 

But then I was wondering if some of the damage to my left foot, some how is related to the knee damage, maybe I can't feel as much as I think I can in my foot? I don't know. But this is a little set back that I will figure out how to over come....I have to, I actually really love running and really am missing exercising!!


Blake said...

That's too bad! I was saddled with a hamstring injury for two months it was awful! My sympathies!

Janine said...

So sorry for the cascade of injuries. It is frustrating to have to deal with so much! My theory is that since it is the right hand that holds the knife, bat, whatever, it is inevitably leftie that gets it. I hope you feel better quickly!

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