May 26, 2011

And summer Begins!

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! When the teacher rings the bell, drop your book and run like.....well you know how it goes. Summer marks the end of another 9 months of learning and the beginning of water, sun, late nights, friends and more friends, fun, unscheduled life, and pure craziness sometimes.

Today is my Two's birthday, she is 6! So hard to believe she is six and done with kindergarten. It has flown by. She is one of the sweetest most loving little girls. After school today she had a few of her friends over. We had a great time. 

With all those little girls here, and then some of G-Man's friends showing up, and then Bee's friends, it just seems like a perfect start to summer. I, most days, enjoy the kids having friends over. One, keeps them entertained and me less entertaining and two, I know where they are and feel they are safe.

With Eric's new job being in South Jordan (50 miles), and the gas prices almost $4...we will be moving, which I have mentioned before, it excites and saddens me. I know there will be plenty of children in our new neighborhood, but the kids have made some really good friends here. We all have.

I am just glad we get to spend one last summer here. I am ready to hit the lake, to go to Raging Waters, do some camping, hopefully have some cousin sleep overs, and more family fun time.

Time to set up my Tiki Torch and start the summer. 

Don't forget your sunscreen!

And on another note too, I loved doing the Ogden Marathon Relay. Next year for sure I am doing the half! It is so beautiful! I am getting way excited for the half I am doing in Boise. And after watching several of the marathoners this past weekend, I look forward to just spending time with my sister...and Aly if you are reading this...I hope to be able to just have fun! And we are going to look smoking hot in our matching shirts!  Though I'd like to be 20 lbs lighter doing this run, it will be great!

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Aly Allred said...

OK, so catching up a little late. We looked great in the lime green and had a great time running too.

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