March 13, 2011

The Phone Voice

"Stop hitting your sister, get down from that chair. Be quiet. Quit fighting. Stop now, I mean it." I yell to my children, then the phone rings. "I said STOOOOOOOOOOP!.....Hello?  Oh How are you?" and the phone voice begins. Like a light being switched off, I go from mad mom voice to sweet, friendly phone voice.

 Sometimes most of the time, the ones we spend the most time with, the ones we love the most, get subjected to our non phone voice, when in reality it seems they should be experiencing the phone voice more than the others on the other end of the line. 

As a mom, who gets tired and frustrated easily, my phone voice seems to be forgotten, maybe its because I text and facebook more than I speak on the phone anymore. Maybe I just have forgotten how to use it. But while at church today the thought came to me of how important it is for me to use a sweeter voice and really make my home a place where everyone feels loved.

I want there to be a feeling of love and excitement like picking up the phone and hearing a voice of a friend you haven't spoken to in weeks, or months or even years.

So when getting frustrated, irritatied or upset, imagine you just got a call.


merathon said...

such a good reminder! thanks!

Blake said...

My mom totally does that! I hated the phone voice cause it always switched back to angry mom voice as soon as the phone call was done.

Alicia said...

I cracked up while reading this because it reminded me of my childhood. I'm sure your mom was on the other end of the line on more than one occasion.
My issue with the phone is my girl acts up as soon as I get on the phone, so the poor person on the other end of the line hears the angry mom voice a few minutes into the conversation...maybe I should make all my calls after bedtime?

pinklady said...

Reading your blog is so true why do we do that must be a mom thing.

Tonia said...

Haha, I use to tease my mom about her phone voice. Now I catch myself doing it too!

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