May 18, 2011

Cob Web Wiping Time

This morning after my run- (training myself for a half marathon in June, and after a major knee injury in February its been difficult, and am doing the Ogden Marathon Relay this weekend...so nervous...anyway) I went to the store to pick up some cupcakes for Two for her kindergarten snack.  I grabbed a few other groceries and headed home. I left the bags on the kitchen table and went to the other room. 

I heard some bag rustling and the sounds of heavy duty plastic container being open, when I hear T-Rex say "oh Mom I just love these, love these."  I assume he has dove into the cupcakes and yell to him "do not eat those." From up behind me I see him put something on the counter, and I look. He set down the cherry tomatoes I bought. I smiled and corrected myself "you can eat all you want of those."  Nice to see a child make healthy choices.

And after what seems like forever, Eric has full time, paid employment, with benefits and all that jazz. He has been working for two weeks now, about 50 miles south of where we are living. Which means we will be moving this summer. Its bitter sweet. So excited to get a new house, start things anew, but so SAD to leave our friends and area.

I sure love living in Ogden, the trees, the historic homes, the people, the mountains, the trees...I think I said that before.  I love my job, my co-workers and my FRIENDS.  We won't be moving that far, but still its far enough to make me sad to leave them. But I am excited for a new start and the next chapter of our lives.


merathon said...

so, what will eric be doing? congrats on some stability!! you are one tough cookie with all the craziness lately for your family!

katharine said...

congratulations on the job! where will you be moving?

mkt said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy to see things start coming around for you guys! ... and good luck in the relay!

Tonia said...

I think I have been missing posts! Where is Eric working? How far away are you moving? Good luck with the run! I think you are awesome for doing that!

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I just keep coming across people who are makin time for running with all else they have on their plates and I am in awe. I'm beginning to believe it's attainable...

...GO YOU!

(Swingin' by your neck o' the woods after seeing a link to you on MMB)

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